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Pranking Your Girlfriend Every Single Day

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  • Opublikowany 5 wrz 2019
  • The only thing funnier than a prank is a prank every single day.
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    thanks for watching!
    comment "despicable weed” if ur reading this

Komentarze • 10 043

  • WhatOkay
    WhatOkay 2 lat temu +24102

    I love how kurtis looks at all his friends like he’s in love

  • Kiki Shiba
    Kiki Shiba Rok temu +10523

    Nate is the type of person who calls himself "super-straight".

    • spamton
      spamton 9 dni temu

      @Молодой w.. what’s happening.. oh no.. a random person put air quotes around my label.. NO.. NO!! ( begins fading ) HELP MEAARRRAAGHHHHRRGHB

    • GremlinWC
      GremlinWC 20 dni temu

      @dvalin on fm I said I've never dated anyone so idk what I want in a partner but I never said I wouldn't date trans guys

    • dvalin on fm
      dvalin on fm 20 dni temu

      @GremlinWC u said u wouldnt date a trans person what

    • GremlinWC
      GremlinWC 20 dni temu +2

      @dvalin on fm i didn't realise super x ment transphobic when I posted that, sorry

    • dvalin on fm
      dvalin on fm 20 dni temu

      @GremlinWC ew

  • C
    C Rok temu +3801

    The fact that blue and pink aren’t even opposite colors makes that scene even worse

    • Mox
      Mox 23 godzin temu

      @That One Guy you’re not being stupid homie, it’s all good. Literally, magenta is made up by our brains, and brains are weird as hell

    • VortexStar
      VortexStar Dzień temu

      @That one person coming back to this comment to say if it was a tint of red, then hot pink wouldn’t exist

    • AuraStome
      AuraStome Dzień temu

      Have they even looked at a color wheel

    • VortexStar
      VortexStar 23 dni temu

      @That One Guy pink is on the colour wheel

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely Miesiąc temu +1

      @CrazyCalypso They're not SUPER close, but they're close enough. Pink is just a tint of red, which means that really we're comparing red and blue, which are triadic usually with yellow as their last key point. Color harmony schemes have a few different shapes, but that's the only example I know of where just red and just blue are connected. Otherwise it'll be tertiary colors like red-orange and yellow-orange.

  • the mind palace
    the mind palace Rok temu +5959

    the way they made the "gender: nate" joke without being enbyphobic was 10/10

    • Helios
      Helios 20 dni temu

      @Dustin Allen ...I don't think I'm really in a position to say that, but like... you sound very pessimistic and depressed man
      which is understandable tbh, but this world is not entirely bad you know

    • Dustin Allen
      Dustin Allen 20 dni temu

      @Helios i used to, i don't anymore though nothing is funny when the world is this depressing

    • Helios
      Helios 21 dzień temu

      @Dustin Allen lmao I see that you have a great sense of humor.....

    • Dustin Allen
      Dustin Allen 21 dzień temu

      @Helios yes i'm ok, just tired of people bandwagoning hate on others based on jokes and picking and choosing which jokes are acceptable based on weather or not you like a person. gets real old for someone with a sense of humour.

    • Helios
      Helios 21 dzień temu

      @Dustin Allen bro are you okay

  • moonriver inc
    moonriver inc Rok temu +2355

    Now that they’re broke up I’ve been watching Karissa’s solo channel (Karissa Duncan) and I really like her. She very clearly regrets the relationship but doesn’t talk sh!t about Nate or anyone. She’s genuinely funny and very open about her mental health struggles. Highkey recommend subscribing.

    • moonriver inc
      moonriver inc 10 godzin temu

      @A Day Bakery literally all of these commentary youtubers are almost always sponsored lol wtf

    • A Day Bakery
      A Day Bakery 14 godzin temu

      Are you sure about that? Now she's dating her ex's friend. Seems desperate. Very disappointed and already unfollowed her. She also only posted on PLclip when she has sponsored. Seems forced to do the review.

    • Kmansnake14
      Kmansnake14 5 miesięcy temu +17

      @Obi Wan Kenobi That's that Morgz energy. I honestly feel bad for the girls that date these PLclip pranksters

    • moonriver inc
      moonriver inc 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @Molly Kircher np ☺️

    • Molly Kircher
      Molly Kircher 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @moonriver inc thank you!!!!! ❤

  • Sally L
    Sally L 2 lat temu +21652

    I absolutely LOVE when kurtis tells a joke and his friends laugh and then he laughs harder and he looks so happy with himself :)

    • Lilly D
      Lilly D 5 miesięcy temu +1


    • رزيئة
      رزيئة 5 miesięcy temu

      Friendship goals 🙌

    • brigit1222
      brigit1222 6 miesięcy temu

      @muzahid karim kazi cool letters

    • Rachel Lewis
      Rachel Lewis 8 miesięcy temu

      So straight his chin is a right triangle

  • dogfight
    dogfight Rok temu +8815

    the real prank is the “family friendly PG” in the description 😔🤚

  • Lydia B
    Lydia B Rok temu +4601

    So drugging your bf without consent in order to seduce him and filming it isnt illegal if its a "family friendly" youtube prank?

    • Ember
      Ember Miesiąc temu

      @• not used, it just turns a blind eye to whatever trash content gives them the most money. PLclip kids should not exist because children just watch whatever. It's super easy to manipulate

    • Tex
      Tex 3 miesięcy temu +6

      To be fair, there's no way that wasn't definitely scripted and agreed upon before they made the video. Does that excuse it, though? Still no.

    • Kmansnake14
      Kmansnake14 5 miesięcy temu +2

      @Omnical Cough Shane Dawson cough

    • Molly Kircher
      Molly Kircher 5 miesięcy temu +4

      Imagine the genders being reversed though.

    • Max_Punch
      Max_Punch 5 miesięcy temu +10

      @Abark he did a lot of trolling

  • Strawberrypup
    Strawberrypup Rok temu +3844

    The actual fear in the little brothers voice and his distraught face genuinely makes me sad, he sounds and looks terrified
    I hope he’s ok 😿‼️

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely 4 miesięcy temu +11

      As someone who was screamed at a lot and emotionally abused throughout my childhood, I, that reaction was too legit to be fake imo. It's too reminiscent of my own reactions and memories. Ugh.

    • R.J. Penfold
      R.J. Penfold 6 miesięcy temu +28

      I hope his dad disowned him and left everything in the will to Benji cuz that was too far

    • xWood4000
      xWood4000 7 miesięcy temu +15

      You can get PTSD from these things

    • Sukuna Ryomen
      Sukuna Ryomen 8 miesięcy temu +28

      @Daisy Dee i love the cat emojis they’re really cute :]

    • •
       9 miesięcy temu +7

      @Daisy Dee jc…

  • g4ys0n
    g4ys0n Rok temu +688

    Kurtis and Jacob together is probably my favorite duo. Their humor fits together so perfectly and they’re hilarious together. They laugh at each other’s half jokes, like “ Horny minon weed “

    • 《hot-cocoa-gacha》
      《hot-cocoa-gacha》 9 miesięcy temu +2

      Both are awesome

    • taepes
      taepes 9 miesięcy temu +2

      For me, it’s Cody and Noel

    • amelia c
      amelia c 11 miesięcy temu +10

      ive watched and rewatched all their vids they're too funny

  • ki
    ki 2 lat temu +21819

    them building off each other's jokes literally makes my day

  • AgereArtist
    AgereArtist Rok temu +2088

    Their worst prank is the one were he decided to fake his and her death on his mom. He poured fake blood all over HER house mind you and proceeded to act dead. And waited even after she started crying and called the police he waited and then went "Hey mother I'm alive btw you don't need to keep talking to the 911 operator." And starts laughing.

    • Lord_Nitrous
      Lord_Nitrous 9 miesięcy temu +25

      @G & A In no way defending Morgz, but at the very least his parents were in on the prank from the start. From op's description, it sounds like Nate's mom was legitimately made to think that he was dead.

    • •
       9 miesięcy temu +2

      She was probably in on it like most are, highly doubt they did that to their mom without telling them. They don’t have the guts to handle an angry mom lmao

    • Mo Nete
      Mo Nete 11 miesięcy temu +32

      @R.J. Penfold I wish I was joking, I came across few videos of people faking miscarriages as prank. Basically a bf would walk into his gf sitting on a toilet with her legs and crotch covered in fake blood. Somehow somewhere there is a "joke" there, I still can't find it...

    • AgereArtist
      AgereArtist 11 miesięcy temu +34

      Okay I think he deleted it because it was a really bad prank. Like brutal. But basically they bought a bunch of fake blood and then poured it on like stairs and stuff and them themselves and then would lay there. Until someone found them. And they hadn't told anyone (they did have a couple staged pranks but this didn't seem like one) because everyone would freak out and start crying, calling 911/other family members in a panic, etc. And after a couple minutes they'd go "Hey it's just a prank lol I'm not really dead".
      A lot of their older pranks were similar and very insane looking back it's honestly shocking they did all that.

    • AgereArtist
      AgereArtist 11 miesięcy temu +2

      @Mo Nete Yeah I'll look but I was horrified at the time because I didn't expect him to go that far.

  • Gtree43
    Gtree43 11 miesięcy temu +700

    Nate: "Strip for me!"
    Dad: *looks visibly disappointed and uncomfortable*

  • am 2005
    am 2005 Rok temu +238

    lmao it was so funny when the 15 year old boy was scared for his life because he thought his older brother would shoot him in the head. top tier content right there

    • Zenocryst
      Zenocryst 6 miesięcy temu +10

      for those who are stupid this comment isnt serious theyre being sarcastic

  • Robot Lorekeeper
    Robot Lorekeeper Rok temu +1170

    “Yeah man I was ANAB (Assigned Nate At Birth)”

    • Hat
      Hat 6 miesięcy temu

      A NAB

    • Pretzel Queen
      Pretzel Queen 8 miesięcy temu +59

      “fortunately I’ve found my true gender: Peter 😌 I feel so much more comfortable now”

    • trash
      trash 8 miesięcy temu +10

      @Sarah raquel Mourão sign the petition 😣

    • Sarah raquel Mourão
      Sarah raquel Mourão 9 miesięcy temu +102

      what a tragedy to be born ANAB

  • Bugaboo 253
    Bugaboo 253 2 lat temu +4655

    Get you a friend like Jacob, highkey. He laughs so hard at ANYTHING Kurtis says and honestly? Everyone deserves that kind of validation from a friend.

    • Phoenix Rose
      Phoenix Rose Dzień temu +1

      I’m that friend hat laughs at everything lol

    • moshy mooshroom 🍄
      moshy mooshroom 🍄 23 dni temu +8

      @Me Nate doesn’t deserve a friend like Jacob

    • ana Petry
      ana Petry Miesiąc temu +2

      This is me and my friend Bianca

    • Me
      Me 2 miesięcy temu +16

      I mean, jacob's a good friend but I don't think *everyone* deserves such a good friend. like... murderers probably don't deserve jacob.

    • MJ's ArtShow
      MJ's ArtShow 3 miesięcy temu +32

      My bestfriend and I can't look at each other without smiling

  • Aashita Pandey
    Aashita Pandey Rok temu +1661

    The drug dealer prank just did not sit well w me. Ik his family hates him.

    • •
       9 miesięcy temu +14

      would still prefer that over another “sexual assault to my gf” prank

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi 11 miesięcy temu +90

      The dad doesn’t even look scared. He just looks disappointed and angry.

    • IV
      IV 11 miesięcy temu +35

      Id honestly change my name if my family That stuff like that to me they'd be dead to me id want nothing to do with them And be far away from them as I can

    • I ate my cat
      I ate my cat Rok temu +156

      Yeah. They look so tired and sad

  • Eliza Bleu
    Eliza Bleu Rok temu +2074

    Already starting off with a huge red flag 🤦🏿🤦🏿

    • Capitan K750
      Capitan K750 10 miesięcy temu +25


    • Ash-
      Ash- 10 miesięcy temu +31


    • peachy moon
      peachy moon 11 miesięcy temu +17

      @Oh? I had to do it to ‘em, sorry 😎

    • Oh?
      Oh? 11 miesięcy temu +17

      @peachy moon NOOOOOOO

    • peachy moon
      peachy moon Rok temu +149

      *You know the rules, and so do I.*

  • ranboo_innit
    ranboo_innit 11 miesięcy temu +698

    The worst part about this, is that PLclip won't remove content like this, but they will remove things giving information about serial killers.

    • Dr. L.H.E
      Dr. L.H.E 5 miesięcy temu

      @Nekorina who's peluchin entertainment?

    • surprised tails !!!
      surprised tails !!! 5 miesięcy temu +1

      @Dr. L.H.E 9 year old me did

    • Sir Tooth
      Sir Tooth 5 miesięcy temu


    • Dr. L.H.E
      Dr. L.H.E 6 miesięcy temu

      @• who tf thought Jeff The Killer was real.

    • Dr. L.H.E
      Dr. L.H.E 6 miesięcy temu +1

      @Nekorina whos Peluchin Entertainment

  • Lily Ewing
    Lily Ewing Rok temu +299

    just because it’s two straight ppl doesn’t make it family friendly.

    • BMG Frosty!
      BMG Frosty! 4 miesięcy temu

      Who said it did though

    • BMG Frosty!
      BMG Frosty! 4 miesięcy temu +2

      @Patario pretty sure she isn't I think it was a friend and karrisa click baited and people ran with it.

    • Patario
      Patario 5 miesięcy temu +2

      Karissa is dating a girl now lol

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi Rok temu +30

      HELL, Because it's two straight ppl that immediately make it less family friendly, at least gay couples are wholesome and charmin'.

  • WaxyLT 2146
    WaxyLT 2146 Rok temu +3816

    Being mean to see how someone reacts is literally just bullying

    • Resinkris
      Resinkris 11 dni temu

      @𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊 💫

    • Lauri Frank
      Lauri Frank 16 dni temu +1

      @𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊 💫 I stole the quiet kid’s pen [ALMOST DIED HE SHOT UP THE SCHOOL OMG!!!!!!!!]

    • 𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊 💫
      𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖊 💫 23 dni temu +8

      I took the NERDS SANDWICH!!! (GONE WRONG!!!) 😰

    • ashtonisvibing
      ashtonisvibing Miesiąc temu +21

      @Dilf I stole some kid's lunch money!!! [GONE WRONG] [PRINCIPAL GOT INVOLVED🤯🤯🤯]

    • Dilf
      Dilf 8 miesięcy temu +39

      I stole some kids lunch money, let’s see what they do!

  • wiggle wiggle
    wiggle wiggle Rok temu +707

    this is why i don’t want kids, i couldn’t live with myself if i had a nate.

    • Nexus
      Nexus 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @GremlinWC Same

    • KinokoTommy🎗
      KinokoTommy🎗 6 miesięcy temu +1

      don’t name them nate then

    • Victor Obini
      Victor Obini 11 miesięcy temu +1


    • GremlinWC
      GremlinWC 11 miesięcy temu +16

      I have dozens of reasons I dont want kids but this is just another one

  • I Swear I'm Not a Furry

    FUN FACT they have broken up, Nate was ab*sive, and thankfully Karissa seems to have recovered from her depression and I’m 99% sure is dating a girl :)

    • The Queen Of Cringe
      The Queen Of Cringe 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Good for her.

    • your local jock named tyler
      your local jock named tyler 6 miesięcy temu +3

      @I Swear I'm Not a Furry nah its and thanks 😁

    • I Swear I'm Not a Furry
      I Swear I'm Not a Furry 6 miesięcy temu +4

      @your local jock named tyler ah sorry, i forgot about that 🥲 I probably should’ve just given the account name lol
      but thank you! Yours is amazing too lmao

    • your local jock named tyler
      your local jock named tyler 6 miesięcy temu +5

      @I Swear I'm Not a Furry ok, but like i took the craziest risk by clicking a random link on youtube lol glad it didn't take me somewhere else... nice pfp

  • Wren MacNeil
    Wren MacNeil Rok temu +338

    I love how she says "irresistible to deny me"
    wouldn't that mean that he can't resist denying her???

  • Caroline Page
    Caroline Page Rok temu +261

    Only youtube couples i approve of
    Kelsey and Cody
    Amanda and Drew
    Laura and Danny
    Kurtis and Jacob

    • taepes
      taepes 9 miesięcy temu +6

      @Caroline Page aleena is noels fiancée

    • Caroline Page
      Caroline Page 9 miesięcy temu +4

      @taepes i have no idea who aleana is helpp

    • qwertyu asdfghj
      qwertyu asdfghj 9 miesięcy temu +23

      Noel and Cody?

    • taepes
      taepes 9 miesięcy temu +23


  • Hannah Wren
    Hannah Wren Rok temu +11345

    The fact that Nate’s brother and dad were falling for the drug dealer prank tells you how highly they actually think of him.

    • Cameron Price
      Cameron Price 2 miesięcy temu

      I literally thought that right away

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water 3 miesięcy temu +11

      @Olivia Very true. I wound just act like it's real even if I had a suspicion that it isn't. Because worst case scenario, you get fucking shot.

    • Olivia
      Olivia 3 miesięcy temu +10

      @Lemony Water also like theres plenty of shit where something is clearly staged in retrospect but in the moment, especially when you have a /gun/ pointed at you, you're not just gonna go "lol fake".

    • Undesirable Rainbow
      Undesirable Rainbow 4 miesięcy temu +19

      @astoiv yeah but you can see that his brother was genuinely terrified. He probably looked up to his brother and was crushed to 1 see his brother doing this stuff and 2 that he would threaten his own families life for it. Truly heart breaking and a poor prank to do on family

  • Cameron
    Cameron 11 miesięcy temu +222

    The drug dealer one went wayyy overboard. His little brother was on the verge of tears, possibly even crying. Then they have the NERVE to call him a crybaby, what else would you do if you found out your sibling is dealing drugs?! ESPECIALLY when you hold him hostage and point a "gun" at him. Worst prank ANYONE could pull.

  • heyitsgerms
    heyitsgerms Rok temu +592

    cheating prank: set up a camera so when your s/o finds out you can pull out the camera and say "haha just kidding babe it was a prank!" and then you walk over to another camera that was filming the first camera and say "just kidding, actually, THAT was a prank and i actually was cheating on you. i filmed it all on this camera." and then you have a double whammy double epic prank that won't backfire on you ever

    • Mountain Dew Baja Blast
      Mountain Dew Baja Blast 8 miesięcy temu +14

      cheating prank where I film my gf and I playing a board game and I try to do something that goes against the game's rules

    • LVBBoi
      LVBBoi 11 miesięcy temu +14


    • bi panicking frog
      bi panicking frog Rok temu +13


  • Anonymous [26490]
    Anonymous [26490] Rok temu +357

    why is he giddy about being mean to his girlfriend...

  • Chance Will
    Chance Will 11 miesięcy temu +70

    The drug dealer prank was just plain cruel. His poor little brother was legitimately scared

  • Analice VB
    Analice VB 2 lat temu +16331

    It's so cute how Kurtis gets nervous doing his intro when there's a guest

    • Pink & Blue
      Pink & Blue Rok temu

      Kurtis simps exist now

    • NeighNeighTheCamel
      NeighNeighTheCamel Rok temu

      @Bean Depends on how you use it. Did you mean gay as in good or bad.

    • Bean
      Bean Rok temu

      @NeighNeighTheCamel damn so the word gay is homophobic? That’s wild

    • NeighNeighTheCamel
      NeighNeighTheCamel Rok temu

      @Bean Unless when you said gay you meant fabulous?

    • NeighNeighTheCamel
      NeighNeighTheCamel Rok temu +1

      @Bean A homophobic word and we don't do that here

  • Stale Bread
    Stale Bread Rok temu +251

    “Cute opposite colors, I wear blue you wear pink!!”
    But like pink isn’t even the opposite color of blue? It would be orange lmao unless he’s only talking about the colors arbitrarily assigned to specific genders

    • The Queen Of Cringe
      The Queen Of Cringe 2 miesięcy temu +3

      I get the feeling that he’s only talking about the colors arbitrarily assigned to specific genders.

  • Kelsy Nicole
    Kelsy Nicole Rok temu +426

    My ex used to play “pranks” on me all the time bc he thought it was funny, he didn’t even film them for clout. There is a reason he’s an ex 😂

    • •
       9 miesięcy temu +7

      Depends if someone is just getting mad at their water being replaced with Sprite or some weak shit like that lmao

    • kris
      kris 11 miesięcy temu +21

      Now go to where he lives, say you just wanna talk, and pour salt in his drink.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi Rok temu +57

      I’m just glad you broke up with him, these type of men probably misinterpret abuse as funny pranks.

  • Kael
    Kael 8 miesięcy temu +15

    Oh so that's what my ex was doing, the 'being abusive to my partner' prank! Every day!

  • orchidspond
    orchidspond 8 miesięcy temu +47

    Seeing this and seeing karissa getting OUT of that shit makes me so happy. I feel like either in videos where she was genuinely getting pranked she looked so distressed and in the videos where she's clearly acting she looks like she feels miserable. I'm subscribed to her personal channel and honestly she seems so much healthier and happier and I appreciate that so much

  • vee
    vee Rok temu +2953

    nate’s brother looked genuinely terrified, i feel bad

    • Simply Bananas
      Simply Bananas 11 dni temu +2

      Reminds me of the Sam Pepper kidnapping prank.

    • Savannah Tuttle
      Savannah Tuttle 23 dni temu +5

      And nothing lightens the mood like throwing money on him and telling him to strip afterwards

    • Lil Sharty09
      Lil Sharty09 Rok temu +3

      @Nadia People named Nate: *This is an Avengers Level Threat..!*

    • Willow Wickertop
      Willow Wickertop Rok temu +54

      @Gabo Wabo “While further studies have disproved the theories of a alpha-beta hierarchy of males in wolf packs, there have been rare cases where an individual has been observed exhibiting behavior that could be confused for an “alpha male” but upon closer examination it was discovered that they weren’t male at all but in fact a rare gender referred to as “Nate”. You can identify a Nate by the performative submission of the rest of the pack. When they are separated, the majority of the pack seems to be happier and more productive than they are with the additional Nate and were clearly only submitting because they know the Nate will throw a fit and blow things out of proportion if his ego is threatened.” - National Geographic (2017)

    • Gabo Wabo
      Gabo Wabo Rok temu +72

      Y'know, hes just intimidated by the pure fact that he's a nate.
      It's sexism, if you ask me.

  • Sarah Sutherland
    Sarah Sutherland Rok temu +98

    If you go to exactly 14:19 and look at his brothers expression, you can see exactly what growing up with that dude was like. Thats not an angry expression, its not embarrassed or annoyed, that is a person who is so, _so_very worn down and tired after endless pranks

  • Oh my Goodness
    Oh my Goodness Rok temu +179

    When the vines started playing I went “whoever is singing sounds a lot like Kurtis” and then I realized 😐

    • Obi Wan Kenobi
      Obi Wan Kenobi 11 miesięcy temu


    • LVBBoi
      LVBBoi 11 miesięcy temu +2

      Bruh I hadn't realized it until you pointed it out

  • Shayla Ballard
    Shayla Ballard 7 miesięcy temu +9

    Every so often, I'll come back and watch this video "sequence" of Kurtis and Jacob dunking on horrible PLclip couples.
    And by every so often, I mean at least every other week.

    • Shayla Ballard
      Shayla Ballard Miesiąc temu

      Folks, half a year later, and this tradition is still going strong.

  • Rouske Stellin
    Rouske Stellin Rok temu +168

    Any time I watch a video with Jacob in I just hear his voice saying ‘I can feel my cancer getting worse’ from the Sebastian Balls video

    • Iañ C
      Iañ C 9 miesięcy temu +13


  • Kayla Erickson
    Kayla Erickson Rok temu +4413

    My favorite part of the drug dealer prank is him repeatedly asking, “Why didn’t you knock??” And the brother just being so confused saying, “We did knock 😰”

    • The Immortal Sun-kun
      The Immortal Sun-kun Miesiąc temu +3

      Poor kid :(

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely 2 miesięcy temu +11

      @pvic This. If all parties don't laugh at a prank, it's a failed prank, imo. It's why I hate modern, er, whatever they are, that they like to label as pranks. Assault or harassment is usually more fitting imo, but idk.

    • pvic
      pvic 3 miesięcy temu +30

      @Kayla Erickson when i prank my sister, it goes on for 4 seconds until i start laughing and then she starts laughing. the only good prank is with all parties can laugh together

    • Morgan Grainger
      Morgan Grainger Rok temu +62

      my fav part was how, as soon as he got to the door, he ushered them inside because thats where the cameras are. you cant get Spicy PLclip Prank Content if their reactions cant be recorded ;/ i would expect you'd want to keep the drug dealing thing a secret, rather than keeping your family hostage and explaining your evil deeds to them like heinz doofenshmirtz

    • Kayla Erickson
      Kayla Erickson Rok temu +177

      @Good Dog I didn't mean to sound like I thought it was funny, it's just ridiculous that he took it so far to the point where he scared his brother. Like wow this guy doesn't know when to stop.

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    • meatiest
      meatiest 10 godzin temu

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    • AuraStome
      AuraStome Dzień temu +1

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      garlic bread Miesiąc temu

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      Thalyz Asotus 2 miesięcy temu +1

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    My fucken heart man 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    • Anti-Theistocles
      Anti-Theistocles 2 dni temu

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    • Aven
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      She broke up with him and I think she has a girlfriend now

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    I didn't.
    Awesome video, I want more of your collaboration 😂

    • LeoUltima Upgraded
      LeoUltima Upgraded 27 dni temu

      They have a lot more videos with the both of them, I think Jacob posted one with him and Curtis on his channel somewhat recently too

  • butterycrispy
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    • Hat
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    • pvic
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      Ok but srsly tho, wtf

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    • Livin' Large with LCruu
      Livin' Large with LCruu 2 miesięcy temu

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    Lol, I can’t explain why he’s right, but he totally is….

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    My last two braincells: 12:43

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    Kurtis w friends: GIGGLES, cannot keeps a straight face, seeks validation, looks extra sõft

    • UnLacedShoe
      UnLacedShoe 2 lat temu

      Extra soft child

    • V
      V 2 lat temu +10

      @Lucia Patterson I don't know why people are calling this creepy xD I'm highly critical of fans and them overstepping, but this just felt like an observation, his behavior is noticeably different around his friends, I'd say not picking up on that would be obtuse. Okay the 'soft' thing is a bit odd, but people use that word a lot, it may not mean anything strange. I wish people were this critical of actually creepy and over stepping behavior from fans (of any person).

    • k.c
      k.c 2 lat temu +2

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      i like arts and farts 2 lat temu +3

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  • Kas
    Kas 11 miesięcy temu +45

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  • ✨Evie✨
    ✨Evie✨ 5 miesięcy temu +4

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  • Madeleine Davis
    Madeleine Davis Rok temu +3

    Yes this is what we need a PLclip channel that is Alabama “family friendly” and teaches their 10 year old audience that drug-dealing, seducing people, and things like losing your memory are hilarious and are fantastic pranks! The most awful thing of this all is that I guarantee about half of these are staged and you know some 8 year old is gonna be like “time to prank my parents and make them think I lost my memory and have to go to the hospital”

  • Emil
    Emil 9 miesięcy temu +14

    Why does it looks so adorable when they do the same things--?
    I mean...

  • ThankYouLovely
    ThankYouLovely Rok temu +7275

    As a trans guy I usually get uncomfortable when cis guys make gender jokes, but Kurtis and Jacob get passes they're fucking hilarious (and respectful)

    • P0pR0x
      P0pR0x Miesiąc temu +1

      as a trans guy as well, this made me laugh so much. i love how he said 'third gender' instead of an EXTRA gender, yk? but yea! when they do it, its funny lmaO

    • P0pR0x
      P0pR0x Miesiąc temu +2

      as a trans guy as well, this made me laugh so much. i love how he said 'third gender' instead of an EXTRA gender, yk? but yea! when they do it, its funny lmaO

    • ⠀
       2 miesięcy temu +1

      @AlightsineAce hey buddy, trans man here too, just wanted to say that it is; boys born female and girls born male (because that would imply that a cis person is trans))

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely 2 miesięcy temu

      I've found a good few cis allies make some great gender-based jokes or even jokes specific to trans stuff, and the main difference is they aren't punching down. They punch up to the oppressors or stereotypes or make jokes relating to being trans that don't paint the trans people as the villain.
      This is also how proper rape jokes are done. They punch up, to the oppressors, in this case, the rapist or the concept of rape as a whole. There are good rape jokes out there, but the reason rape jokes are seen as bad is because many aren't well done as they punch down, to those being oppressed or victimized, in this case the people who are victims of SA or rape.
      A good trans man joke I heard a cis guy say in a comedy performance when he was commenting on the Dave Chapelle thing, he said "it's easy to make jokes about trans people that aren't offensive. So I wrote one." Paraphrasing. "I'm really jealous of trans men, I really am...They're fully men, and they get to have cute feet." Like, the way he told the joke was good, the inflections and pauses, and the tension of the talk about transphobia is released with this joke that's not the funniest in the world, but good-intentioned with a hint of misdirection that aids in the surprise of the joke. It's not particularly offensive, it's just a (slightly shitty) joke. Like, as a trans man, it made me give out a surprised "ha!" wheeze noise, lol. It was good.
      We see the same issues with white folks making jokes about race. It's often hard due to lack of experience of visibly seeing oppression, but there are good jokes relating to race out there by white people. It's just a matter of not using the joke as an excuse to put down a group of people.
      Rn we see a lot of shitty "jokes", even the well-intentioned ones, due to a lack of awareness of the intricacies of trans issues. Some are just bigotry with the label of "joke" smacked over it to try and mask it, and some are just people who are getting into concepts and general shit that's a bit over their head in terms of knowing what to say and what not to say.
      It sucks that it's so rare to see cis people respectful of shit like this and well enough immersed in these subjects to have a general idea of what's okay to joke about without being cruel, but there's nothing that me talking about it will do to help that issue tbh. Either way, Kurtis chugs his respect juice 3 times a day, and we love him for it. Also we love him because we have to be nice to him. It's the law.

    • The Queen Of Cringe
      The Queen Of Cringe 2 miesięcy temu +1

      The way they joke about gender sparks joy. Like, as someone who is 1/3 nb, I find the way Kurtis and Jacob joke about gender to actually be funny. Because they’re not making fun of gender identities that don’t fall within the binary. They’re not making jokes about an entire community that’s underrepresented. They’re not saying that there’s only 2 genders, and they’re not mocking gender struggles. For me, it’s validating in a way. And it’s a very welcome change from the usual “jokes” about gender identities and struggles.

  • greg
    greg 6 miesięcy temu +1

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    • Cow
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      @Mr Ghost don’t you mean pre smartphone era? Post means after, pre means before

    • •
       9 miesięcy temu +2

      Which happens to also be The only time that face isn’t cringe

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  • Emily Ellis
    Emily Ellis 11 miesięcy temu +34

    hey not to be like picky or anything but it would really help if you added captions to your vids i’d love to watch them I read transcripts of your podcast and stand up bits you’re a really funny comedian :)

    • Emily Ellis
      Emily Ellis 9 miesięcy temu +1

      @mariam so youtube auto captions pretty well but with some creators their voice and speed doesn’t really work with the auto captioning system so creators can hire someone or do it themselves and create accurate captions for those who need them

    • Emily Ellis
      Emily Ellis 9 miesięcy temu +1

      @George Smith thank you for explaining lol

    • mariam
      mariam 10 miesięcy temu +1

      @George Smith oh, i understand now

    • George Smith
      George Smith 10 miesięcy temu

      @mariam they're not always accurate, unfortunately

    • mariam
      mariam 10 miesięcy temu

      what about putting on the youtube captions??

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