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I Somehow Got a World Record Speedrun

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  • Opublikowany 25 mar 2021
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    I've been watching videos about speedrunning for years but I've always been too intimidated to try it out...so I figured I would dive in and document my entire process to see if I can get a world record speedrun. Enjoy!
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    ► www.twitch.tv/kurtisconner
    check out SmallAnt:
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    thanks for watching!
    comment "epic wiener toss!" if ur reading this
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  • Kurtis Conner
    Kurtis Conner  Rok temu +13433

    ATTENTION NEW VIEWERS OF THIS VIDEO: as of May 6th, 2021; me record was beaten :( i knew it was only a matter of time but i'm gonna try to get it back!

    • Mr.Croedid
      Mr.Croedid 2 dni temu

      Words cannot describe the joy I fekt when Kurtis did the BLJ

    • Sadie McEntee
      Sadie McEntee 19 dni temu

      Did you get it back?

    • theshep
      theshep Miesiąc temu

      10:15 is gonna be pretty hard.

    • Toad Judges you
      Toad Judges you Miesiąc temu

      There are still three completely empty categories

    • Froqhrtz
      Froqhrtz Miesiąc temu

      One day before my birthday as well :(

  • Benny Andejetz
    Benny Andejetz Rok temu +3492

    Ah yes, Kurtis Conner and his childhood best friend Connor Kurtis.

    • Toyota Corolla
      Toyota Corolla 3 dni temu +1

      What about Curtis Konner?

    • Jay
      Jay 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Exactly what I was thinking 😭😭😭))

    • Dhowpdiebmsof
      Dhowpdiebmsof 2 miesięcy temu +14

      With his trusty dog Curtis Konner

    • Haleigh Turner
      Haleigh Turner Rok temu +10

      @Mixed Nuts SAME LMAOOO

    • Mixed Nuts
      Mixed Nuts Rok temu +137

      The level of ego I had to go to the comments not expecting this joke to already be made

  • Brandon Wells
    Brandon Wells 4 miesięcy temu +2121

    SmallAnt is 1000% the type of dude to talk to Kurtis and then secretly go and break his record without telling him

    • Ditzy Rose
      Ditzy Rose Miesiąc temu +47

      @Isaiah Romero That's because Kurtis already knows the secret first rule of speedrunning: Never tell another runner that you're trying to break a record.

    • Isaiah Romero
      Isaiah Romero Miesiąc temu +52

      Probably why Kurtis didn't tell him what game he was running LOL

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 3 miesięcy temu +105

      he's the sneakiest Canadian.

  • Gh0sty M0sty
    Gh0sty M0sty Miesiąc temu +224

    Normal Speedrunners: The #01 Time is stuck in my head until I beat it
    Kurtis: I forgor 💀

  • Caitlin Ross
    Caitlin Ross 3 miesięcy temu +747

    I am a woman and I feel it is time we come clean as to the worst golf game known to woman. It's golf. Just real golf. Seriously, who plays actual golf?

    • Laurajayne Nolan
      Laurajayne Nolan 5 dni temu

      I love golf 🥺 but I’m Scottish and it’s a really big thing over here so maybe that’s why.

    • The Dynast Queen
      The Dynast Queen Miesiąc temu

      @qw I played mini golf once and was banned from the course. Mini golf has got to go!

    • qw
      qw Miesiąc temu +1

      @bones nooooo even mini golf? Nooooooooooo

    • Ollie Ollie oxen free
      Ollie Ollie oxen free Miesiąc temu +9

      i’m a firm anti golfer. it reeks of classism. i will not expand on that

    • qw
      qw Miesiąc temu

      Now we know what women, men , and non-binary people hate. How about Furries? What do they hate?

  • Rick .2169
    Rick .2169 11 miesięcy temu +3887

    Kurtis- “everybody love gamon”
    Me for some reason-in head- “everybody loves gay men”

    • neothepenguin
      neothepenguin 28 dni temu

      I too love gay men!

    • Jaydyn
      Jaydyn Miesiąc temu +1

      I THOUGHT "everybody loves gaymond!" like hes a gay man named raymond ykyk💀

    • rockingreject
      rockingreject 2 miesięcy temu

      Thought the same thing

    • Cassandra
      Cassandra 2 miesięcy temu +2

      skdflksj i heard "everybody loves gaming"

    • The Immortal Sun-kun
      The Immortal Sun-kun 3 miesięcy temu

      We do!

  • Drew Gooden
    Drew Gooden Rok temu +31119

    Kurtis Conner? More like Epic Gamer 😈

  • Rocks101
    Rocks101 3 miesięcy temu +152

    God, the plot of this video really rocks my world, dude. Underdog protagonist who’s new to speedrunning and may be a bit rusty at first, but he has the heart, motivation and passion to improve. He has a history involving speedrunning, where he was overshadowed by the big leagues, humiliated by others via his own favourite game, as he was pulled into the harsh reality of speedrunning. But after being inspired by a master, he builds back his stolen confidence. He grinds, he pushes himself beyond his own limits. It’s giving me upbeat 80s montages, Footloose style. He’s doing chin ups, he’s doing finger ups (bc video games). But despite all his drive, he reaches the 3/4 mark, the lowest point in the story. He thinks he has failed. He thinks that all his work is for nothing. He’s tired, and defeated. His loved ones are telling him that he’s working himself too hard. But he’s not done yet. He remembers why he started in the first place. It’s not about winning, but the journey. With that in mind, he plays his very last run. The steaks are high. This is it. He’s playing like he’s never played before. But it’s all up to the last swing. It’s giving me Chicken Little in the baseball portion of the movie. Kurtis whispers “today is a new day”. In slow motion, he pushes the button right on time. And with that, he’s done it, he’s won. The virtual crowd goes wild (whenever they get around to watching the video) as they chant Kurtis’s name from their couches. His name is on the leaderboard. He won, not because of his will to win. He won because he changed his mindset. He stopped doing it for the leaderboards or the glory, but for himself, for his loved ones. Winning wasn’t the goal, it was improvement. And only then, did Kurtis truly win.
    There is character development, the 3/4 mark of supposed failure where all hope seems lost, there is a message about being driven by the journey rather than the glory, there is the triumphant ending, dude someone has to make a full length movie about this.

    • imogen be bored
      imogen be bored Miesiąc temu

      the steaks are high lol

    • sahil kainth
      sahil kainth 2 miesięcy temu

      This comment is art.

    • Emma
      Emma 2 miesięcy temu +2

      This comment is so underrated

  • Lina
    Lina 10 miesięcy temu +529

    If somebody told me that they could get through the water temple in 31 minutes no glitches in high school I’d be impressed

  • Chad Squared
    Chad Squared 6 miesięcy temu +315

    How has nobody commented about the chain smoker joke that was hilarious

  • Lisette García
    Lisette García 3 miesięcy temu +57

    Honestly, more impressive than the Speedrun was the pacing and editing of this video about a game that is by all accounts boring yet was made to feel enthralling here.

  • Lovely
    Lovely Rok temu +11358

    Kurtis is the most chill-angry person I have ever seen this man does not get rage

    • Sheen
      Sheen 13 dni temu

      @Mary B. bruh that was a year ago chill

    • Mary B.
      Mary B. 14 dni temu

      @Sheen you love the attention huh sheen , hope things are ok at home

    • Sheen
      Sheen 27 dni temu +1

      @Ryan Clark 😢

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark 28 dni temu

      @Sheen oh are we guessing at your race for no reason? My turn

    • Ulaş Aydın
      Ulaş Aydın Miesiąc temu

      you mean passive agressive?

  • Nick Wallace
    Nick Wallace 9 miesięcy temu +57

    Proud of you bud. Someone will beat your time, but you set out to do something, and you did it. Purely inspirational.

  • McKenzi
    McKenzi 3 miesięcy temu +29

    If this man can devote his sanity to a n64 golf game, I should do my homework. 😭

  • Ro Redmon
    Ro Redmon 3 miesięcy temu +41

    His smile when he gets the first Mario glitch to work is so sweet

  • Random name !!!
    Random name !!! 8 miesięcy temu +54

    Okay, my favorite part of the vid was that kurtis’ relationship with his dad was kinda the same as mine: Visits Every other weekend and gets an extremely cool console that he only uses when there and always uses when there. It’s not anything special but it’s just nice you know that he had the same experience. I just wanted to share that with you guys!

  • Agnes Barthel
    Agnes Barthel Rok temu +13219

    kurtis: "I've never been this angry"
    kurtis: *yelling in lowercase*

    • Crazy Noisy Weeb yt
      Crazy Noisy Weeb yt 3 miesięcy temu +1

      average Canadian

    • rivkacohen
      rivkacohen 3 miesięcy temu

      @Kerry Zentner on the inside, everything is still suffocating and painful. You’re still saying fk over and over in your head.

    • Maye hoffman
      Maye hoffman Rok temu +2

      Aw come on man :(

    • Tobias Amandy
      Tobias Amandy Rok temu +10

      Exactly!! I was more angry and stressed by just watching the video...

    • zynbw
      zynbw Rok temu +11

      definitely infj energy 😂

    DINODUCKLING 3 miesięcy temu +17

    I love how Conner talked for 10 minutes about how much he loves games

  • Mersephone
    Mersephone 2 miesięcy temu +17

    I know what the title said and I know you were foreshadowing the win that whole time, but I was still holding my breath dude. Maybe it was the music and the flashback clips but we were all cheering for you. Amazing video my guy.

  • Cat!
    Cat! 8 miesięcy temu +20

    That was seriously a fast backwards long jump, even top players don't get it that fast in their personal bests sometimes lol

  • savannaa . catt
    savannaa . catt 8 miesięcy temu +58

    Here are the ranks of anyone wants to see :)
    1st place: brocis420
    2nd place: FxTourmaline41
    3rd place: kurtisconnor
    4th place: HotTakesBySoph
    5th place: chickenboss36
    6th place: KurtisConnoristrash
    I love how this guy called “KurtisConnoristrash” is the lowest placed lol

  • C
    C Rok temu +8539

    This video is secretly just Kurtis giving us a tutorial on how to be a good father via anecdotal evidence.

  • have a nice day
    have a nice day 2 miesięcy temu +7

    men i was just smiling at the screen like an idiot when he was talking about the last run i just laughed when he did it, HE DID IT after all the effort he put on this, I felt so proud, it was really inspirational watching the whole journey, sharing the emotions with him in every progress, fail, and finally win, thank you so much kurtis this really gives me hope on life, just in the last chance you gave to yourself you did it, when you absolutely didn't give a fuck anymore so I am going to do since now, I'm going to spend the time I have to reach my goal, even if I feel like it isn't worth it anymore, I love your videos and how dedicated you are, so thanks, have a nice day ❤

  • Rachel Marie-Pfeifer
    Rachel Marie-Pfeifer 7 miesięcy temu +78

    Nah thats the thing about speedrunning is there is a category for everything and its kindof a meme for who has a record for the shittiest game they can think of. I really want to get on the leaderboard for Ratatouille for ps2. There's a fart button in the game. I think I love speedrunning so much because every speedrunning experience is someone squaring their circle.

  • Per0n14
    Per0n14 3 dni temu +1

    I think that it's incredibly sad that he went through all of this just to get his record broken by 3 people

  • Lauren
    Lauren Miesiąc temu +3

    i hardly ever like videos, but you definitely deserve this one lol. amazing dedication dude this was so awesome to watch! congratulations!!

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name Rok temu +4193

    Kurtis getting the world record on the last day, and thinking he didn't get the world record is like something STRAIGHT out of a movie.

    • Mangolorian
      Mangolorian Rok temu +3

      @Natalie Isabela half a Mille second

    • Kaunoe
      Kaunoe  Rok temu +6

      Fr tho. Memento mori 🖤🤍

    • Al the Alligator
      Al the Alligator Rok temu +23

      Also the fact that it was literally his last run, and he beat it by one second.

  • Gerald Adams
    Gerald Adams 29 dni temu +2

    I didn’t think i could love Kurtis even more. I was wrong.

  • will curley
    will curley 4 miesięcy temu +11

    I've come back to this video after a year and honestly its so fucking good? this was truly art. my favorite video of yours

  • Hans Moleman
    Hans Moleman 8 miesięcy temu +15

    _"I gotta chase this high..."_
    always ends well

  • That Random Channel
    That Random Channel 2 miesięcy temu +8


  • X.jenesis_
    X.jenesis_ Rok temu +5233

    Seeing Kurtis express his frustration by saying “cmon man” is so funny to me

    • Aunt bill
      Aunt bill 9 miesięcy temu +3

      "ah dang it."

    • Lara
      Lara Rok temu +8

      canadian type beat

    • Galileo DOS
      Galileo DOS Rok temu +9

      @gamaru yea same I would just run out of curses and curse because of that

    • Lovely Lavender
      Lovely Lavender Rok temu +47

      dude he literally sounds like he's doing one of his skits when he's angry

    • gamaru
      gamaru Rok temu +50

      right? i would have been cursing like a sailor

  • Kiwi The Parakeet Tiger!
    Kiwi The Parakeet Tiger! 17 dni temu +1

    21:21 the fact that kurtis was doing this for months, practicing for hours at a time, and this was the best metaphor he could think of…
    i’m so proud 🥲

  • Stacy H
    Stacy H 10 miesięcy temu +20

    I am truly impressed that that is “the angriest you’ve ever been”.
    I’ve gotten angrier when I played Candy Crush (which is one of the reasons I stay far away from almost every game).

  • Olivia
    Olivia 2 miesięcy temu +3

    You know, I've been wondering why I vibed more with Kurtis specifically over people like Danny and Drew and now it all makes sense: Sega Genesis and Divorce

  • Christopher MacQuarrie
    Christopher MacQuarrie 11 miesięcy temu +23

    Imagine how he's gunna react when he finds out he's in 6th now

  • Cynic Snacks
    Cynic Snacks Rok temu +5893

    I know I'm super late to this one, but holy shit this was such a great video. I was smiling like a dumbass throughout the entire thing.
    I really admire your dedication to achieving true excellence... at Waialae Country Club: True Golf Classics.
    This has actually inspired me to seek out a gaming world record for myself.

    • Vulnresati
      Vulnresati 2 dni temu

      HOLY CRUD you are SUPER LATE!! This is insane actually

    • PottyPotato
      PottyPotato 2 miesięcy temu

      "...achieving true excellence... at Waialae Country Club..." haha! this could be nothing but sarcasm, except from a true connoisseur of speed-running lore!

    • Kelpy Kelp
      Kelpy Kelp 3 miesięcy temu

      @ida bee James Marriott

    • Scarxiett
      Scarxiett 4 miesięcy temu +2

      im later

    • Rex
      Rex 5 miesięcy temu

      That’s the most sane comment on this video

  • Laurajayne Nolan
    Laurajayne Nolan 5 dni temu +1

    I love that this was him angry 😂 my ex dented his table and even hit it so hard it collapsed, he also broke a few keys. Literally never saw him angry apart from when he was playing games but he was a professional gamer so there was a lot riding on it.

  • kowan100
    kowan100 9 dni temu

    My blood was pumpin this whole video? So sick man. Proud of you! The reaction was the best part!! Make more content like this if possible hahaha. That’s so cool..

  • Drew Peisner
    Drew Peisner 10 miesięcy temu +10

    I love that “not winning something but having an emotional victory” is school-of-rock-ing it and not rocky-ing it

  • Fina Pimentel
    Fina Pimentel 4 miesięcy temu +7

    I'm OBSESSED with the way that as of Jan 8, 2022, the original person with the world record is back in first, even with several others playing as well (and Kurtis is still in 4th!)

  • jasonhorton
    jasonhorton Rok temu +18009

    Do I watch a Kurtis video first or a Danny video it’s the ultimate Sophie’s Choice

    • Tabitha Anne
      Tabitha Anne Rok temu +1

      Easy, watch a drew video

    • Chloe Jade
      Chloe Jade Rok temu

      @Lady D Danny Gonzales

    • jasonhorton
      jasonhorton Rok temu +1

      @Lady D Danny Gonzales 😎

    • Lady D
      Lady D Rok temu

      Who's Danny? This comment with over 17k likes makes me think perhaps it's a/they have a channel I should check out? I'm too lazy to dig thru 107 replies to see if this has been asked/answered already, sorry.

    • Chloe Jade
      Chloe Jade Rok temu


  • Violet Hogan
    Violet Hogan 4 dni temu

    the water temple was always my favourite temple, the stuff about it that people found so annoying was exactly what made it click so well in my brain, its always my favourite part of replaying the game. also morpha was my favourite boss, i loved that fight

  • Nathan Aguiar
    Nathan Aguiar 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I love that as of 5 months ago the guy who originally held the record before this vid has regained the world record. Absolutely majestic.

  • Svart pojkar har inte oikeuksia

    I was just watching this in the background while playing games when I realized that I have never seen anyone who doesn't like SmallAnt. Truly a great guy lol

  • CALcasts
    CALcasts Miesiąc temu +2

    Kurtis, you're now 4th in the leaderboard, blow off that cartridge and get back on top brother

  • yikes
    yikes Rok temu +16533

    number one victory royale, yeah kurtis we boutta get down (get down)

    • Jstarstudios
      Jstarstudios 5 miesięcy temu

      @malagrug I'd really love to, get an extra greeting, too

    • Connor Rodriguez
      Connor Rodriguez Rok temu

      im sorry but kurtis wouldnt approve

    • Océane Le Ny
      Océane Le Ny Rok temu

      Can someone tell me what this song is please?

  • Natalie Flores
    Natalie Flores 11 miesięcy temu +10

    I like how much we learned about you in this video Kurtis!

  • Kyndal DeBerry
    Kyndal DeBerry 6 miesięcy temu +5

    I have watched this video at least 10 times and the “Everybody loves gamin” joke makes me laugh out loud every time.

  • Gandalf The Grey
    Gandalf The Grey Miesiąc temu

    30:02 this was the most stressful and nerve-racking video of all time the way I held my breath--

  • Manson Bleach
    Manson Bleach 8 miesięcy temu +3

    Imagine in a few years someone randomly playing the swing calculation audio around Kurtis and triggering this part of his life

  • Anna Jackson
    Anna Jackson Rok temu +8419

    kurtis: “ladies what’s the worst golf game?”
    it’s just, actual golf, i felt like that was obvious

      REAL LARGE MAN THE GIANT ONE Miesiąc temu +1

      @Miriam Wheeler finally something I'm qualified to answer, the worst golf game is the mini golf course at the Camping Les Bö Bains campsite in Dordogne, France.

    • Keelin Macken
      Keelin Macken Miesiąc temu +1

      @Dave Be Bear there’s no joke in it dude, golf is just boring as fuck

    • ArtNerd37
      ArtNerd37 Rok temu

      Maybe because I am very much a dad friend but I love golfing and fishing it’s very fun

    • aurora m
      aurora m Rok temu

      @Shaggy golf is the life brand version of sports

    • I have no name
      I have no name Rok temu +4

      @Shaggy I'm not gonna sit here and say that fishing is fun but at least you get something out of it (food) and don't have to walk long distances after each shot 😶

  • Oracle of Cthul
    Oracle of Cthul 4 miesięcy temu +2

    As someone who recently got into speedrunning, i understand your pain

  • goldentapes - cozy coaster content

    amazingly entertaining and engaging story. thank you for this! and I just wanna say nothing will ever beat punching in your name on your first ever Zelda save file on ocarina of time. oh the memories with this game.

  • Thomas Miskell
    Thomas Miskell 7 miesięcy temu +11

    Update everyone. Brocis came back with a vengeance and is now sitting in 1st place with a 10:15 time. Kurtis is still on the podium in 3rd though.

  • Steven Gambrel
    Steven Gambrel 3 miesięcy temu

    I'm ten months behind in catching this video. I nearly wept for you when I opened up the current world record. Brocis420 crushed it.

  • kjell eriksen
    kjell eriksen Rok temu +2824

    Okay but unironically, this man pulled off an impressive speedrun. Like the game doesn't even matter, people speed run so many obscure games, but the fact he was literally doing runs to shave off mere seconds, and discovering techniques to do so, is insanely dedicated and this isn't some copout half-assed record, the mad man ACTUALLY did it

    • Magazine Kirby
      Magazine Kirby Rok temu +2

      You can’t knock the dedication

    • Bree
      Bree Rok temu +21

      Fr and on the very last run- that's so impressiveee

    • Juan Collazo
      Juan Collazo Rok temu +76

      And he got it in merely three weeks while still pumping out content on the side. What a mad man.

    • Skellie
      Skellie Rok temu +87

      It's genuinely super fucking impressive, not a lot of people can do what he did

  • dish dash ash
    dish dash ash 13 dni temu

    I feel like after this he could be really good at the arcade games where you have to stop it at the right moment

  • PottyPotato
    PottyPotato 2 miesięcy temu

    Wow! Kudos to Kurtis! This is incredibly engaging -- considering the subject matter, lol!

  • Olivia Bodily
    Olivia Bodily 4 miesięcy temu +1

    It took Kurtis about 8 minutes until he mentioned summoning salt, honestly a little later than I expected in a video about speed running.

  • Jupterinabottle . . .
    Jupterinabottle . . . 10 miesięcy temu +3

    Kurtis please know that we really appreciate the effort you put into this video! This is actually one of the coolest videos you've done, and it's awesome to see you as proud of yourself as we all are!

  • Kimberly Elliott
    Kimberly Elliott Rok temu +7706

    "I've never been so angry in my entire life."
    Kurtis' anger: "Ah dang it."

    • Chex The Royal Bastard
      Chex The Royal Bastard 5 miesięcy temu +9

      At first when I watched his skits when he was ‘angry’ I thought it was just a joke and then.. he got actually angry and it shows that he was actually a good actor

    • anyprimes?
      anyprimes? 6 miesięcy temu +3

      Yeah it kinda scared me

    • kenzye collins
      kenzye collins 10 miesięcy temu +4

      @abby mockensturm yes 100% lmfao

    • abby mockensturm
      abby mockensturm 10 miesięcy temu +7

      @kenzye collins well it’s a lot better than americans 🤣

    • Mangolorian
      Mangolorian Rok temu +96

      His anger surprised me I almost fell out my seat I’ve never seen him so mad

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper 2 miesięcy temu

    I’m genuinely upset that someone beat his speed run 😞

  • Astro_Redd
    Astro_Redd 6 miesięcy temu +3

    Your no longer the best cuz your records been beat twice :( but you'll always be the best in my heart kurtis :)

  • Nick Urbahn
    Nick Urbahn 10 miesięcy temu +2

    Watched almost every vid of yours in the last couple weeks and this is my favorite. Laughed and felt your pain. Congratulations on the record and top tier content

  • Ethan Zapach
    Ethan Zapach 6 miesięcy temu +4

    Your childhood gaming experience is the exact same as mine, I have an older sister and the timeline is dead on

  • Starsia Draws
    Starsia Draws Rok temu +8267

    Every single day Kurtis comes closer and closer to becoming a 70s dad. The mullet, the mustache, and now golf.

    • Ok
      Ok 6 miesięcy temu


    • Starry
      Starry 7 miesięcy temu

      He's missing the shorts

    • soggy toe
      soggy toe 8 miesięcy temu

      @m1lk_tea the gnarly gods have spoken
      This is your fate

    • m1lk_tea
      m1lk_tea 8 miesięcy temu +1

      @soggy toe I read this while he said gnarly wtf

  • AgentAsh003
    AgentAsh003 3 miesięcy temu

    Man I got a huge wave of nostalgia when you mentioned those websites and flash games. I've actually visited Newgrounds somewhat recently

  • Drayruns
    Drayruns 3 miesięcy temu +1

    one of my favourite things is seeing people get into speedrunning for the first time, im late but a banger video, enjoyed!

  • Emma Ellexson
    Emma Ellexson 10 miesięcy temu +3

    this is one of the best videos of yours ive ever watched. i was laughing out loud throughout the entire video

  • virekin0t
    virekin0t 4 miesięcy temu

    i'm actually so proud of him

  • Froge
    Froge Rok temu +5701

    Alternative title: Kurtis having a mental breakdown over antique golfing for 30 minutes

    • sleepygal
      sleepygal 5 miesięcy temu +1

      aka 30,240 minutes...

    • wolfee
      wolfee Rok temu +11

      aka 21 days...

    • Amalia R
      Amalia R Rok temu +58

      aka three weeks...

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun 3 miesięcy temu +1

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    For anyone curious Kurtis is currently in 4th place. 3rd being FunkyABBA at 11:27, 2nd is FxTourmaline41 at 10:39, and first being *insert long dramatic pause here* brocis420 at 10:15

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    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark 27 dni temu +1

      @noah hecker totally reasonable. I have to encourage you to keep trying though because it's my favorite game lol
      Where did you get stuck?

    • noah hecker
      noah hecker 27 dni temu +1

      @Ryan Clark no lmao. I really don’t game enough to have the patience for a game like that

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark 28 dni temu

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    I'm 35 now and sonic has changed a lot since then and not for the better!! 🤣🤣🙈
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    LIL NUG 2 miesięcy temu

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