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Canada Made Really Weird PSAs...

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  • Opublikowany 28 kwi 2022
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    This week: we take a look at some old Canadian PSAs that have stuck with me my whole life!
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Komentarze • 9 551

  • Yan Domino
    Yan Domino 18 dni temu +39656

    these PSAs are so cute i wish canada was real

  • Undead Oleander
    Undead Oleander 14 dni temu +1410

    No longer a girl, but as an autistic child I read about girls “chasing boys” during recess, and I took that literally. Wanting to be a Normal Girl, I chose a boy pretty much at random and chased him down every day at recess. No one stopped me, and I have no idea what I planned to do if I ever caught him. I kind of knew that would never happen

    • Troye Grayson L-D
      Troye Grayson L-D 10 godzin temu

      I did this almost every day in 5th and 6th grade 😭

    • Christopher Spotts
      Christopher Spotts 3 dni temu

      @S Winona Turns out he was fleeing from the girls both literally and metaphorically. Deep.

    • Lucas Sakelarios
      Lucas Sakelarios 4 dni temu +1

      So this is why the girls growled at me, I’m serious

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 5 dni temu

      Yeah I probably did some stuff like that

  • narusasu supremacy
    narusasu supremacy 14 dni temu +858

    the “little lungs in a great big world” for anti smoking was so terrifying. it was so realistic and it was so creepy and like meaty

    • ivoryezra
      ivoryezra 11 godzin temu

      I used to always cover my eyes lmao

    • M. S
      M. S 13 godzin temu

      @lost avenue 😭😭😭 crying, love that for you

    • Manna Jacob C.
      Manna Jacob C. 6 dni temu +4

      @lost avenue You're iconic

    • Clownball 3
      Clownball 3 7 dni temu +7

      @lost avenue please do, i would read it! i absolutely love finding fanfiction about the most obscure and random things

    • lost avenue
      lost avenue 8 dni temu +14

      @gray should I rewrite my little lungs fanfic and post it on ao3 👀😌😌

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C 15 dni temu +778

    Whenever Kurtis explains a joke, it's actually a joke itself. The punchline is that explaining jokes usually ruin them, so as a professional comedian, he's constantly ruining his jokes in an ironic way. Because it's ironic, the joke is not actually ruined, but instead trumped by the joke of explaining it.

    • Sessoka
      Sessoka 7 godzin temu

      @Kriti Kumar you see, the joke here is that you explained the joke but “because it’s ironic, the joke is not actually ruined, but instead trumped by the joke of explaining it”

    • mus
      mus 21 godzinę temu


    • Roman R.
      Roman R. Dzień temu +1

      @Lalaloopsy Yay I think Connored works better as a passive verb. "You got just Connored"

    • Clownball 3
      Clownball 3 7 dni temu +1

      hes a funny man

  • Cassandra S
    Cassandra S 14 dni temu +155

    They showed us the house hippo psa in school during a lesson on media literacy. I remember being so bummed out that house hippos don’t exist. In my heart, I still believe.

    • John L
      John L 8 dni temu +2


  • Salt
    Salt 18 dni temu +6456

    The moral: Every character in a Kurtis sketch is allergic to peanuts until proven otherwise.

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 5 dni temu

      Stop eating peanuts dude...

    • Natalie
      Natalie 7 dni temu

      @oakscape !! * furious scribbling noises *

    • Silverboa
      Silverboa 16 dni temu

      YESSS 😂

    • oakscape !!
      oakscape !! 16 dni temu +1

      @Silverboa ON IT ✏

    • Silverboa
      Silverboa 18 dni temu +1

      @yeah ok Omg we NEED a Kurtis rule book 😲

  • ImmortalKoschei
    ImmortalKoschei 11 dni temu +97

    Fun thing about Goosebumps! I read somewhere that R.L. Stine avoided anything bad in his stories that was real - stuff like broken homes or abuse - because he wanted to make sure that the kids knew it was all fake and that they were safe from the stuff in his books. Plus he kept humor very prevalent in his books so that it wasn't too scary! Take this with a grain of salt, I remember reading it but honestly it could have been a load of house hippos, lol.

    • mystqicc
      mystqicc 13 godzin temu

      Even though I knew it was all fake, I was still so scared of everything in Goosebumps.
      But I'm also a scaredy-cat, like, to this day I'm still scared of things in Goosebumps regardless of knowing it's 100% fake amd there's a 0% chance of it happening.

  • Songmorning
    Songmorning 15 dni temu +158

    I SCREAMED with laughter when you said you thought house hippos were real, despite the PSA explicitly saying they aren't.

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB 5 dni temu +5

      @Kev Dog Also kids aren’t paying attention to the random new voice explaining something that isn’t the “documentary” they were just watching. Kids tune out and go “Wow I wanna see one”

    • Kev Dog
      Kev Dog 14 dni temu +16

      Hey, he wasn’t the only one. It was a very confusingly worded explanation

  • ybba kozume
    ybba kozume 15 dni temu +396

    I have been searching for people who know the movie “Thirteen Ghosts” for literal years. I also watched that movie as a kid because, ya know, my mom decided age 8 was a good age for me to watch it. Ever since, that bloody bathtub woman has haunted my bath times. Never has she not popped into my head when turning on the bath water, or sometimes randomly in the shower shell invade my thoughts. So, expectedly, Ive brought her up to friends and partners alike, trying to find someone to relate to, and no one has ever had answers for me. It was to the point where I started to believe the movie was never actually a real movie, and I had imagined the whole thing as a kid. So Kurtis... I thank you for this experience and letting me know Im not insane for have bloody bathtub woman be a common thought in my life, and that I’ve actually been repeatedly gaslit about my completely rational fear.

    • Elegant Disarray
      Elegant Disarray 3 dni temu +1

      I saw it when I was in high school. Messed me right up 💀

    • Taryn Southard
      Taryn Southard 4 dni temu +2

      Traumatized me as a kid too lol I think I was about 9 years old when I watched it. The ghost with the cage around its head is the one that freaked me out the most actually

    • miniature enthusiast
      miniature enthusiast 8 dni temu +5

      For me, it’s the dude with a cage on his head. Genuinely horrified me and still does to this day 😨

    • Lalaloopsy Yay
      Lalaloopsy Yay 8 dni temu +4

      I love how people in the internet can relate to a story no matter how bizzare it is lol

    • Ale
      Ale 12 dni temu +3

      Omg I thought I was also the only one terrorized by that movie. Watched it when I was like 9 because my older brother was watching it and 12 years later I still think about it

  • Jade Moon
    Jade Moon 14 dni temu +78

    When I was a kid I thought I wasn't Native "because I have hair and not feathers!" lmao. Like thanks to media I thought "real" Native people actually grew feathers out of their heads, because the ones in media are never seen without feathers in their hair. My dad still brings it up lol.

    • Clover Curator
      Clover Curator 4 dni temu +4

      That reminds me of the fact that up until I was 10 I thought there were no black people in Britain... then I saw a British black man outside mcdonalds say "pass the chips." Fucking turned my world upside down. I was not a bright child.

  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 15 dni temu +5012

    My wife was so enamored with the concept of little house hippos that I bought a few dozen little plastic hippos at a toy shop and hid them around the house. Peeking from behind books, on top of shelves, from under the dresser. For about two weeks I got to hear a little shriek of delight every time she found one.

    • Tarin O'Dell
      Tarin O'Dell 3 dni temu

      That's so cute.

    • G ee
      G ee 4 dni temu

      That's so lovely- your wife seems like a lucky lady, Senator Roberts

    • Princess bunny
      Princess bunny 4 dni temu

      If I marry a man this is the what I would need 🥺🥺🥺

    • Pembroke Love
      Pembroke Love 5 dni temu

      Your wife has an amazing husband.

  • Gabriel M.J.
    Gabriel M.J. 10 dni temu +49

    I have vivid memories of this one that was about a girl trying various drugs and spiralling all along to: 1, 2, skipped some school. 3, 4, snort some more. 5, 6, need my fix. 7, 8, feels too late. And that one fucked me up, it started so chill and ended with her overdosing in a bathroom or some shit iirc? Fucked me up, man, truly did its job.

  • Aven
    Aven 9 dni temu +32

    Watching the show Friends when I was little convinced me that every house had cameras in it that broadcast our lives to a different house, and we just happened to get to watch that one. I also thought that being bald meant you had the spots from Wonderbread bags on your head. No explanation there, I have no idea why I would ever have thought that.

    • Tubbs
      Tubbs 6 dni temu +3

      I thought all shows like that were reality tv

  • Silver Moons
    Silver Moons 12 dni temu +32

    Dude I thought during commercials animators drew the next part of the show really fast and that's why they needed ads, so the animators could take a break. I thought that for reruns too and I was always like "I wonder if the animators get tired of drawing the same episode again."

    • hen ko
      hen ko 12 dni temu +2


  • Ariana Horne
    Ariana Horne 13 dni temu +52

    I remember those anti-smoking commercials of someone with a throat port talking and they sound horrifying and you can literally see them breathing through the port and it scarred me

  • Daniel Spencer
    Daniel Spencer 18 dni temu +15101

    danny is going to be so mad when he finds out you weren’t thinking critically

  • MrSexyTaco1
    MrSexyTaco1 9 dni temu +21

    The thought of startling random children on the street had me in tears. Also I was at a rave last night and there was a girl with a Fushigi, I thought she was a witch

  • tracy challice
    tracy challice 11 dni temu +32

    holy shit that “media monkey” one actually hit, was at the beginning of an ED when these came out and immediately filtered messages like that into a “do not listen” category. I know all of the other CCA PSAs, some of them embarrassingly by heart, but even though I watched that one just as much when it came out, I completely forgot it existed until now
    I’m sorry to young me for being so mean to them

  • Monmonimaa
    Monmonimaa 8 dni temu +13

    A PSA that always bummed me out as a kid- was that smoke PSA where this person is like "smoking makes you sexy and mysterious" but at the end you hear the heart monitor and see a patient in a wheelchair like "but also gives you cancer" and I was like.
    " o k...."

  • Tae’s Tea
    Tae’s Tea 15 dni temu +27

    I used to HATE brushing my teeth, putting sunscreen on and wearing a seatbelt when I was younger and remember my Latino dad would show me these terrifying photos and a video of these people getting into this TERRIBLE CAR CRASH. It scarred me, it still haunts me but now I understand why he did that… he also threatened to put lemon and pepper on my nails so when I bite them I would regret it

    • Tae’s Tea
      Tae’s Tea 12 dni temu +1

      @Sunem Arreola yes 😂

    • Sunem Arreola
      Sunem Arreola 12 dni temu +7

      Latin parenthood is just scaring the shit out of kids

  • Reagan Dalton
    Reagan Dalton 17 dni temu +1554

    i genuinely remember being a child and watching hannah montana being like “yknow if she wanted to keep such a big secret you’d think she wouldn’t make a tv show about it”

    • Tubbs
      Tubbs 6 dni temu


    • Yusra Imam
      Yusra Imam 16 dni temu +5

      No cause your right

    • L BF
      L BF 16 dni temu +23

      lmao but thats actually so cuteee

    • Cherry
      Cherry 17 dni temu +83

      @Bambi M AND BILLY RAY?! safe to say that i was confused asf

    • Bambi M
      Bambi M 17 dni temu +177

      and it didn't help that miley cyrus name in the show is miley stewart 💀 i thought it was a documentary show HAHA

  • Nome Ayano
    Nome Ayano 11 dni temu +12

    As soon as he said "worked really well", I had a feeling they had worked really well to traumatize him

  • cayle walters
    cayle walters 13 dni temu +6

    I used to think when I turned the volume up on my CD player that the band/artist had to get louder and I felt so bad for them I would never adjust it

  • Ideitbawx Productions
    Ideitbawx Productions 13 dni temu +18

    I remember most of these. that last one actually got pulled because kids were having nightmares about the drug dealers bloodshot eyes. the re-edit just has the dealer turn towards the camera and act kind of spaced out. not very nightmare inducing, but it misses the point it was trying to make, which is... wait, what is the point of that PSA? don't take drugs or it'll fuck up your eyes?

  • Stella R
    Stella R 13 dni temu +13

    Trying to workout whilst listening to the whole house hippo bit is literally impossible. I immediately buckled laughing lol

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones 18 dni temu +7948

    Kurtis thinking he got a private michael jackson concert everyday is the funniest shit

    • Tubbs
      Tubbs 6 dni temu +2

      I used to think all music on the radio was being played by a live band in the studio

    • towerofgodfan
      towerofgodfan 15 dni temu +3

      @Kara Eva that's so cute

    • Austin Thomas
      Austin Thomas 15 dni temu +3

      bruh i thought when i heard people on the radio, they were preforming live everytime their music came on lmao so i can relate

    • Meghan Hixon
      Meghan Hixon 16 dni temu +3

      @Lyfe Illustration I used to think that I could give the Rugrats my stuff so I stuffed a ChapStick in the VHS player lmao

  • Virág
    Virág 13 dni temu +20

    11:30 I had something similar, (as a not native English speaker). I though every actor learnt our language, so we could understand what they were saying in the movies and TV shows. In my defence they often used the same VAs for the same actors.

  • HifzaP
    HifzaP 11 dni temu +11

    19:43 I put my 2 year old brother in front of the screen and he literally just laughed. My man ain't going nowhere if he keeps that up 😭

  • :D
    :D 11 dni temu +12

    the only psa i can remember from my childhood was one of this little girl getting kidnapped while riding her bike and just crying in this big empty room, then got returned back to her mom from the same dude that kidnapped her. i don’t think it was very effective on me cause it made me wanna ride my bike after seeing that

  • melxqy
    melxqy 4 dni temu +6

    I remember seeing the monkey one with the girl when I was younger. I had no idea it was fake, and thought some girls legit had monkeys constantly turning off their stuff, ripping their stuff, and following them around everywhere like a stalker. I was so dumb lol

  • PhntmOmega
    PhntmOmega 18 dni temu +4858

    honestly getting jumpscared by: “guy gets buttcrack surgically removed because he’s scared of any kind of crack now” is funnier than any sketch that could’ve been made from that lol

    • B. Park
      B. Park 17 dni temu +9

      James Charles crackles bbl pic

    • :D 🍁
      :D 🍁 18 dni temu +3


    • scale
      scale 18 dni temu +2

      Finally it's here

    • PhntmOmega
      PhntmOmega 18 dni temu +3

      @Ave yes. bless

  • KA M
    KA M 14 dni temu +16

    This brings back a memory I have of an old PSA here in the UK. I think it was about drink-driving. It was a little girl slumped against a tree with blood running down her face because she had supposedly been hit by a car. It felt pretty intense, especially since it would be shown in amongst a bunch of light-hearted adverts.

    • Gleamiarts
      Gleamiarts 10 dni temu

      That advert was so creepy! I remember seeing it on citv or disney channel when i was little

    • Alternate View
      Alternate View 10 dni temu +1

      I know the UK is responsible for Watership Down, so this checks out to me

    • KA M
      KA M 10 dni temu

      @x-luci Yeah, that's the one. An uncomfortable watch but I guess that was kinda the point.

    • x-luci
      x-luci 10 dni temu +5

      that one scared the sh*t out of me!! The one where it goes back in time and all her bones crunch into place and she says something like "drive at 40mph and i'll probably die, drive at 30, and i might live"?

  • mikoy huio
    mikoy huio 8 dni temu +7

    They showed us the house hippo psa in school during a lesson on media literacy. I remember being so bummed out that house hippos don’t exist. In my heart, I still believe.

  • Autumations
    Autumations 8 dni temu +7

    I got a fushigi ball from my parents when I was little and after about 10 minutes of holding it and trying to replicate the commercials I never touched it again from being furious that it wouldn't just magically float around my hands

  • GothicHorrorThotCore
    GothicHorrorThotCore 4 dni temu +3

    He finally did it. With the beanie he’s completed his stereotypical stoner cosplay

  • Sepiteria
    Sepiteria 18 dni temu +5358

    Not Canadian, but I remember a PSA in an assembly where a girl named Crystal went to every kid in the neighborhood and asked if they wanted to play and every kid slammed the door in her face and I remember feeling SO BAD for her. Then the video revealed that her full name was crystal meth and you should never play with crystal meth.
    I don’t. I don’t why they thought getting a bunch of 9 year olds to sympathize with crystal meth was a good idea.

    • Sepiteria
      Sepiteria 16 dni temu

      @Kyla Darling I mean…she was a child so probably

    • Chenna
      Chenna 16 dni temu

      @Chip McGee Fudgehog umm what?

    • Galaxy
      Galaxy 17 dni temu +1

      Your school really said “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss”

    • Sonic The Dastardly
      Sonic The Dastardly 17 dni temu +2

      I’ve always wondered what Vince Gilligan did before Breaking Bad

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi 17 dni temu

      That’s awful psa wise

  • Electric Rainbow Skull
    Electric Rainbow Skull Dzień temu +2

    I remember looking in mine and my Nan's closet for evidence of house hippos, ended up finding a mouse nest and leaving chips and then a few days later the mouse was on our bedroom floor and my sibling freaked and I was disappointed it wasn't a house hippo

  • Christin M
    Christin M 4 dni temu +3

    I owned a Fushigi (my brother bought it on clearance and gave it to me when he got bored) and I actually rly liked it. Kind of a good stim toy bc it was heavy and had a good feel. But nothing magical unfortunately

  • Thomas
    Thomas 13 dni temu +5

    I had PSAs that warned about the dangers of playing around abandoned oil equipment. At no point did I ever know where I would find abandoned oil equipment to play on...

  • AllegroSky
    AllegroSky 4 dni temu +2

    The house hippo one was weird because while I don't think I ever believed it, I had no idea what it was actually going for. I didn't even remember it being a PSA until about a year or two ago when I sat there wondering "wtf was that commercial trying to sell" and looked it up.
    I'm also surprised you didn't mention the anti drug one where the lady smashes a whole kitchen, that one was... very effective.

  • Elijah Therese Basas
    Elijah Therese Basas 18 dni temu +2322

    kurtis saying “cosplaying” a british person instead of “impersonating” is so funny to me. how do you even cosplay as a british person lol

    • Mappy
      Mappy 8 dni temu

      Adidas track suit and a paper boy hat

    • natey
      natey 12 dni temu

      you put in big goofy teeth in and dress real fancy-

    • Alice Rohwer
      Alice Rohwer 13 dni temu

      Because they’re not real

    • Georgia Cairns
      Georgia Cairns 15 dni temu

      @Charlotte calm x

    • Georgia Cairns
      Georgia Cairns 15 dni temu

      @Tofluff Animations 😭 ENUF.

  • JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207

    This is too relatable for me. When I was younger, I used to think that Everytime I saw a movie or a video, they were actually redoing it Everytime.
    I felt so stupid when I finally figured it out.

  • Kylie Halkowich
    Kylie Halkowich 15 dni temu +8

    im so glad the puppet PSA was included,, i really thought that was just a fever nightmare

  • cloudspotted333
    cloudspotted333 7 dni temu +7

    gotta say, as a teen (not the target for these psas but the target for anti-vape ones) theres a psa where a guy just says that vaping can put metal in ur lungs and then reiterates "thats metal. in your lungs." and i think about it sometimes when i see some of my friends. I never felt the want for cigarettes or anything cus my parents health isnt good after smoking those, but vapes are a whole new monster. to a teen they look completely different, its kinda like how a teen would see a subway as something different from the hyperloop despite them doing very similar things. So teaching me vapings bad is like trying to get someone to ride the hyperloop. Now i wouldnt cus its fuckin stupid, but before i was educated about it i probably wouldve just through bs with school kids. psas still exist, and they do work (at least they have for me lol). the war on drugs is shit tho, i only appreciate the psas saying not to start.

  • Lilycheese4
    Lilycheese4 13 dni temu +4

    Moved to Canada in 2007 and I remember seeing the house hippos, the monkey, and the one with the girls kissing the boy. The other ones I very fortunately missed out on but the ones I did see never struck me as weird for some reason. As for the house hippos, I always knew they weren't real, but I didn't have any idea what the lesson of that commercial was, or that it was even supposed to have one.

  • gemma feltovich
    gemma feltovich 17 dni temu +2884

    the fear anti-smoking PSAs instilled in me as a child was so strong that every time i walked past someone smoking on the street (or my grandparents' house) i would hold my breath and then fucking pray

    • Tubbs
      Tubbs 6 dni temu


    • Angel
      Angel 8 dni temu

      LMAOOOO me too me too

    • Jesus Gonzalez
      Jesus Gonzalez 13 dni temu

      @gemma feltovich You sure your in the right channel for a talk about revelancy with this guy the creator. He makes his fortune on non relevant topics of conversation.

    • gemma feltovich
      gemma feltovich 13 dni temu

      @Jesus Gonzalez bro how is that relevant 😭

    • Frogchamp
      Frogchamp 14 dni temu

      based as fuck

  • Jitterbug
    Jitterbug 4 dni temu +3

    I used to think the same thing about pre-recorded stuff! I remember feeling so bad for the actors in Zack and Cody because I thought they had to act the same thing everyday 😂

    • Green Facere
      Green Facere 2 dni temu +1

      I used to think that when people died in movies, they actually died. I knew actors make a lot of money, and I used to have long thinking sessions on why would the actors give their life for the movie, if they couldn’t even spend the money if they’re deceased? 😂

  • Elissa Kixen
    Elissa Kixen 13 dni temu +4

    Love it. To add to your doctor sketch:
    DOCTOR: I’m allergic to peanuts!
    KURTIS: Here, inject this into you.
    (KURTIS holds out disorganized handful of medicines)

  • Fran Levine
    Fran Levine Godzinę temu

    That anti drug PSA is truly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen. Like i would watch any horror movie over that absolutely terrifying PSA. Any time I think of going to buy drugs I’m just gonna think of that and I’ll be sober for the rest of my life

  • Krystelle Lamarche
    Krystelle Lamarche 8 dni temu

    this is such a throwback for me, I only really remember the weight loss and house hippo PSA’s but they did stick with me. I use to look for a house hippo in my closet but I never found one…

  • Hailey H
    Hailey H 18 dni temu +1672

    The non-smoking PSAs were the creepiest. I distinctly remember one where somebody was smoking in the living room and laughing at TV and the smoke went down the hall into the baby's room and suffocated them

    • Laur-un
      Laur-un 17 dni temu

      @𝗦𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗮 EW WTF LMAOP

    • Laur-un
      Laur-un 17 dni temu

      @Game Shorts 🅥 these bots are cracking me up so much. finally what's here???? WHAT???

    • Hailey H
      Hailey H 17 dni temu +1

      And the"tips from former smoker"ones

    • Hailey H
      Hailey H 17 dni temu +2

      There was also the one where the kid was trying to play with the dad (Grandpa?) and the entire time you're wondering why he could never actually play with the kid. Then at the end you figure out he's a ghost because he died from smoking

    • S1MP
      S1MP 17 dni temu +1

      I watched one where lungs were killed and it was really gory

  • hobbed goblin
    hobbed goblin 9 dni temu +4

    5:33 honestly when i was 10 and i saw that psa i was like damn poor kid. even 10 year old me knew about consent

  • Mnms
    Mnms 15 dni temu +5

    Oh god I remember seeing that monkey and hippo ones in french. This reminds me of a funny story my grandfather told me. He used to work as a lumberjack in the woods of northern Quebec and would often have to stay out there in an igloo for a couple days when the weather was bad. One day, he parked his moose outside his temporary igloo and started getting ready to spend the night there, and when he did he heard some weird shit. Turns out a igloo hippo had made its nest in it while he was away and had layed eggs there! My grandpa made a sick omelette with the eggs and apparently it was the best eggs he ever had. Too bad the newer house hippos don't lay eggs anymore, but anyway. Sick video Kurtis!!!!

  • Elh
    Elh 14 dni temu +4

    i KNEW the house hippo would make an appearance!! i used to collect little toy hippos for my grandmother because she loved that commercial, one still sits in the cup holder of her car like 11 years later

  • M H
    M H 14 dni temu +4

    I too received a Fushigi ball for either a birthday or Christmas. I remember opening it, thinking it was cool, and then thinking "Now what?"
    Also, the "robot on the scary planet danger" PSA was for the War Amps of Canada, which I am a part of. I know the guy who did the voice for the robot, and I think there was an entire series of videos involving that character.

    • Tubbs
      Tubbs 6 dni temu

      Woah thats so cool

  • MahouScream
    MahouScream 17 dni temu +2192

    I understand most youtubers don't actually use the sponsors they advertise and they just read out the ad copy for the sponsorship, but its honestly really funny to me to have Kurtis be advertising Current, an online banking service only available in the USA he can't even use, on a video about such a painfully Canadian topic.

    • Maria Marcopoli
      Maria Marcopoli 3 dni temu +1

      Lol that’s hilarious. He didn’t really think this one through

    • Dallas Kersey
      Dallas Kersey 17 dni temu +33

      maybe it's easier to get paid when he's in the states?

    • Trinity Williams
      Trinity Williams 17 dni temu +16


    • REE
      REE 17 dni temu +161

      Lmaoo, he gotta do what he gotta do to get that bag 😂

  • arpagan
    arpagan 13 dni temu +2

    I can’t remember exactly how it went, but I remember being terrified of a psa with some lady’s face in a drawer of clothes or something. I was then very hesitant to open any drawers.

  • Ellie Atkins
    Ellie Atkins 13 dni temu +2

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURTISSSS! I love watching your videos so much. You make me so happy and I find your videos as an escape from my life and everything that’s happening. Have an amazing day you deserve it!

    EW A SCENE KID 13 dni temu +12

    If i had a nickel for every time kurtis did a sketch involving a guy having an allergic reaction to peanuts, I'd have two nickels
    It's not a lot but it's strange that it happened twice

    • Frick Frack
      Frick Frack 10 dni temu +1

      I'm really starting to wonder if he has a peanut allergy

    • tsuico
      tsuico 12 dni temu +2


  • Maji Clips
    Maji Clips 14 dni temu +1

    I am pretty new in your community but I am so happy I found your channel! You entertained while also making me feel safe and respected! I hope you get all the happiness you deserve and more! You make wonderful content and I just wanted to let you know❤️ if this gets to you, you should be proud of what you have created, it’s awesome😍

  • 8 Makes 1 Team
    8 Makes 1 Team 18 dni temu +5311

    I think KurtisTown needs its own PSA.
    I vote for Barbie saying “Balls”
    Other options are;
    Bratz doll saying “ew”
    The weasel moaning

  • Naya
    Naya 15 dni temu +2

    As a Canadian who’s been living in the states for almost 10 years, this made me weirdly homesick thank u 😭

  • R Jennings
    R Jennings 22 godzin temu

    Please make Canadian nostalgia forever. You're doing a public service to the internet. My memories are slowly being replaced by American nostalgia.

  • kale :)
    kale :) 11 dni temu

    whenever I watch things that used to seem so real to me as a kid I get so confused cause they don't feel the same anymore

  • AJ Manley
    AJ Manley 16 godzin temu +1

    18:40 If I had a nickel for every time a Kurtis Conner sketch ended with one character eating peanut products and the twist being he's allergic, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

  • The Andyman
    The Andyman 18 dni temu +1545

    “I can’t watch anything on Netflix these days, there’s just no commercials.”
    Don’t worry Kurtis, Netflix heard you.

  • Abby Glenn
    Abby Glenn 13 dni temu

    Growing up in western Canada, French wasn’t mandatory but I can recite the entire first PSA by heart.

  • Payton Foster
    Payton Foster 9 dni temu +1

    Thank god he’s making a video about fushigi, I had one cause I bugged my mom enough about it and I used it for like a day and then lost it forever. I feel like a Kurtis video about it would be healing for me😂

  • Maddy Newman
    Maddy Newman 13 dni temu

    I’m Canadian and this opened a part of my brain I didn’t know i had. I remember so many of theses.

  • Kataliste
    Kataliste 14 dni temu +1

    Thank you. I have a little sister that looks up to me and relies on me to set a good example for her. I'll make sure to scare the shit out of her as soon as I get home today ❤️

  • Lexs Lowdown
    Lexs Lowdown 18 dni temu +1749

    Kurtis saying he wasn’t “cosplaying” a British person as if we don’t actually exist outside of movies/tv shows 💀
    Edit: Kurtis was totally right. My arms have started disintegrating, I think I’m returning back into the digital realm. I guess British people really don’t exist.

    • terrence the envious writer
      terrence the envious writer 15 dni temu

      @Neena Gabriel i did get it, kind of. good job

    • Komodo Wing
      Komodo Wing 18 dni temu +1

      @Джош Вовк “british” “people”

    • hey
      hey 18 dni temu +2

      @skidy12 13:30

    • Джош Вовк
      Джош Вовк 18 dni temu +13

      British "people"

    • jamie
      jamie 18 dni temu +10

      first canadians and now british people?? stay safe guys we never know who might not exist next

  • Levi Jupiter
    Levi Jupiter 10 dni temu +2

    I grew up in Montana and we had the Montana Meth Project and it was geared to scare kids enough not to do it since their commercials played on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and they had their ads on plenty of billboards along the interstate. I remember there being this one commercial that scared me so bad, it made my 10yo self cry to my mom. I can't even remember what it was, but it fucking freaked me out and even gave me nightmares.
    Long story short: Pretty much everyone in Montana has tried meth or uses it regularly. Their slogan had been "Meth: not even once" and it was advertised as if it were impossible to do it once because it was just too damn addicting. Except you can do meth once and never do it again. People tend to not continuing doing things they don't like. So, the project did the exact opposite of what it tried to do and the ads were subsequently pulled from tv and billboards. It was exactly like the aftermath of the D.A.R.E. program where drug usage, especially in adolescents, skyrocketed as a direct result.
    But I still love me a good PSA because there's always a good fallout story that follows.

  • Door
    Door 15 dni temu

    3:21 as a former Canadian little girl, I can confirm this is 100% accurate

  • Ciel Anastasia
    Ciel Anastasia 3 dni temu

    psas are one of my big interests, super cool to see you make a video on them kurtis! concerned children's advertisers has always been hit or miss for me, and i'm not a big fan of hip choice, but they have some good stuff!

  • Sophia Palalas
    Sophia Palalas 6 dni temu +1

    In my marketing class we actually met the guy who helped make the house hippo and these other ads, so hilarious

  • Amanda Purello
    Amanda Purello 6 godzin temu

    this one psa i watched about peanut allergies scarred me for life lol, i will always be afraid to kill someone accidentally bc of an allergy

  • Nana
    Nana 13 dni temu +1

    2:00 unlocked the deepest memory, that ball was so heavy and i would drop it all the time so i had to just admire it from a distance. i literally asked my parents for that type of stuff all the time😭

  • Andrew Cameron
    Andrew Cameron 8 godzin temu

    Remember the psa show that had the cat that fell off the tractor. That show? traumatized me.. I left the family farm to search for house hippos and never looked back.
    The show had a cat and a bunch of other anthropomorphic puppet animals that gave safety tips to kids.

  • Bell Jo
    Bell Jo 12 dni temu +1

    I watched this with my baby and you only made her laugh 😂

  • Frosted Galaxies
    Frosted Galaxies 18 dni temu +1897

    Honestly the anti-smoking PSAs in Australia were so effective on me that the first time I met a smoker, they were a friend of my grandmother and they started to smoke, I ran away crying an hid in the bathroom until she left. I will never smoke a cigarette to this day.

    • Maenad
      Maenad 17 dni temu +3

      I’m the USA and the hardest hitting PSAs we’ve had were the “Montana Meth Ads” it worked at horrifying every fucking kids

    • Music Playlists
      Music Playlists 17 dni temu

      @Dirk Strider Sorry to say but children aren't very smart, as an Australian child I can confirm that a bunch of kids just vape instead

    • tomato soup
      tomato soup 17 dni temu +4

      @Dirk Strider do you genuinely think smokers are stupid? that doing a bit of research is all they need? pretty much everyone who smokes is FULLY aware of the harm it causes. they do it for other reasons, and overcoming addiction is pretty difficult as well. it’s not that people “didn’t do research” on it

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi 17 dni temu

      @Benjamin Peret's Rifle I remember those but I’m in the US
      Fear is effective I guess

  • Islets Of LangerBants

    The scarier PSA's really reminded me of "Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids" that I used to watch so much as a kid. Basically every episode is just a kid misbehaving and then getting some horrific karma. The one that always stuck with me was a kid refusing to go to sleep so he gets his eyelids stolen by a guy with a tin key so he can never sleep again. Peak CITV era 😂

  • Isla Helstrom
    Isla Helstrom 9 dni temu +1

    there’s an old psa about mosquitoes (early 2000’s) that still plays on local television late at night, watching this reminded me of how it use to scare me😭
    the psa if anyone wants to see it:

  • madlycountingsheep
    madlycountingsheep 2 dni temu

    When my friend was a kid they didn't like brushing their teeth and would refuse to do it. Then one day their mom finally sat them down and turned on The Little Shop of Horror's movie, but specifically the Dentist scene (if you haven't seen it, look up that scene and you'll understand). Afterwards their mom turned to them and said "if you don't start brushing your teeth that's where I'm going to take you."
    To this day my friend brushes their teeth and is still terrified of the dentist.

  • mikuleeks
    mikuleeks 7 dni temu +1

    i begged my family for a fushigi for my birthday when i was a kid. when it came we watched the instructional video about 10 times and the we realized it was just a heavy ball and they’ve never let me live it down.

  • OwO
    OwO 18 dni temu +1564

    Canada really was ahead of its time with their 21st century humour.

    • D@k0t@
      D@k0t@ 18 dni temu

      The next best thing is Canada being real. Guess that’ll never happen.

    • GodOnDiscord
      GodOnDiscord 18 dni temu +4

      Ayyy it's the dude who comments on everything

    • Screech
      Screech 18 dni temu +2

      Yea i wish Canada was real😞

  • Josh
    Josh 13 dni temu

    That first PSA unlocked memories I didn’t know I had

  • strawberry florist
    strawberry florist 4 dni temu

    I vividly remember where I was when I saw the house hippo PSA. Then I cried because I got attached to the hippo and wanted it to be real.

  • Magica_Of_Koning
    Magica_Of_Koning Dzień temu

    I find it so telling that whenever I watch television from countries outside the U.S. (especially Canadian television) the announcer or whoever’s talking will like include other countries when they talk about statistics. Like in this video there are facts about smoking that are statistics for people in both Canada and the US. But on U.S. television we forget every other country exists to the point that the history channel just assumes everyone watching knows America is the best country on the planet earth.

  • Liv Uchiha
    Liv Uchiha 8 dni temu

    As a Canadian born and raised in ON this has just reopened so many memories

  • Lele Soares
    Lele Soares 18 dni temu +520

    Okay but the monkey “you don’t have to lose weight” one genuinely helped me as a little girl lmao😭

    • Sky Baytr
      Sky Baytr 17 dni temu

      @Nash Byrd Stay fit

    • Simly
      Simly 18 dni temu +6

      I was an extremely dumb child and seriously misunderstood the point of that PSA, to the opposite effect it was intended to have. I remember hearing "you don't need a media monkey telling you what to do" and seeing that the monkey was trying to stop the girl, so I thought the point was don't side with the monkey - it's important to watch your weight and not let other people convince you otherwise

    • Nash Byrd
      Nash Byrd 18 dni temu

      @John Freeman man i remember that one, it was so fuckin weird. tbh im still not 100% sure what that one is about

    • Nayab Khurshid
      Nayab Khurshid 18 dni temu +1


    • John Freeman
      John Freeman 18 dni temu +34

      the message seems clearer in that one compared to the older one that had these two girls going through this nightmare makeup building, that one used to freak me out and I don't think I ever realized what it was even supposed to be telling me lol

  • Gabriela Perez
    Gabriela Perez 2 dni temu

    this was my. exact. experience. down to the house hippos. i searched for them and left chips in my furry crocs so they would have a little bed and food

  • Kigut
    Kigut 13 dni temu

    ahhh as a canadian i remember all of these, ohh the nostalgia!! i loved house hippos

  • Kaity S
    Kaity S Dzień temu

    0:38 “Personally I can’t watch anything on Netflix these days, THERES NO COMMERCIALS.”
    This aged well

  • CarlytheWolf23
    CarlytheWolf23 7 dni temu +1

    God I remember those fushigi ball commercials, man did I want one when I was little.
    Also I was a weird 5 year old who chased a single boy, and or his twin brother, I think I could tell them apart, idk why I did this so much, but I just remember chasing and then body slamming the kid to the ground and then assaulting them with kisses on their face. Idk if it was because I didn't have siblings and hadn't prior interacted with kids my age before kindergarten. It's still bizarre thinking about that memory of me violating a boy's right to not be basically slobbered upon by a girl nearly every recess. I am glad it never happened further than my first year of elementary. I also had somehow planned along with a different boy, whom also had a twin brother, to kiss at some point, and we at the end of the school day, went underneath a desk and kissed once, then we went home and to me as a 5-6 year old it was like I found my true love, it is really funny how kids think as I swear some of the stuff they thought of is absolutely insane. I do still regret it even though I absolutely didn't know any better. Anyway yeah kids are weird- and also fushigi ball video is highly anticipated-

  • Egg
    Egg 18 dni temu +4263

    I had a fushigi ball as a kid-extremely disappointed that it wasn’t ACTUALLY magic

    • Just me
      Just me 17 dni temu +1

      Same dude 😭😂 and i cried until they got my parents got me one and then cried when It wasn't actually magic

    • Delilah Drummond
      Delilah Drummond 17 dni temu +1

      Yes! I rarely got those toys and shit from commercials at that time (bc they were usually expensive) so I was so mad that one of those rare times it was a fucking hoax. It sat on my dresser for about a decade bc I couldn’t figure out the stupid tricks

    • melly
      melly 17 dni temu

      @Megan Old my cousins had one, it popped

    • The Destroya System
      The Destroya System 17 dni temu +1

      My mom got me one that she found at like a thrift store, shit was lame af

    • Mark Conigliaro
      Mark Conigliaro 17 dni temu +4

      @Stephanie C Thanks! it's just a ton of practice. I'm under the belief that anyone can learn contact juggling, you just have to put in the hours. The main thing about the fushigi commercial is it makes it sound like results will be instant, so when people open it and say "it doesn't work" all motivation to learn goes out the window. I can't tell you how many times I've contact juggled in public, people come over and I give them the ball and they say "so how does it work?" thinking there's some button to push and it floats. I've had someone accuse me of "deactivating" it before giving it to them. It's pretty frustrating, especially when I hear a snarky comment and they keep walking.
      I actually did DM Kurtis so we'll see what happens!

  • Olliesaurus Rex
    Olliesaurus Rex 5 dni temu

    To this day I am haunted by vivid memories of the 2002 Carling Beer commercial that included a plane crash survivor befriending a crab. I don't even know if Carling is a company anymore, I don't know anything about the company honestly, but that commercial comes to me in my darkest times

  • aswer huio
    aswer huio 13 dni temu

    transported through time while watching it, and it had a genuinely positive message too

  • joemama114
    joemama114 8 dni temu

    I can honestly say in my 30's watching children programing now makes me sad. It is SO BAD.
    There was a show came out a few years ago, forgot the name, a half hour show, 23 min with commercials.
    EVERY SECOND that the show was running there was screaming, explosions or both. There was not a moment of down time in the episode at ALL.
    Now it may have been a crazy episode not sure but I have to wonder, are they trying to give kids attention problems with programming like this.
    If there is no plot, no story, nothing to follow, and the only thing is action 100% of the time then I wonder. Is it made with the intent purpose of mentally traumatizing children?

  • Ginger Rodriguez
    Ginger Rodriguez 14 dni temu

    I remember always wanting a fushigi ball, and it wasn't until years later when the commercials weren't even on air anymore that I finally was able to get one and I was severely disappointed lmao

  • bdp
    bdp 18 dni temu +685

    Thank you Kurtis, we know how tiring it is being in this little box performing videos for us every day 😔🙏🏻

    • Leandro 🏳️‍⚧️
      Leandro 🏳️‍⚧️ 15 dni temu

      @AxxL do they smoke weed?

    • Michael :)
      Michael :) 18 dni temu +3

      this was so confusing seeing this before I watched the video

    • AxxL
      AxxL 18 dni temu +1

      WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! Let me get this perfectly straight: You comment something that is completely unrelated to the fact that I have two HAZARDOUSLY HANDSOME girlfriends? Considering that I am the unprettiest PLclipr worldwide, it is really incredible. Yet you did not mention it at all. I am VERY disappointed, dear bd0

    • The Game Shorts  🅥
      The Game Shorts 🅥 18 dni temu

      plclip.com/video/UD5OPT5D31w/wideo.html Finally it's here