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They Had To Film This Terrible Christmas Movie Twice

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  • Opublikowany 19 gru 2019
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, FOLKS! To celebrate, I decided to talk about a Christmas movie so bad...they made it twice. Grab a gallon of Egg Nog and enjoy Too Cool For Christmas/A Very Cool Christmas!
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    comment "pull my ear Santa" if ur reading this

Komentarze • 12 690

  • Pencil Case
    Pencil Case 2 lat temu +59020

    That santa baby club scene felt like a fever dream

    • ZillmoPig
      ZillmoPig Miesiąc temu +1

      This comment felt like a fever dream

    • Jeremy Elbertson
      Jeremy Elbertson 3 miesięcy temu

      I'm just a little faded rn and I thought maybe that's why it looked like some childhood trauma shit

    • the_Qcumber
      the_Qcumber 3 miesięcy temu

      Its called sinter klaas thank you very much

    • Meghan F
      Meghan F 3 miesięcy temu

      My question is why was he holding three American dollars when he lives in Canada

  • BluTheBlooper
    BluTheBlooper 11 miesięcy temu +9128

    This would be the perfect movie to watch with your conservative parents and then after like 3 years switch versions and they question their reality

    • Jenna Ker-fox
      Jenna Ker-fox 3 dni temu

      Brilliant idea.

    • Jacob
      Jacob 22 dni temu

      Lol but wouldn’t that be confusing for literally everyone in general?

    • PrincessOfHell
      PrincessOfHell 3 miesięcy temu +6

      The Mandela effect

    • oosra
      oosra 3 miesięcy temu +1

      Lmao yes

    • Meghan F
      Meghan F 3 miesięcy temu +3

      Somebody try this please😂

  • Dan Krauth
    Dan Krauth 2 miesięcy temu +399

    It’s a shame the word “yassified” hadn’t been invented yet when Kurtis made this video, because that’s exactly what happens in this movie

  • Lauren Elizabeth
    Lauren Elizabeth 7 miesięcy temu +4590

    The fact they had to re-film with a straight couple is super fucked up, but also it would be so hilarious if they accidentally put one clip in the wrong movie. Just all of a sudden one scene where the dad is just cuddling with some totally random person 🤣

    • thea
      thea 18 dni temu

      @Brit Lowkey Sharon, that's the laughing emoji...
      Maybe you should get your children to teach you a little...

      BILL CIPHER Miesiąc temu +2

      @mar Amra yeah but a guy can go up to a girl (both highscoolers) and say that they want a hookup. Perfect Christian movie for the family!

    • Arnez
      Arnez Miesiąc temu +3

      @Demo nice thank u for ur information!

    • Arnez
      Arnez Miesiąc temu +2

      @Demo yeah nice. oh hey u sound read up on the bible does it say anything about left handed people? im left handed

  • Lonelyfroggy
    Lonelyfroggy 8 miesięcy temu +2090

    I'm honestly surprised they didn't milk the hell out of this movie and make a sequel that's the exact same except it's about a teenage boy with lesbian moms and he gives Ms. Claus a makeover

    • Well dressed Bird
      Well dressed Bird 2 dni temu

      Then he becomes Ms Claus

    • sw33tsunia
      sw33tsunia 25 dni temu +8

      @HugsAndKisses(ForYou) the gay version would be called "too christmas for cool" and the straight version would be "a very christmas cool"

    • PrincessOfHell
      PrincessOfHell 3 miesięcy temu +15

      It's Anderson with 2 moms. And they film another version with the het parents they showed.

    • Akash Khan
      Akash Khan 3 miesięcy temu +21

      @HugsAndKisses(ForYou) naurrrification

  • Sloth ToaST YT
    Sloth ToaST YT 11 miesięcy temu +2870

    mental note: when robbing kurtis on christmas make sure to wear santa costume to not draw suspicion

  • Jason M
    Jason M 10 miesięcy temu +1762

    I’m sorry, any movie that ends with an implied “Santa FUCKS” is a winner in my book.

    • trash
      trash 8 miesięcy temu +25


  • JC
    JC 9 miesięcy temu +653

    Love that Mrs. Claus needed to get decades younger for her “makeover” while Santa still looks... aged.

    • Pa da
      Pa da Miesiąc temu +3

      They are less than one year apart in age... I know that it's a tired old cliché for an older man to be with a young woman, so it's funny that you pick one of the most age appropriate relationships ever to make your point with.

    • muggins
      muggins 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Society moment

    • Carrot
      Carrot 2 miesięcy temu +10

      they look similar in age to me? She doesn't look super young, she looks like a woman in her 50's-60's with makeup and dyed hair. Smoother than before but still obviously not, like, 30. Plus Santa also looks like he's been "smoothed" out with makeup and fake tan.

    • skegbird
      skegbird 4 miesięcy temu +60

      its the misogyny

    • Pumpkin Man
      Pumpkin Man 5 miesięcy temu +67

      Yes, there is so many causal references to beauty standard in this movie.

  • wesaidsomething
    wesaidsomething 10 miesięcy temu +394

    how hard would it have been to get a cantonese speaker to say a sentence and dub it over the top of that scene lol

    • Garden the Fermenting Sound
      Garden the Fermenting Sound 2 dni temu

      The guy straight up called it Japanese too. Like how racist can you get at one time

    • Zoey
      Zoey 5 miesięcy temu +47

      Dubbing over live action well is hard. They could however get a Cantonese speaker to teach the guy how to say a sentence.
      Would be a bit of work, as it is hard to get Tones down. But not hard enough to warrant not doing it.

    • bibib_
      bibib_ 7 miesięcy temu +44

      B-but,,, *racism* 😧

  • Pingo
    Pingo 4 miesięcy temu +124

    Santa after makeover genuinely made me want to cry. I'm not particularly attached to Santa Claus' current image, but holy shit he just looked like he was molded out of tanned leather and nylon. I've never seen a more violently American-looking elderly man in my life. I would scream if he delivered my gift to me.

    • Wastealot
      Wastealot 2 dni temu +2

      And that gift would be tax bill

  • Heloise Pevensie
    Heloise Pevensie 4 miesięcy temu +62

    The dads had more chemistry than the straight couple

    • Brooke Robertson
      Brooke Robertson 12 dni temu +12

      I know, like that scene on the couch where the dads are cuddling, side by side with mom and dad just s i t t i n g, not even touching is so funny.

  • Eztellum
    Eztellum 9 miesięcy temu +487

    Wow I can’t believe Kurtis has been brainwashed to believe the Energizer Bunny isn’t real :/ open your eyes dude

  • Biddleee Who?
    Biddleee Who? 5 miesięcy temu +91

    Something that REALLY infuriates me, is when the mall cop says "banned from the mall for life," right after he says "life," you can see him flinch because he's anticipating the burger hitting him... That is horrible acting...

  • Marian McClellan
    Marian McClellan 2 lat temu +7313

    Dude, the extra greeting hits different after you subscribe

    • Manboi 17
      Manboi 17 3 miesięcy temu +1

      Except for that one time

    • Layla
      Layla Rok temu +4

      Trruuuuuue finally got an account now I'm A Kurtistown Member, Little Stinker, Truly Greg (obviously), Part of the Unnamed Fan Base, and what ever the heck Tom Harlocks subscribers are!

    • Muhammad A. Hammad
      Muhammad A. Hammad 2 lat temu +6

      Actually, I subscribed just for the greeting, and then every extra greeting made me feel guilty, because I had not earned them by an honest subscription.

    • Arielle XD
      Arielle XD 2 lat temu


    • Late_In_French
      Late_In_French 2 lat temu

      It doesn't change

  • Happy 80th Gertrude
    Happy 80th Gertrude 5 miesięcy temu +77

    I think it’s cuz I’m on my period but when that small child said “I asked for you for Christmas” I certainly did tear up

    • Tencat
      Tencat 6 dni temu +1

      It's nothing alike. Of course if you're hungry you're gonna think it's a food issue, that's the only thing it could be. A better comparison would be feeling tired, and not knowing if it's caused by lack of sleep or by being in the process of falling sick.
      Periods can make some people more emotional than usual, but so can lack of sleep, watching a particularly touching scene, or just having had a bad day. So sometimes it's difficult to know what part the period plays into tears spilling.
      Hope this clears things up. Mostly, hope you don't keep equating the more difficult-interpretation period problems to simple-solve things like hunger from now on, because periods are annoying enough as it is without others misinterpreting what it's like (no joke, periods are a real curse for those who can't tolerate them well)

    • PrincessOfHell
      PrincessOfHell 3 miesięcy temu +1


    • StuffedBrains
      StuffedBrains 5 miesięcy temu +7

      Isn’t it weird that it’s impossible to tell if it’s a period reaction or something else? It’s like feeling hungry but not knowing that lack of food is the problem. At least, I assume. Sorry if it’s not a correct assumption.

  • Renny
    Renny Rok temu +488

    “Big sis, you’re my Christmas gift!”
    My siblings: I asked Santa to drop you on your head

  • Emily Tharp
    Emily Tharp 10 miesięcy temu +152

    Damn looking back at the brokeback mountain scene now I just want an entire abridged version of the actual movie done by kurtis and he plays every role

  • Violett Bellerose
    Violett Bellerose 5 miesięcy temu +75

    28:23 The guy checking out the old dude instead of the girl is such a wild yet oddly welcomed surprised

  • Audrey Brewer
    Audrey Brewer 2 lat temu +4436

    "The more dads the merrier, that's what I say"
    Kurtis is the one true ally

      BILL CIPHER Miesiąc temu +5

      @Ultra Eevee Gaming why so negative bro? You ok?

    • Aster Ashes
      Aster Ashes 3 miesięcy temu +9

      @horse_stan more moms the merrier!

    • Ultra Eevee Gaming
      Ultra Eevee Gaming 3 miesięcy temu

      The more dads, the more affairs, the more cheating

    • Nola
      Nola Rok temu +3

      Oumami and Saiibo hit different doe

    • Lorenz ?
      Lorenz ? Rok temu +8

      Deep down we all know all Danganronpa characters are gay.

  • NvAgn
    NvAgn 4 miesięcy temu +26

    The whole makeover is literally just scrapping the already widely known outlook of a character and remaking it as a generic NPC

  • Madison C
    Madison C 6 miesięcy temu +58

    “I don’t hang out with coal diggers.” is maybe the only good pun I’ve ever heard

  • Zoe Sager
    Zoe Sager 7 miesięcy temu +54

    movies like this are proof that someone was drugged the water supply in the early 2000s.

  • Seal
    Seal 6 miesięcy temu +63

    I love how simple the speak “””Cantonese””” spell is. Like, there have to be billions of combinations but only 4 ear tugs, one of the most simple combinations, is just… speaking Cantonese

  • Mo Chann
    Mo Chann Rok temu +2865

    “Hot” Santa makes me unbelievably uncomfortable. The existence of this Santa is a cardinal sin

    • Queen Elizabeth II
      Queen Elizabeth II Miesiąc temu +1

      gives me "santa with muscles" energy

    • Aiden Heifner
      Aiden Heifner 3 miesięcy temu +3

      @Mo Chann meanwhile in Japan, Santa pisses off the locals with his fake ass Japanese and is banned from the country for eternity.

    • Mo Chann
      Mo Chann Rok temu +3

      @vizthex dude I’m shaking what does this mean?

    • Raven 🏳️‍⚧️
      Raven 🏳️‍⚧️ Rok temu +1

      @vizthex it’s been a week! don’t leave us hanging! pleeeeaaaaasssseee

    • Katydid
      Katydid Rok temu +4

      @vizthex what...is happening in Japan

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 11 miesięcy temu +79

    are we just going to ignore the fact that kurtis literally opened our present at the start of this video?

  • tabby cloud
    tabby cloud 3 miesięcy temu +21

    They where like "we need a gay couple" "but what about the straight people we don't want them to fell left out" creates 2 movies

  • Chibi JJ.
    Chibi JJ. 11 miesięcy temu +49

    Imagine if the little girl was like “Yeah I want your corpse under the tree.”

  • Jake White
    Jake White 4 miesięcy temu +10

    It never ceases to amaze me how some movies actually exist, someone had to write, cast, film, and edit all of this. How... Why... I don't care if I sank a ton of money into a project if it's shit, it's shit.

  • Salutations YT!
    Salutations YT! Rok temu +4397

    I love how she roasted Santa by saying he was invented by corporations. Then she made him look like a stereotypical businessman

    • LowYummy
      LowYummy Miesiąc temu

      @Comm Scan NOT RICKY

    • Ari Bantala
      Ari Bantala 3 miesięcy temu +5

      He literally looked like Vince McMahon lmaoooo

    • Comm Scan
      Comm Scan 4 miesięcy temu +31

      @Anna Pruitt He bugs his political opponents' Christmas gifts.

    • Comm Scan
      Comm Scan 5 miesięcy temu +60


    • Anna Pruitt
      Anna Pruitt 5 miesięcy temu +174

      She made him look like a conservative politician hahaha with that red tie

  • redline riot
    redline riot 8 miesięcy temu +28

    When he mentioned the “what if every movie had to switch out the couples” the FIRST movie I thought of was brokeback mountain so I’m so glad he included that little skit 😭😂😂

  • Edgelord
    Edgelord 4 miesięcy temu +8

    Why did she dress as a... flight attendant... to pitch the idea of ditching her family on one of the most family-oriented holidays?

  • Mustang Moose
    Mustang Moose 3 miesięcy temu +16

    Honestly the whole "the energizer bunny isn't real?" Was so fucking cute.
    Idk if I thought he was real but I did get excited for the commercials lol.

  • Tiago
    Tiago Rok temu +80

    When I was little I thought the energiser bunny was real 😂

    • How does Youtube work
      How does Youtube work 11 miesięcy temu +12

      @Stan Edwards as a kid i thought for a while that every animated character was real and that they all lived in a Roger rabbit like town. Kids are special.

    • Stan Edwards
      Stan Edwards 11 miesięcy temu +1

      How? Did you believe most animated animals in adverts were real Lol

  • HappinessPrideJoy
    HappinessPrideJoy 4 miesięcy temu +6

    I just realized I’ve seen this movie before but specifically that racist scene in the car 😩 why am I reliving this

  • madeleine p.
    madeleine p. 4 miesięcy temu +4

    It's Christmas Eve and I'm still not feeling this whole "festivity" thing. If this video doesn't help, nothing will.

  • クララclara
    クララclara 7 miesięcy temu +10

    if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember i felt offended when kurtis started talking about how much he hates winter because i was born in december

  • Van Feldberg
    Van Feldberg 11 miesięcy temu +15

    So what I'm gathering from this movie's release;
    Gay couple - Too Cool For Christmas
    Straight couple - Very Cool Christmas
    And there are still people who don't understand how damaging these mixed signals are

  • sy
    sy 2 lat temu +6423

    As a Chinese person... the Cantonese part was awful. To say the least. That was not Cantonese at all, just a racist stereotype of how Asian people are supposed to speak.

    • Ghoul- Sanシ
      Ghoul- Sanシ 2 dni temu

      @Mason Woods eh I get people can be a bit too sensitive sometimes but some have a reason to talk about stuff like this. Just because it doesn't bother or affect you doesn't mean that it's not an issue yk? If it doesn't bother you then go on about today, leave it

    • Mason Woods
      Mason Woods 2 dni temu

      @Ghoul- Sanシ people just whiney and want to play victim

    • Ghoul- Sanシ
      Ghoul- Sanシ 2 dni temu

      @Mason Woods not everybody's going to find the same stuff hilarious. To them or somebody who might speaks the language it might be offensive. maybe to you and some others it was hilarious or just plain dumb. People just different it's simple

    • Mason Woods
      Mason Woods 2 dni temu

      @Ghoul- Sanシ and then they said "its so racist." Who cares. If some foreign movie mock-spoke American itd be hilarious.

    • Ghoul- Sanシ
      Ghoul- Sanシ 2 dni temu

      @Mason Woods all they said was the language is wrong dude

  • Mariah J
    Mariah J 11 miesięcy temu +53

    I was yelled at by a parent once because I was having a discussion about how the princes and princesses at Disneyland are like people etc and she cut me off mid sentence. What kid thinks those are like…. real?? I never did ???

  • nonsensical nonsense
    nonsensical nonsense 8 miesięcy temu +44

    Kurtis: "Santa Claus is coming.... *in his wife* "
    Ad: Am I... Pregnant?

  • yana agoeva
    yana agoeva 5 miesięcy temu +36

    Can we just take a moment to talk about the fact that the gay couple is so much more loving than the hetero one. The realism in these movies are just on point, man 😂

    • StrikerBlitz
      StrikerBlitz 2 miesięcy temu +5

      @INKUBATOR I think it's due to the fact the straight people didn't have to fight for the rights to be with who they love, so as such they can tend to take it for granted.

      INKUBATOR 2 miesięcy temu +4

      @pain eh im straight and honestly I agree gay couples do tend to be more loving

    • keeprollin
      keeprollin 2 miesięcy temu +2

      @pain Yep, heteros can be so adorable and wholesome honestly like all peeps obviously. But maybe they are referring to the fact that many couples still feel the need to get and stay together even if they don't love each other (any more) because of pressure from their parents or peers. Gay peeps often already disappointed the expectations of their families so it may not be that much of a deal to just leave their partner or stay alone. However, this definitely isn't even close to always the case and simplifying it is just mean and untrue. WE STAN THE HETEROS

    • pain
      pain 4 miesięcy temu +1

      That's kinda shitty to say

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie Rok temu +24

    The Mrs. Claus movie should have Anderson giving her a makeover. Also I unironically laughed at this movie fml

  • Raquel 11
    Raquel 11 8 miesięcy temu +23

    i love that he uses the 2 dads clips more than the straight couple. i love kurtis♥️

  • Iseebichan
    Iseebichan 7 miesięcy temu +5

    One step forward for having two dads...and two steps backwards for being racist

  • *oxy*moron -
    *oxy*moron - 11 miesięcy temu +20

    29:08 “i like you” **proceeds to fucking ram his back into the doorframe**

  • Disappointed creepy AJ
    Disappointed creepy AJ 11 miesięcy temu +28

    4:00 anyone gonna talk about the fact that the younger sister is getting hair ties and the older is getting Chanel bags?

  • Malini Correa
    Malini Correa 2 lat temu +9112

    I literally cannot imagine anything sadder than a skinny Santa

    • Cassius King
      Cassius King 25 dni temu

      He should spent the entire year getting super buff and in shape, only to spend the entire night of christmas eating all the cookies left out for him, fattening him up again and reversing all of his progress for the entire year. An endless cycle

    • Georgina Devonport
      Georgina Devonport Miesiąc temu

      mello you nnooyou

    • Georgina Devonport
      Georgina Devonport Miesiąc temu

      Arcadia Labon inoin

    • Georgina Devonport
      Georgina Devonport Miesiąc temu

      Arcadia Labon i’m

  • Dave Santina
    Dave Santina 8 miesięcy temu +12

    Can we just apreciate how good kurtis looks with nail polish

  • LoggingFire
    LoggingFire 7 miesięcy temu +8

    The gay couple: cuddling on a sofa, all cozy and sweet
    The straight couple: just sitting next to each other

  • Noodle Janus
    Noodle Janus 8 miesięcy temu +7

    The only 'hot Santa' I'm accepting is the Australian Santa they made to look like a beach guy to explain how get doesn't die of heatstroke

  • Faith C.
    Faith C. Rok temu +59

    THE CANTONESE PART KILLS ME WTF it's not even the regular "ching chong ling long" why did he feel the need to say "aslkfjaw jawlefjwlkfjsl ejfalwk woo da"

  • Yuting Hong
    Yuting Hong Rok temu +10657

    This movie:
    progressive enough to have 2 gay dads, bigoted enough to have an old white man claim to speak cantonese and burst out in gibberish

    • Elektric Skeptic
      Elektric Skeptic Miesiąc temu +1

      @Annabeth Chase YES!!! I was just gonna add in the Styles‐ist!

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely Miesiąc temu +1

      @Not like you need my name. Definitely doesn't sound at all Korean, to me. I'd lean that it sounds like a stereotype of Japanese, predominately. I don't know what Cantonese sounds like off the top of my head, but knowing how Mandarin sounds, at least, I know it def doesn't feel vaguely similar. (I just listened to a comparison video of the two languages, and I'd say that what the dude spoke sounded like someone smashed together the sounds of Japanese and Cantonese, but the sounds a non-speaker hears, and then just winged it.)
      Korean doesn't have that many "ch" and the pronunciation of words are a little more limited as the alphabet is fairly small. (The main variations from the alphabet is usually grammar based things, but like, overall, I'd say the sound of Korean is kinda specific. It feels faster, to me, personally, Korean does, in comparison to other Eastern languages that you tend to think of, but the "ow" sorta sound isn't used in Korean very much, that's more associated with Chinese.)
      Basically, long story short, it sounds like someone trying to fake Cantonese or Japanese, but then not knowing any of the sounds or alphabets of either language, and just spouting gibberish that they think sounds vaguely alike. When it really isn't that alike to anyone else listening.

    • Pissy Lissy
      Pissy Lissy Miesiąc temu

      2 white gay dads...

    • Emily Caballero
      Emily Caballero Miesiąc temu +3

      He speaks can't-onese

  • ray
    ray 22 dni temu +2

    this movie is equivalent to me trying to write a story but i cant focus ever so it goes down a rabbit hole and changes genres 24/7

  • mikei
    mikei 6 miesięcy temu +5

    this feels like one of those movies where it's so bad it's actually good

  • Amira-Amelie Ibrahim
    Amira-Amelie Ibrahim Rok temu +48

    So I can basically dress up as Santa Claus, break into your house and you will just leave me do whatever?

  • mia
    mia  3 miesięcy temu +2

    1:50 i was absolutely terrified of that scene when i was younger and refused to watch any home alone movies because of it

  • vizthex
    vizthex Rok temu +5799

    so we just gonna brush over the fact that the mall Santa is actually the real one?

    • Nick Chizzle
      Nick Chizzle 3 miesięcy temu +1

      Just like Dumbledore with the chocolate frogs

    • bibib_
      bibib_ 7 miesięcy temu +5

      @Mimi R. SILF

    • Large Boi
      Large Boi 7 miesięcy temu

      @The Bystander does every Santa have their own Mrs. Claus?

    • The Bystander
      The Bystander 7 miesięcy temu

      @Large Boi yup, they are literally in every town in the US plotting how to take over starting with the malls

    • Large Boi
      Large Boi 7 miesięcy temu +8

      @The Bystander a military made up of only Santa’s is a lot more threatening than any military on earth

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 11 miesięcy temu +5

    God that “What I wanted for Christmas is you home” is not only so generically and gratuitously saccharine but like...she wasn’t abroad or in college or something. She lives at home and wanted a vacation with friends. The fuck does she mean “Want you home”, she hasn’t left home

  • No No
    No No 4 miesięcy temu +3

    They actually redid the movie just to change it for the straight couple 💀

  • Creeper Invasion
    Creeper Invasion 3 miesięcy temu +2

    Considering that jingle all the way and home alone 2 are in Kurtis's 5 favorite movies list, I'm really interested in figuring out what the other 3 are. I bet Fateful Findings also makes the list.

  • huntercollier
    huntercollier 8 miesięcy temu +5

    The title made me think “oh how weird I wonder why they made the same movie twice?” And then

  • 〜Willow〜
    〜Willow〜 10 miesięcy temu +11

    I cant decide if the skit at the beginning was funny or cursed, I loved it either way

  • Lindscutie07
    Lindscutie07 11 miesięcy temu +3

    Her parents should’ve just let them celebrate late... my fam does it all the time bc we get super busy in December

  • Van Feldberg
    Van Feldberg 11 miesięcy temu +7

    Hey, just quickly can someone explain to me what's weird about having a belt on the outside? That's literally where the loops are, and a metal buckle being pressed directly into my waistline sounds like a bad time?
    What is her issue with belts??

    • Eric Daly
      Eric Daly 6 miesięcy temu

      Santa wear his belt on the outside of his suitcoat. So outside the loops. It's the way belts worked in the like medieval age, but I think you would definitely get some odd looks if you were a belt the same way and place as santa does

    • Van Feldberg
      Van Feldberg 10 miesięcy temu +1

      @Sorow Fame like I've heard of girls wearing accessory belts, that don't really function. Sometimes they're built into the outfit, but that makes less sense than wesring an actual belt 😂

    • Sorow Fame
      Sorow Fame 11 miesięcy temu +3

      I’m trying to think of an average situation where the belt wouldn’t be on the outside of your outfit and I just can’t.

  • Ms. Starry
    Ms. Starry 11 miesięcy temu +3

    This movie was filmed in my town and I’m pretty sure I watched some of the filming for it and that realization has ruined my life

  • c johnson
    c johnson 2 lat temu +3671

    danny, drew, and kurtis claiming they’ve found the worst christmas movie only to one up each other immediately

    • 10,000 Subs with No videos
      10,000 Subs with No videos 2 lat temu +3

      I think Drew’s Christmas movie was the best... did you know that the main character has a job?

    • kelly elizabeth
      kelly elizabeth 2 lat temu +8

      c johnson wholesome🥺

    • c johnson
      c johnson 2 lat temu +21

      Plushypony 94 hahaha thank you!! he’s my dog :)

    • PishP0n
      PishP0n 2 lat temu +27

      c johnson
      Unrelated but your pfp is adorable

    • Virgil Dyson
      Virgil Dyson 2 lat temu +63

      Well Danny also said The Santa Clause could also be the best Christmas movie so...

  • Mackenzie Foster
    Mackenzie Foster 11 miesięcy temu +8

    I can’t believe they had Santa pull a Pretty Woman

  • Harley HackEmUp
    Harley HackEmUp 9 miesięcy temu +2

    I'm sorry but I legitimately laughed quite hard at 28:32 with the guy running away screaming "yo guys this ones got KETCHUP"

  • 902496
    902496 8 dni temu

    Love it when one of the primary morals of a movie is "your value as a person is directly tied to your appearance". Especially when its a lifetime-style movie that actively seeks to have some kind of moral lesson.

  • On The Shelf
    On The Shelf 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I love this video and the hoodlums throwing hamburgers outside scene gets me every time 😂

  • JachlHolly
    JachlHolly Rok temu +1512

    "Hot" leathery republican Santa will forever haunt my nightmares. Thank you. 🤮

    • JachlHolly
      JachlHolly 2 dni temu

      @Garden the Fermenting Sound omg that's so accurate 😂😂

    • Garden the Fermenting Sound
      Garden the Fermenting Sound 2 dni temu +4

      After the makeover he looked like the bad guy in a John Wayne movie who starts a range war. Lol

  • Anne Marie Glen
    Anne Marie Glen 4 miesięcy temu +1

    love this video, I'm actually watching it for the second Christmas in a row, but I have to say the way you hold that shallot is causing me a lot of stress

    AMBER AMEY 11 miesięcy temu +5

    I love that him and Danny have the exact same humor. Kurtis is just more dry.

  • BitterJoy
    BitterJoy 2 miesięcy temu +2

    Imagine asking someone "Are you homophonic or no?" And then putting on the certain movie

  • Joe Greenwell
    Joe Greenwell 5 miesięcy temu +2

    God the cleaned up Santa is so depressing to see. Just looks like some business man, but based on the songs of the movie that must be appealing to the director

  • Lemon peel
    Lemon peel Rok temu +3262

    As a person from Hong Kong who speaks Cantonese, I almost choked on my cake

    • Omega
      Omega 2 miesięcy temu +3

      @Gustave It can be funny, but, personally, I’m starting to get bored of the oui oui baguette jokes. It would be better if they joke about what happened in the revolution instead. Personally, I think guillotines jokes are better, mais c juste mon opinion.

    • Lemon peel
      Lemon peel 2 miesięcy temu +3

      @Gustave bro we’re not crying over it, I’m just stunned, and so what if we got offended??? Just because you don’t get offended doesn’t mean others can’t. We’re just laughing and pointing out how bad it is.

    • Gustave
      Gustave 2 miesięcy temu +1

      @Lemon peel ok and? people always say stuff like oui oui baguette baguette or just fake speak french accent n shit im not crying over it. i thought the joke was kinda funny, it wouldve been better if they got a dude that actually speaks cantonese tho lol

    • Lemon peel
      Lemon peel 2 miesięcy temu +3

      @Gustave he’s not even trying though ????????

    • Gustave
      Gustave 2 miesięcy temu +1

      omg yall are so annoying lol im french and i dont start crying when someone tries to speak french lol

  • 99 x
    99 x 5 miesięcy temu +6

    27:08 i deadass almost cried, this was so cute

  • Ballsa C. Grabber
    Ballsa C. Grabber 10 miesięcy temu +4

    If i watched that movie as a 7 year old i would've laughed my ass off. But im not so it's just corny now

  • gjm
    gjm 6 miesięcy temu +3

    That Santa Baby club scene was the best laugh I’ve had in literally months.

  • Caroline Seamons
    Caroline Seamons 5 miesięcy temu +2

    all of kurtis's sketches go on for just a little too long and get a little too weird but not enough for it to be super weird, just enough to make you go "huh, well that's kurtis for ya"

  • Banjo Peppers
    Banjo Peppers 2 lat temu +8662

    It's funny, the gay dad that gets swapped out seems to be more affectionate than the straight mom he gets swapped with.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 6 miesięcy temu

      @Laura Evans hey it’s girl Drew Gooden!

    • bibib_
      bibib_ 7 miesięcy temu

      @• u good bro?

    • yas
      yas 7 miesięcy temu

      @• u sound hurt

    • •
       9 miesięcy temu

      almost like it being 2 different actors lol

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 11 miesięcy temu +7

    Why the hell is Lindsay portrayed by a twenty year old?

  • TheSuperGuitarGuy
    TheSuperGuitarGuy 5 miesięcy temu +2

    I feel like doing that extra greeting bit for this long would've caused my death.

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    MissValentina Miesiąc temu

    That "Play the real Santa Baby" sketch made me laugh so much I had to watch it three times.

  • Explosive Fish Punch
    Explosive Fish Punch 4 miesięcy temu +4

    sometimes i love to read the comments to these movie reviews before i watch the video just bc its always so fucking crazy im like whattttttttt bro i gotta watch that now and it hypes me up

  • Alex
    Alex 2 lat temu +5232

    That green screen quality at the beginning was still better than Neil Breen's entire collection of movies.

    • tedbundeeznuts
      tedbundeeznuts 5 miesięcy temu +1

      how dare you

    • Cherilyn's Arts
      Cherilyn's Arts 5 miesięcy temu

      Now that you mentioned this I wanna rewatch it again cause seeing those is making my brain explode

    • mm
      mm Rok temu +1

      Neil breen walked so Kurtis could run

    • 日没
      日没 2 lat temu

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    • Panda Gal
      Panda Gal 2 lat temu


  • John Neuman
    John Neuman 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I low-key want to see an entire movie with youtuber editing.

  • c2 Hits Buttons
    c2 Hits Buttons 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I really appreciate the impact Neil Breen has left on you. It's such a specific thing, seeming like him or his work.
    Anyway *[motion tweens away from several sizes of the same explosion] *

  • TangoAlphaRomeoDelta
    TangoAlphaRomeoDelta 5 miesięcy temu +6

    11:23 hang on hang on hang on, isn't it Duracell that has a bunny? That's what it is here in the UK. Duracell has a pink bunny mascot that runs about, and Energizer has an anthropomorphic battery guy.

    • Brooke .-.
      Brooke .-. 4 miesięcy temu

      I'm not exactly sure but yeah in America I think its Energizer- 😳😳

  • Skenderbeuismyhero
    Skenderbeuismyhero 5 miesięcy temu +4

    Just so you know, "hooking up" in 2004 was making out. Like how "talking" to someone meant you were literally talking to a person. Actually before my generation "hooking up" meant to meet up with someone and everyone knows that Canada is a decade behind the US so maybe that's what he meant.

  • Amsie02
    Amsie02 2 lat temu +2070

    Santa after his makeover just looks like Donald Trump

    • Ella Bob
      Ella Bob 21 dzień temu

      Kinda honestly way more attractive before

    • Scar Cat
      Scar Cat 25 dni temu +1

      Santa was hot to begin with idk where this “Santa isn’t bangable” narrative comes from

    • ᴄʜᴀʀʟɪᴇ
      ᴄʜᴀʀʟɪᴇ Miesiąc temu +1

      (I feel like I'm gonna get attacked but...)
      Santa to Satan

    • soft noob girl
      soft noob girl 2 miesięcy temu +1

      He does though

    • Andrew Ollmann
      Andrew Ollmann Rok temu +2

      His name is George Hamilton and I’m convinced that tan made him famous.

  • Raini2727
    Raini2727 4 miesięcy temu +1

    I am in TEARS from when they showed the convertible in the sky 😭😭

  • Ranking The Mouse
    Ranking The Mouse 9 miesięcy temu +7

    "Sinner? I hardly know her" is 100% Top 2 quotes of the entire year

  • Odessa H
    Odessa H 18 dni temu

    i love how he says you're dumb if you ever thought the energizer bunny was real but he believed in house hippos for literal years

  • Nayeli Rodriguez
    Nayeli Rodriguez Rok temu +25

    27:13 no but if my little sister did this I would literally die bc that’s so cute

  • IronicAppreciation
    IronicAppreciation 2 lat temu +6824

    “Hot republican senator Santa isn’t real, he can’t hurt you”
    Hot republican senator Santa:

    • Lord_Nitrous
      Lord_Nitrous 5 miesięcy temu

      He is an absolute SILF (S for senator)

    • pieck
      pieck Rok temu

      @Doogy Gergola ok but your pfp 😭

    • Juicy Satsuma
      Juicy Satsuma Rok temu +12

      Nmacdonald 15 How is that a good take? The question wasn't, can you laugh at a joke made about republicans? The question was, why is a conservative attracted to channel like Kurtis' when he stands for many things which conservatives are actively against and that is the basis for many of his jokes. Saying we should all be able to joke together totally glosses over the actual question that was asked. He also said, "I'm for equality, as in making fun of everyone equally" which is insightful as conservatives are not for equality in general. They are anti gay rights, anti women's rights, anti trans rights, pro Christian values despite a separation of church and state etc. Saying, hey let's take the piss out of everyone equally is not some woke take on politics.

    • Margaret Denny
      Margaret Denny Rok temu


    • AwolAce
      AwolAce Rok temu +3

      Archer 60x
      I respect that man

  • Dani T
    Dani T 4 miesięcy temu +2

    I relate to these movies. I too become a straight person when I'm around the brand of my family that watches Lifetime type movies /j

  • Kira Lonely
    Kira Lonely Miesiąc temu

    The dude yelling after his friends "YO DAWG, THIS ONE'S GOT KETCHUP" made me legit laugh out loud, how did I miss that in my first watch through of this movie-

  • OUCH_21
    OUCH_21 11 miesięcy temu +9

    The energizer bunny is a robot bunny with a drum and they use it to show how long their batteries last

  • Prof. Pete
    Prof. Pete 7 miesięcy temu +3

    "This one got ketchup!" I genuinely laughed at that