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Teaching Gamers About God

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  • Opublikowany 10 lut 2021
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    This week, we take a look at a content creator named Dr. Witnesser; who "brings the gospel to gamers". He was banned from Twitch recently for a pretty gnarly reason, so come along as we take a closer look at what exactly happened.
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Komentarze • 32 819

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H Rok temu +11838

    The most religious thing about him is that he’s a middle aged man looking for teen boys on the internet.

    • Plantern 45
      Plantern 45 3 dni temu

      bruh the only thing that burns more than your comment is hell

    • Karasu
      Karasu 6 dni temu

      Oh God Noo

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu

      😶 This sent me

    • Skoopy Elias
      Skoopy Elias 9 dni temu

      that's obviously not what he's doing

  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones 3 miesięcy temu +2603

    The "Donate to go to Heaven" thing is perfect, historically speaking.

  • Charlie Gehrig
    Charlie Gehrig 3 miesięcy temu +3014

    I remember how terrified I was of god as a kid when I was in a christian kindergarten cause I suffer from intrusive thoughts and they said god knows what you're thinking so I thought I was going to hell for the thoughts I couldn't control

    • Patty Krabbies
      Patty Krabbies 3 dni temu

      Shit this happened to me too 😶

    • dearddeonu
      dearddeonu 4 dni temu

      BYE BC I HAD THIS EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. christian elementary school should never be a thing bc i was way too young and impressionable to be fed such bullshit ideas. the way that if i didn’t have internet access i think i really would’ve ended up being raycist bc it was SO FUCKING NORMALIZED and even encouraged it was so fucked up

    • you're lazy neighbor ツ
      you're lazy neighbor ツ 4 dni temu

      Same here dude and it's been 3 years and my parents doesn't know that I never told them so I have to suffer with this shit forever until I die so. Dude I'm proud of you for comming this far bless ya

    • Jennifer Sunny
      Jennifer Sunny 5 dni temu

      i cant believe people can do this. its evil

    • AbdOlPix
      AbdOlPix 6 dni temu

      @Karasu Well, of course you must be sincere in your prayers; otherwise what's the point of prayers? If god exists, then you can't fool him. He knows what is going on in your head. He is omniscience.
      Now about fear: I don't think the idea of fearing the god is innately bad. If god is really omnipotent, then it is natural for people to fear him. Just this morning i ran a red light and i was fined 100$. If the government didn't fine people for doing crimes, people would do crimes left and right. The same way if the god didn't create hell, people would sin left and right. Your fear of god is supposed to prevent you from doing sins. If you still sin, then you probably don't believe in god and hell.
      I don't think you would go to hell. From what i've read from your comments, your greatest sin was profanity. Now, _i_ think if you really love god and not because you would go to hell or face other consequences, you would quit cursing. That's not a lot to ask. Quiting cursing is not really going to prevent you from enjoying life. If you really love god, this should not be such a big issue that would make you lose your faith.
      A lot of people comment on how much they are scared of going to hell because they sin. Look, we're humans. We all sin. The god is not going to take you to the hell for doing lesser sins. If that's the case, then all humans, even Jesus Christ, will go to hell. Doing sins is inevitable. What you are supposed to do is _trying_ not to do them.

  • Lavender Prince
    Lavender Prince 2 miesięcy temu +779

    im so sorry, "You might want to call god to resurrect your ass" Is the funniest thing ive seen.

    • God The Father
      God The Father Dzień temu

      @nthoni א he was babyraging

    • nthoni א
      nthoni א 29 dni temu +16

      Even funnier is how fast he responded to "u suk" with "your death won't be very pleasant." he was, as they say, mad bro,

    • Maniac Ninja
      Maniac Ninja Miesiąc temu +24

      “That’s not funny” “if you don’t turn from your wicked ways and repent and trust in Jesus your gonna die and burn in hell!“

    • Alaska Bane
      Alaska Bane Miesiąc temu +27

      god I sometimes love the gamer community.

  • Christian Allinson Fischer
    Christian Allinson Fischer 3 miesięcy temu +3004

    “I have come to realize that gaming is hedonistic and a distraction from my religion. So now I play games to PROMOTE my religion.”
    That’s like saying “I used to smoke crack because I loved getting high. But now I smoke crack so that I can preach to crackheads.”

    • Tavares, the Idiot
      Tavares, the Idiot 24 dni temu +1

      His enemy would be the guy who stopped doing crack for good,
      and now does it for evil.

    • Starwinks back From the sky pitch black
      Starwinks back From the sky pitch black 26 dni temu +1

      @chloe roose um... you know Science? It’s the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.

    • chloe roose
      chloe roose 26 dni temu

      @Starwinks back From the sky pitch black lol what science

    • That One Kid
      That One Kid Miesiąc temu +1

      heyo, tst. unrelated, but keep winning. hopeful for our new legal venture.

  • Kati e
    Kati e 5 miesięcy temu +10282

    The kid who realized who the guy was and immediately went “oh my GOD, what the HELL?” Is a legend.

  • Lukus Harris
    Lukus Harris 3 miesięcy temu +4489

    as a christian, this is genuinely sad to see how people thinking they’re spreading the gospel are spreading hate and gonna turn people away from christianity forever

    • Finch fungus
      Finch fungus 7 dni temu

      Literally this! Jesus came to care for us and save us from sin, not tell us that we’re going to hell to burn if we sin.

    • Dude
      Dude 8 dni temu

      Yeah same here

    • Human_Shovel
      Human_Shovel 17 dni temu

      Ya it’s bad- I honestly don’t mind some Christians at all, I’ve had some really cool conversations about religion and stuff and I find religion in general really interesting! But I don’t really like it when they tell me to burn in hell for being queer, that really hurts honestly. (Lol after being threatened with hell one-too-many-times you start making fun of Christians every now and then.) But most of you guys are cool! There’s just certain people that don’t know when to chill.

    • Timothy G.
      Timothy G. 20 dni temu

      Honestly what even makes him Christian because Christianity isn’t a label where you can use as excuse to be inflammatory and hateful, it’s about loving Jesus and striving to be Christ like. It’s about relationship with God not religion as a scapegoat for being rude. I know many Christian gamers and they don’t even curse.. including myself but I was convicted on it by the Holy Spirit , so I don’t play much anymore at all. But when I do play I don’t even spread the gospel personally but if I would it wouldn’t be in a forceful way..

    • Council of Dunces Podcast
      Council of Dunces Podcast 21 dzień temu

      I completely agree man

  • Isabelle Tepe
    Isabelle Tepe 3 miesięcy temu +2279

    jesus. was. JEWISH. does this guy not understand that when jesus was around, christianity DIDN'T EXIST??

    • HZR
      HZR 24 minut temu

      @Puma b r u h im 13 and btw im muslim xd

    • Puma
      Puma 2 godzin temu +1

      @HZR my brother in christ you arent even old enough to be on every site on the internet

    • DeathnoteBB
      DeathnoteBB 3 dni temu

      @Олег Пулемётное Туловище How tf did Christianity exist before Christ died

    • Amanda Mareya
      Amanda Mareya 7 dni temu

      @Zoya Dulzura jesus was born around october. chrismas was originally a pagen holiday

    • Harry Derosnec
      Harry Derosnec 9 dni temu

      @Strider kovacs I'm referring to Ro Ems, the person you originally replied to about using the word "cult"

  • ItsRabbet
    ItsRabbet 3 miesięcy temu +976

    I used to have a friend who every time someone swore around him he'd just get all huffy and say "language" and eventually everyone was just like "dude, holy shit, God's not gonna send you to hell for hearing us say the funny fuck word, please stop". The super devoted Christians are fucking wild

    • Big Dog
      Big Dog 5 dni temu

      I can relate. Takes me back. This extreme preacher man reminds me of a very pious dude who was in my high school friend group.
      Literally, anytime we would say "what the hell?", "fuckin hell", "goddamn", "dammit", "holy shit", "my god", "good lord", basically any exclamation, this dude would constantly halt any conversation by saying verbatim "Do not incur God's wrath." Every. Time. Even when we were not talking to him, if he was in the vicinity, he would always ruin the interaction. The mood would instantly die. It was always a pain in the dick trying to pacify him.
      Haven't seen or talked to him in years. Perhaps it's for the best.

    • molly
      molly 7 dni temu

      @Oxidator how can you watch kurtis' video and still feel okay forcing your beliefs and opinions on other people? you literally missed the point

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu +2

      @Oxidator Then get a grip. You can’t control what someone wants to say, only the power those words have over you.

    • Oxidator
      Oxidator 9 dni temu +1

      I understand him. He's just like me lol. I'm also used to going nuclear when someone cusses.

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 28 dni temu +1

      I must regret to inform you that I used to be like that

  • wh
    wh 3 miesięcy temu +473

    I will never not smile when kurtis says something wrong and goes "Huh???"
    every time man, "surface leather, 🤨HUH???"

    • trickylover4ever
      trickylover4ever 6 dni temu

      @blue soinc

    • cheesy gubbins
      cheesy gubbins 29 dni temu +10

      or the sped up "EWW" from brats or "balls" from barbie with reverb

    • Abby Dean
      Abby Dean Miesiąc temu +3

      makes me lose my shit every single time 😭😭

    • blue
      blue 2 miesięcy temu +3


  • Kat Blaque
    Kat Blaque Rok temu +16269

    He's a born again Christian. They're usually like this. Incredibly preachy and super pushy.

    • Alexa Mojo
      Alexa Mojo 8 dni temu

      @Taylor Jasien there are people who are born and raised Christian, but have a mild connection to the religion. I didn't have to be born again because I went though almost all sacrileges and count as Christian and there are a lot of people who live and are raised like that (especially in dominantly christian countries). Born again is more a referal for people who change everything in adulthood or late teenage years to fit the image and rule of the bible and "find faith in Christ". It's not about "fuck christians", it's about fuck extremists. You can live your faith or non-faith in the way you want without pushing other people under threat towards something. That's not all Christians but some are extremists and those are just a bad image and nuisance for everyone - if Christian or not. And the phenomenon that born-again-christians tend to be over the top and try to convert a lot of poeple without any regards is sadly true. Again, not all of them but a big chunk.

    • hueube
      hueube 9 dni temu

      ur in the comments of all of the videos i watch and we share a name, therefore you're amazing

    • Francesco Maras
      Francesco Maras 12 dni temu

      My brother in Christ, a synonym of priest is preacher

    • carrie
      carrie 11 miesięcy temu +1

      @BaristaZ YES, you are my people. I thought I was alone in thinking this way.

    • Venus O
      Venus O 11 miesięcy temu

      @Micah Maximoff There is no way to know for absolute certainty, but don't let that keep you from experiencing your beliefs to the fullest. Believe in what brings you bliss, that's all that matters anyways! I'm sure you already know that but I thought I would remind you, much love 💕

  • addicted
    addicted 3 miesięcy temu +1071

    I'm a genderfluid asexual and I'm Christian, I am very open-minded and try to show my love to other. The racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc in my community is so horrible. I'm sorry to those who have been hurt by people like these as I have as well, have a good day. ❤️

    • addicted
      addicted 22 dni temu

      @Froggy Child98 great to hear 👏 you too!!

    • Froggy Child98
      Froggy Child98 22 dni temu +1

      I’m and agender aroace Christian! I always love seeing others. I hope you have a great day :))

    • addicted
      addicted 24 dni temu

      @Z Lis Thank you, I'm trying to educate myself and I have a lot more to learn but MY ideology isn't hateful. (I say that because my way of thinking is different than yours and others) I am not really part of the hateful community and my beliefs are anything but hateful. I am not brainwashed but it's simply what I believe, I believe it through personal experience, science, and books. Say what you will and let life lead me on, but saying things like that will not change my mind nor make me rethink my faith I'm sorry. I hope you have a great day!

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 28 dni temu +1

      Fellow enby pan Christian here!

  • SunnySunSunny
    SunnySunSunny Miesiąc temu +182

    Fun fact: the Bible was incorrectly translated (purposefully) to say a man shall not lay with another man. It was originally a man shall not lay with a young boy. Just saying…. God… did not say thattttttt b r u h

    • Ariana M
      Ariana M 6 dni temu +4

      @Harry Derosnec from my personal beliefs, I think that all the 'rules' aren't requirements, but basic suggestions on how to live a good, fulfilled, less troublesome life - like don't be jealous of your neighbor, don't harm others, don't let money compromise you morally, get advice, admit when youre wrong, learn from your mistakes and be a better person than you were yesterday. Hell is not a fire and brimstone oven but a (figurative) place where you aren't connected with God (ie when you're an amoral awful devoid person).

    • skullchimes
      skullchimes 6 dni temu +8

      @Golden nuggets 1534: Martin Luther’s original German translation includes ‘knabenschander,’ which means boy m-lester.
      1800s: A German Bible reads, “Man shall not lie with young boys as he does with a woman, for it is an abomination,” (Leviticus 18-22) and reads, “Boy m-lesters will not inherit the kingdom of God,” (1 Corinthians).

    • Harry Derosnec
      Harry Derosnec 9 dni temu +11

      I don't think this dude cares about what the actual Bible says given his obsession with Hell and the things that send you there. Like, I don't think there's a single part in the bible where God goes "hey guys, just so you know here's the entry requirements for heaven kthanksbye!". Even the commandments are just rules, it's not clarified what the consequences are for breaking them as far as I'm aware?

    • Golden nuggets
      Golden nuggets 9 dni temu +1

      U got a link or evidence for that (not trying to start a fight, I just like to read more on it)

  • Jaiden The Kid
    Jaiden The Kid 3 miesięcy temu +751

    I've always thought that scaremongering people with hell is an insanely manipulative cult tactic. Doesn't really give me good impressions on Christianity as a whole.

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu

      @cheesy gubbins It’s such a shame that its strayed so far from the original message

    • cheesy gubbins
      cheesy gubbins 29 dni temu +1

      kurtis even says that christianity, in theory, is super chill. the base of christianity is love and acceptance. even in old latin bibles from roman times.

    • Be N S O N
      Be N S O N Miesiąc temu +15

      Not to mention it doesn't even generate sincere followers, you have what can best be described as spiritual hostages, doing the absolute bare minimum they have to not to anger their captor and not be sent to hell.

    • Banjo Fangirl
      Banjo Fangirl Miesiąc temu +8

      @Emilie Farmer yeah right. Of y'all can't agree on the same shit or pretend as if your beliefs are hypotheses, then your faith shouldn't be respected, as fact or opinion

  • dot dot dot
    dot dot dot Miesiąc temu +422

    "Homosexuality, that also used to be against the rules of society."
    Ancient Greeks, Romans and other civilisations that predate the Bible/modern society where homosexuality was normalised or even common: 👁👄👁

    • Alexios Keskou
      Alexios Keskou 7 dni temu

      Feel free to dispute am not a genius and its 4o clock so anyone who wants to answer i would be glad to hear your answer

    • Alexios Keskou
      Alexios Keskou 7 dni temu

      A concept maybe i dont believe it was common but definetely people existed like a theban battalion and some things in like the explanation of the spartan society which was described as a love not intimate but idolized so they have a role model

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu +3

      @Den Callahan No one said everyone is born bi? I’m a little confused where you grabbed that from lmao, but being bisexual used to be the norm, there just weren’t labels like there are today
      Edit: I realised you meant the ‘everyone was born bi’ comment and I think they mean that society didn’t condemn you for loving the opposite AND same sex if you felt like it. I don’t think they meant genuine bisexuality, just if a straight guy felt like kissing another guy- it was fine! Hard to explain really

    • Den Callahan
      Den Callahan 16 dni temu +1

      @dot dot dot I somehow replied to the wrong comment sorry.

    • dot dot dot
      dot dot dot 16 dni temu +7

      @Den Callahan when did i say you were born bi?

    SMMHH Rok temu +14461

    “Just because someone is religious doesn’t automatically make them a good person.” THANK YOU
    I’m a Muslim and I love watching your videos.

    • Fatima Waqar
      Fatima Waqar 27 dni temu

      @fatima Eyyy Thank you love yours too!

    • fatima
      fatima 27 dni temu +1

      @Fatima Waqar love ur name :D ♥️

    • enoyna
      enoyna 2 miesięcy temu

      @KitKitcat hi! i'm literally in that exact same situation

      HITSONC 2 miesięcy temu

      @Yuh Gacha oh shit I get it now sorry

      HITSONC 2 miesięcy temu

      @Yuh Gacha why are you so pissed by a comments i made like a year ago

  • DragonMaiden77
    DragonMaiden77 3 miesięcy temu +379

    As a girl gamer, I can 100% confirm online gaming has made me an atheist 😎
    Jk. Watching my grandmother slowly die of cancer at 8 did

    • molly
      molly 7 dni temu +6

      @Skoopy Elias it's really fucked up to tell someone "it's our fault that your grandfather died". maybe don't do that mate.

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu

      I’m really sorry this happened to you, may your grandmother rest in peace. I lost my grandfather 3 years ago to lung cancer and to see someone deteriorate like that… there is just no way to describe the feeling.

    • Skoopy Elias
      Skoopy Elias 9 dni temu

      @CleverCover My condolences. I am incredibly sorry that happened to you. I just want to let you know that God is not responsible for death here on earth, but we are as Adam and Eve ate the fruit and let sin into the world. God loves us and he sent his one and only son to die on the cross for our sins so that whoever believes and trusts in his son, Jesus Christ, can have everlasting life. Love you folks, and have a good day mate

    • erin fussell
      erin fussell 11 dni temu

      no but deadass omg😂

  • Alexis
    Alexis Miesiąc temu +127

    Christian here, I'm literally so tired of people shoving christianity down other's throats. It's a personal choice and we all should be respective. Thank you for listening, goodbye.

    • mad scrub
      mad scrub Miesiąc temu +11

      *Respectful, and yes, as a fellow Christian, these people disgust me. They're using religion to justify their terrible actions

  • Kat Britt
    Kat Britt 2 miesięcy temu +161

    In my figure painting class, the girl I sit next to has decided to spend more time trying to convert me than actually painting. It makes me highly uncomfortable. I kept my mouth shut for 3 weeks, but last week I finally snapped and told her that I don't appreciate being threatened with eternal damnation while I'm painting a naked dude's ass.
    She got upset that I was focusing on the hell part. I'm like... Yeah? That's what you just spent the last 3 weeks threatening me with? Sorry, I don't immediately associate it with sunshine and rainbows... Honestly, I wish I didn't have to go to class tomorrow because I hate confrontation, and I shouldn't have to put up with this shit for 6 hours straight.

    • ghoulishbats
      ghoulishbats 14 dni temu +6

      @Kat Britt tbh she seems like a person who hasn't matured yet and probably won't do so soon lol

    • Kat Britt
      Kat Britt 2 miesięcy temu +12

      @Novii but not active Its a twice a week class so I'ver seen her maybe 5 times sense then... She used to sit next to me every time but now she puts her easel as far away from me as humanly possible, seems to have a hostile deminior when we do interact, and she doesn't seem to be talking to anyone else in the class either. She has basically shut down and is just glaring at everyone. I didn't tell anyone else in class about this and I doubt anyone overheard the conversation so I'm surprised shes not at least trying to make new friends in the class...

    • Novii but not active
      Novii but not active 2 miesięcy temu +8

      Hey, I saw this comment and was curious about how that girl reacted when you came to class? (Sorry if it's nosy; I'm just generally curious) and sorry that the girl put you through a nasty and uncomfortable experience. I hate how it's normalized in my religion to treat people like that! Anyway, I hope your classes get more comfortable and that environment improves for you!

    • Kat Britt
      Kat Britt 2 miesięcy temu +7

      ​@Flinty Winty Thank you so much, you seem so kind. ☺That's a really welcoming worldview and I think if most Christians approached it your way, they would find more success in sharing their ideology.
      While I'm not personally religious, I know can bring a lot of peace and support to people. If religion is used to spread kindness and love, I fully support it. I'm so happy for you that Catholisism has brought happiness into you're life.

    • Flinty Winty
      Flinty Winty 2 miesięcy temu +13

      As a catholic i’m really sorry. It’s super unfair of her to sit there and try and pressure you into believing in faith by trying to scare you. The god I believe in shows love and kindness, they wouldn’t want to see their followers shaming and scaring others. Please believe in whatever you believe in, religion and beliefs are truly in yourself and the bible is up to anyone’s own personal interpretation.

  • Lyrix :)
    Lyrix :) 3 miesięcy temu +350

    *I'm attracted to men and women.*
    "You're going to hell."
    *Great, I'll see my fellow gays there :)*

    • Jesus’s sugar baby uwu • 78 years ago
      Jesus’s sugar baby uwu • 78 years ago 2 dni temu


    • That dog is jet
      That dog is jet 9 dni temu

      @Harry Derosnec good to see a fellow Aussie!

    • Harry Derosnec
      Harry Derosnec 9 dni temu

      Seriously though, if being gay indulging in hobbies and speaking your mind get you sent to hell, why would I want to spend eternity with the people who didn't make the cut? Sure, some people in hell would be as close to evil as humans can be, but even they'd at least be interesting.
      I'm Australian, I'm already used to the terrible heat, the constant fires, the dangerous wildlife and the evil leadership. There isn't even a downside lol.

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu

      Meet you guys at Hell’s Stripclub

    • Skoopy Elias
      Skoopy Elias 9 dni temu

      i'm sorry that so many of ya have a false perception of hell and christianity. real christianity is not like what Dr. Witnesser is expressing. it doesn't matter whether you're straight or gay, we all sin and that's exactly why all of us deserve to go to hell, but our lord and saviour Jesus Christ took that punishment for us, and it's like a gift, so if we accpet that gift and are born again by the holy spirit and repent from sin we can have everlasting life and relationship with our creator. I do love all of you and i am not trying to sell you christianity or force you into it, i am simply just spreading the gospel (the great news) of Jesus. Have a good one mate

  • Thulhu —
    Thulhu — Rok temu +17232

    As someone who has studied theology for years, "saying his name in vain" doesnt refer to saying "oh my god" it actually applies to fear mongering! Saying things like "god will send you to hell" and "god hates you" is taking his name in vain as it's claiming something evil under his name. THAT is a 'sin', not saying "oh my god". It's so funny bc its so hypocritical. In reality by saying that stuff YOURE the one taking his name in vain!

    • nuclear pancake
      nuclear pancake 4 dni temu

      @ThatOneTomatoGuy same same

    • Minisub💛💙
      Minisub💛💙 2 miesięcy temu

      I KNEW IT

    • Not A Human
      Not A Human 2 miesięcy temu

      Huh guess my primary school had it wrong (then in high school nobody notices lol)

    • Blake Mills
      Blake Mills 3 miesięcy temu

      @Issac Newton The examples OP gave would be people speaking for god, which is blasphemous. The issue with all this shit is, really, hate. People saying "you're going to hell" or whatever is you taking out your anger to make yourself feel better, and it ultimately does more harm than good. It turns people away from the religion, and gives the entirety of christianity a bad image.

    • Blake Mills
      Blake Mills 3 miesięcy temu

      @Issac Newton Im not religious now, but I grew up christian, so I'm pretty familiar with the bible. The rules were a little different for Jesus because he's canonically god. He would say that he's god. It would be a sin for you to claim that, so did Jesus sin? No.
      He had the knowledge of who was going to heaven or hell, being god. Humans cant claim people are going to heaven or hell because god is the only one who can judge.

  • Cellidor
    Cellidor 3 miesięcy temu +271

    "Is hearing someone say 'oh my god' a sin?' No, it's not. Taking the lord's name in vain is talking about misrepresenting what scripture says, or making an empty promise to Yahweh, or (in one case) making a sacrifice to the wrong god in God's name, that kind of thing. Saying 'Oh my god' when you're not even a believer is not taking the Lord's name in vain and, ironically, _he's_ actually the one taking the Lord's name in vain by telling others that's what they're doing, since he's misrepresenting scripture.

    • Cellidor
      Cellidor 23 dni temu +3

      @River_The_NB Given some of the things one can find in the bible, probably for the best that.

    • River_The_NB
      River_The_NB 23 dni temu +4

      My parents told me that saying it was really bad when I was growing up. After I left Christianity I had to reteach myself that it wasn’t a bad thing. Christianity just wasn’t good for me personally

    • ren
      ren 26 dni temu

      Idk what ur saying but it doesn’t make sense

    • ren
      ren 26 dni temu

      That’s like saying “I have a black friend so it’s fine”

  • Caro
    Caro 3 miesięcy temu +242

    As a christian myself, I thank Kurtis for being chill about religion. The way he explains what kind of christians he is talking about, is the same as what I don't like about religion. Pushing people into religion is really fucked up.
    Thanks Kurtis for explaining your point

    • Carley Costello
      Carley Costello 4 dni temu

      It reminds me of the SNL skit where Will Ferrel says “the difficult kind of Christian”.

  • Lau Beltman
    Lau Beltman 3 miesięcy temu +292

    i'm late to the game but fun fact from your local educated christian: the word "homosexual" didn't show up in the bible until the 1960's to replace the word "pedophile"

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 7 dni temu

      @Harry Derosnec oh dude, oh my god

    • Harry Derosnec
      Harry Derosnec 9 dni temu +3

      @Ghoul holy fuck youtube is the worst.
      _"We CaNt LeT tHeM uSe OtHeR wEbSiTeS sO lEtS bAn EvIdEnCe"_
      _"wHaT? mIsInFoRmAtIoN? hOw CoUlD tHaT hApPeN??!?!"_

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu +1

      @Waluigi You actually can’t post links on yt anymore for the most part, but it should be easy to find if you search it

    • Waluigi
      Waluigi Miesiąc temu +2

      @Lau Beltman Thanks anyways. And I think you can post links.

    • Lau Beltman
      Lau Beltman Miesiąc temu +2

      @Waluigi idk if I can post links but I found some decent sources off google with a quick search (: irl I ran it past some theology profs I know and they confirmed it pretty quickly a few years ago, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for lol

  • RakiOsrez
    RakiOsrez 3 miesięcy temu +350

    It's so creepy when they say, "I just want to save you." I'm religious myself, but that doesn't minimize how crazy they sound. What's funny is that I've been told this by both Christians and cult members. Maybe they should worry about saving themselves first.

    • Ro Ems
      Ro Ems Miesiąc temu +1

      @Alaska Bane
      Those most certainly began as cults too. Being free to join and leave isn’t really the main indicator. They were founded by a charismatic leader who believed they had knowledge that others did not.

    • Alaska Bane
      Alaska Bane Miesiąc temu +1

      @Ro Ems maybe in US, but most Asian religions are pretty free to join and leave (there are forced conversions in few non-secular countries of course) and it's always a inherent necessity that everything you do religiously is between you and your god. Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism jumps to mind when I think of non-cult like religions

    • Ro Ems
      Ro Ems Miesiąc temu +4

      @Riley Thompson
      Fair enough. But they are not the norm.

    • Riley Thompson
      Riley Thompson Miesiąc temu +5

      @Ro Ems yes and no, some religions or pretty chill and less cult like, but then we have the abrahamic religions which tend to be world wide cults

    • Pseudonymous Guy
      Pseudonymous Guy Miesiąc temu

      That last line is in the bible, so they really have no excuse

  • Elliot Kloninger-Stever
    Elliot Kloninger-Stever Rok temu +22017

    girldefined: how to play fortnite in a god-honoring way

    • reo
      reo 20 dni temu

      that's a mr struggle move

    • Boyan Petrov
      Boyan Petrov 24 dni temu

      @MassivePonyFan It’s a reference to these psycho religious girls called whose PLclip channel is called girldefined. Watch cody ko’s video on them.

    • MassivePonyFan
      MassivePonyFan 24 dni temu

      I don't get it

    • Britney Naudé
      Britney Naudé Miesiąc temu

      They need to make that video 😭😂

  • doll
    doll 28 dni temu +36

    My parents used to force their beliefs onto me. Because of this, I lied about being a Christian throughout my entire childhood. As I got older and tried to receive advice from my parents about some pretty traumatic things that had happened to me under their watch they would say stuff like, "Well if you had God in your life and you put your faith onto him then that wouldn't have happened." Honestly that was that moment for me where I completely lost trust and faith in my parents and I've been secretive since then. If you want to take anything away from this maybe dont uh force religion on your kids.

    • Den Callahan
      Den Callahan 17 dni temu +2

      I'm sorry this happened to you. My father told me he thought I was going to kill the family at one point because I no longer had morals. Hopefully you have better people in your life. Anyone that chooses a book over a person is sad and selfish.

  • junkface
    junkface 2 miesięcy temu +85

    weird fact: the word in the bible that supposedly means “homosexual” is actually a mistranslation of the word “boy-lover.” so, when correctly translated, that part of the bible is actually condemning… uh, child abuse. not homosexuality.

    • Alien
      Alien Miesiąc temu +16

      It's not a mistranslation, it was a very deliberate choice to change the language of the Bible to demonize homosexuality.

  • Viceroy Marx
    Viceroy Marx 2 miesięcy temu +157

    when he's like "society agrees with many christian values such as no bestiality, and it used to believe homosexuality was wrong too..." ignoring the fact that christianity forced the anti-homosexual beliefs on a lot of Native communities which, prior to that, had completely different values and beliefs about gender and sexuality specific to the society 😕

    • Anna H
      Anna H 23 dni temu +1

      @Alaska Bane I mean, yeah

    • Alaska Bane
      Alaska Bane Miesiąc temu +9

      British came and told us to not have gae sex cause colonialism

  • r lynn
    r lynn Miesiąc temu +52

    I just want to apologize to anyone who came across my dad in the early to mid 2000s in World of Warcraft. He went online and got ordained as a "minister" and then tried being an associate pastor at several places but it never worked out due to his being a narcissistic nightmare person, and so he made it his mission in life to "Spread the Good News" within the World of Warcraft. I'm sorry. I never told him how I honestly felt about him doing that. I just got the hell outta there to start living my skank lifestyle.

    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 9 dni temu +2

      Living my skank lifestyle 😭 love that. You don’t need to apologise on your dad’s behalf, that’s his wrongdoing- not yours bestie ❤️

    • Estephan V.
      Estephan V. 25 dni temu +8

      glad youre out and we sometimes just gotta skank it up in life, if only more people understood, the world would be a better place.

  • TwistedHoneycomb
    TwistedHoneycomb Rok temu +5575

    the way this guy says "LGBT" and "homosexuality" makes it sound like he'll summon literal demons if he says it too clearly

    • J Souls
      J Souls 5 dni temu

      @claire fazel it is. But its between you and god. Thats is. No one else. Thats why there are so many gays in christianity

    • Per0n14
      Per0n14 9 dni temu

      @Jonas D Atlas I am also named Jonas, that's it.

    • johanna
      johanna 17 dni temu

      thats the whole point of 💫the gay agenda💫

  • Lydia Robertson
    Lydia Robertson 3 miesięcy temu +102

    I had a youth teacher who was opposite to what Kurtis' teacher was. Was a really chill teacher, even let us say "oh my god" and swear and stuff. Never shoved religion upon us and simply just said "Jesus loves you."
    Today as a grown up and agnostic I still have a respect for Jesus the man because of how my teacher talked of him. Not as some all knowing god or some divine being, but as someone who gave his all for humanity and the downtrodden in his time.
    Eventually though Karen in the church got him fired because she was the horrible type of Christian and complained because her kid said "geez" which is a shortened version of "Jesus."

    • Literally a fishhook
      Literally a fishhook 3 dni temu +1

      i feel you about having respect for jesus, i'm wiccan but i can 100% get behind jesus, cause he's just a guy who says to not be a dick and can metaphorically do some really cool shit... i don't have a good experience with organized religion like churches n stuff because i was forced to go to church all the time until i was in my teens or so and i was always kinda cast out by anyone my age for being "a little weird" (read: gay/trans and mentally ill), but i can get behind what jesus has to say, even if i don't necessarily believe in _him_ specifically

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 28 dni temu +1

      I have a youth group pastor Luke that!

  • Bernardo Tomas
    Bernardo Tomas 3 miesięcy temu +98

    "Forgive me pogchamp for I have sinned" killed me

  • Froggy Child98
    Froggy Child98 22 dni temu +20

    As a Christian this was an absolute riot, you have a better grasp of Christianity than most people at my church lmao.

  • Yumeko Java I
    Yumeko Java I Miesiąc temu +29

    This guy’s twitch cult approached me and a group of friends on VRchat once in a public server and everyone was so pissed. They were all in default knight skins too and acted like they were doing us some great service by condemning a group of 14 year old lesbians to hell. Super weird

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 7 dni temu

      @Dark Knight that makes it sound like it would be ironic

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight 11 dni temu +3

      Holy shit!! You got crusaded!

  • SovietElmo 101
    SovietElmo 101 2 miesięcy temu +39

    "Historically religion has been pretty decisive"
    Understatement of the millennium

  • Justin Dunkley
    Justin Dunkley Miesiąc temu +26

    you should do a follow up on this dork, his socials are honestly incredible

  • ShuHao
    ShuHao 2 miesięcy temu +51

    "twitch shows their intolerance to Christianity" no sir they showed their intolerance towards YOU and YOUR behaviour.

  • syd
    syd 3 miesięcy temu +46

    to tell the truth, i... a lesbian, runs twitch and i love to ban gospel loving gamers almost as much as i love women

  • Peace Out
    Peace Out 3 miesięcy temu +76

    I was maybe 12/13 years old. I always had a lot of responsibilities when I was a child, but my mother often persuaded me to go to church at least once a week because, well, she thought it would be good in my life. I didn’t like going there because I wasn’t feeling well but for mom’s sake, I left.
    Once there was a celebration, I don't know exactly which one because I wasn't interested in it, but we had to wear some fancy dresses and throw flowers around town, but also during the day I had a show with my drama group so I said to the nun that I wouldn't be able to be throughout the whole ceremony (which lasted like that for 4 hours) because I was busy. My sister was with me and she also needed to go, but we thought we could do all tasks that day. The first time I told the nun that we needed to go she just turned around and left. Then I thought she didn't hear me, in 2 minutes I mentioned to her again that we had to leave (now, I just wanted to let her know that we will be in the ceremony for at least 2 hours, so I didn't plan to leave immediately) but she looked at me again and left, at that moment I told my sister to say something but she was too scared. The nun gave us all baskets of flowers AND PERSISTENTLY gave instructions on how the route would go, at that moment I said AGAIN that my sister and I would not be able to be there throughout WHOLE ceremony, and this WOMAN TOOK HER CHANCE TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD, and said loudly for all 30 kids that were around us:
    IF U GO NOW, U WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO ENTER IN A GODS HOUSE (she was talking about our city cathedral btw) EVER AGAIN
    ...now, If I anyhow LIKED being in church I would cry my ass out, but tbh If there was a chance for me not to go in church ever again PLUS she was being rude af and pretending like she is the one controlling who will enter where and when, I only yelled at her
    I throwed flowers, took my crying sisters hand and entered in chatedral, removed and tossed the dress on sum table in a hall and walked away from all of them
    I was pretty scared of my moms reaction, but she was in caffee right across us, I told her everything and she just laughed
    After 2 weeks of not going in church my mom made me go there again, but this time with her, I was sitting with adults and the nun was CONSTANTLY sending kids to persuade me to return to them, I was saying NO, until nun herself came and apologized
    Even tho later on she never EVER said shit to me and was kinda nice, I was happy that she saw her mistake, but unfortunately I never again found happinest in going to church, after finishing middle school I never went back in it.
    Still, I kinda liked that my child brain worked perfectly throughout that time and that I was not scared of her nor the system

  • Zoya Dulzura
    Zoya Dulzura 2 miesięcy temu +77

    Watching Kurtis bully himself on COD is heartbreaking :'(

  • Nikki Q
    Nikki Q 18 dni temu +5

    I would give this guy $200 to witness to a COD lobby for an entire stream that would be so funny

  • Midnightcavecat
    Midnightcavecat 3 miesięcy temu +50

    I love videos that expose shit like this. As someone who spent most of their life going to Catholic school (whole 14 years but my family was never really religious it was more of an option of going to a safer school due to the public ones in my area being dangerous) I always felt how toxic and unhealthy it is to push these awful beliefs that "if you fuck up once in your life you're goin to hell" An that's so damaging to children and young adults. It wasn't until the end of HS that I realized how fucked up it was, I'm done with college now but it's insane how much of a hold this had on my mental health and still something i struggle with today.

    • S Z
      S Z Miesiąc temu +1

      Sorry to hear your about your experience. Us Catholics are supposed to believe in the forgiveness of sins. Thats why we have confessions as one of our holy sacraments. Hearing the fact that you were being taught that what you did would lead you straight to hell is really disappointing. I hope you’re able to overcome your struggles in life and I wish you well

    • pokemon fanthings
      pokemon fanthings Miesiąc temu

      I had a very similar experience!!!

  • Girlfriend Reviews
    Girlfriend Reviews Rok temu +3684

    We’ll bring the tendies to the Godly Church for Gamers potluck

    • Lia Hamilton
      Lia Hamilton Rok temu

      @Dovie Lovie I could really go for some cookies n’ cream cheesecake now that you mention it🤤😋

    • awjq7d3
      awjq7d3 Rok temu

      bruh u getting the churches confused, you need to bring them to the church of r/wallstreetbets

    • Manuel Freire
      Manuel Freire Rok temu

      Stonks tendies?

    • East Family
      East Family Rok temu

      ill bring the Gfule

    • Velvet Aeon
      Velvet Aeon Rok temu

      @Dovie Lovie triple batches of both.
      Mama gots a sweet tooth 🤤

  • David Roddick
    David Roddick 3 miesięcy temu +37

    I used to be one of "those" Christians. Now I believe in a loving God who doesn't send people to Hell just because they don't believe in the right things.

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 7 dni temu

      I had a similar journey in my life

    • Malideema
      Malideema Miesiąc temu

      People send themselves to hell because men love darkness rather than light, but Jesus came to make a way for us to go to heaven and live in perfect peace, He is even here now and is still living and can completely change your life. Why not talk to Him today? He’s always listening. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, and he’ll change ur life.

    • pokemon fanthings
      pokemon fanthings Miesiąc temu +4

      The “right” things…

    • Janella
      Janella 2 miesięcy temu +5

      Good for you, man. Fear mongering sucks.

    • mossyhermit
      mossyhermit 2 miesięcy temu +4

      Oh cool that’s great! What made you change??

  • Christina Spellman
    Christina Spellman 14 dni temu +4

    Kurtis, your devotion to comedy should be awarded. Imagining you actually sitting on a toilet and being able to film the poop simulator and not laughing, for us, for the world, for all of Kurtistown, it brings a tear to my eye. We don’t deserve a mayor like you.

  • Scarlet Jones
    Scarlet Jones 3 miesięcy temu +77

    This is my own personal opinion: Also TW for Religious Trauma, SA, Homophobia
    I genuinely hate the Christian religion. Not only for the hurt it's put me through but even friends and family and society. It has become a corrupted disease that even if people were teaching "right" should NEVER be taught to children. What do you think that kid is going to think when they're taught that their benevolent creator could wipe them out like it's nothing like in the story of Noah? Or how they'll believe their lives are expendable like the story of Isaac son of Abraham? Has no christian ever sat down and thought "Hey that was unnecessarily cruel to use the child as a barter piece and traumatizing him for life"?? How do you think your children will feel hearing the story of the holy spirit coming down and killing all the first borns of the egyptian civilization because their monarch didn't believe the looney man who was coming out of nowhere stating prophecies? In the entirety of the bible children are expendable and replaceable and teaching that now is so gross. I was terrified of being outed at church because I was being sexually abused by a girl while being a girl myself; I KNEW they wouldn't care that i was being taken advantage of, they would only care that I had slept with a girl. I put myself through hell being taught that my only value was to be a virgin wife bearing children for a man I would grow to despise. I was taught that sleeping with people before marriage made me dirty and sinful. I was taught at 7 YEARS OLD that if someone threatened to kill me if I didn't denounce god then I should die because that would be better than forsaking his name. Because some old lady who lost a daughter in columbine made up a false story to market off her child's death and feed into the martyr complex that is christianity. I hate christianity. Morally I can't understand how anyone could find solace under something so cruel and unjust; an oppressive teaching that has controlled the world and erased cultures that "didn't fit" in it's ideals. I'm tired of letting Christian voices be heard SO MUCH. It's absolutely ridiculous.

  • Trauma Sandwich
    Trauma Sandwich 3 miesięcy temu +65

    "being a gamer is unhealthy and neglectful."
    me who has an uncle whos currently in bible study and is a gamer: y e s .

  • Elizabeth Fetzer
    Elizabeth Fetzer 10 miesięcy temu +4609

    When my sister came out my catholic mom straight up said “if god made us all in his image, god must be a little gay too” 😂 love that woman

    • galaxia
      galaxia 4 miesięcy temu

      when i came out my catholic mother said ‘i know’

    • A
      A 4 miesięcy temu

      @Covered in Cheetos same lmfao

    • Bee St. Bowie
      Bee St. Bowie 5 miesięcy temu +1

      AHAHAHAHAHA love your mom!

    • Val
      Val 5 miesięcy temu

      @Stephen Seehorn who the hell is butter

    • spaghetti jpeg
      spaghetti jpeg 5 miesięcy temu +7

      I asked my mom while we were cooking
      "What would you do if I brought home a girlfriend not a boyfriend?"
      Her response?
      "Ask you if you wanted green beans with dinner."
      It made no difference to her it was awesome.

  • Haley D
    Haley D 3 miesięcy temu +19

    When are they going to learn that telling people "you're terrible, you're going to hell" isn't the best way to get people on board with their religion? Maybe don't threaten damnation and someone might think about listening??

    • chaosvii
      chaosvii 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Sadly, I think it's b/c they were scared into believing and just reflexively invoke that which resonated with them.

  • Macey Cohn
    Macey Cohn 3 miesięcy temu +20

    One of my best friends in middle school started SOBBING when I told her I was an atheist because she was terrified of me going to hell. I don’t have a problem with religion in principle, but it really messes with people’s heads and it makes me mad

  • Coppery Foxx
    Coppery Foxx 3 miesięcy temu +37

    10:00 I never realized Kurtis’s face is so symmetrical. People usually look like a nightmare version of themselves when they do the half-face mirror-thing.
    Good job growing a face dude. A+

  • chris graf
    chris graf 3 miesięcy temu +59

    "The message of God is about love " while also saying "you don't agree with my religion you're going to burn in hell " makes me think that you haven't really read what you're preaching

  • gargles
    gargles Rok temu +2704

    “so we’re really gonna play this game and nobody wants to talk about the bible?”
    why does he sound so surprised lmfao

    • Harry Derosnec
      Harry Derosnec 9 dni temu +1

      @MoxBoss remember that time Noah and his wife got that epic victory royale by floating above the kill border?

    • MoxBoss
      MoxBoss Miesiąc temu +1

      Aw yes, I play a game where the whole point is to kill people needlessly until you ruthlessly make it as the last person alive to spread the gospel. 100% God approved and certified!

    • Large Boi
      Large Boi 6 miesięcy temu +4

      @gargles not gonna lie, god sounds kind of like sawcon

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name Rok temu +35

      I can't believe that this gamers, who want to play a game, don't want to talk to me, a very pushy religious man.

  • A13
    A13 3 miesięcy temu +26

    Grew up in a mostly religious household but never shared the same view due to some circumstances. One day my mom and I got into an argument and she hit me with the "The Bible says honor both mother and father!" to which I replied "It also says divorce is a sin and that I shouldn't listen to sinners" (as my parents separated when I was young). That was the day I outpaced Usain Bolt by running from the living room to my room in about 10 seconds.

  • kei
    kei 2 miesięcy temu +12

    “just because someone is religious doesn’t automatically make them a good person.” *slowly looks towards my mom*

  • Kaius Givelas
    Kaius Givelas 2 miesięcy temu +9

    I went into someone’s live on twitch and came out to them and they kept getting scared of me and shouting bible versus at me and i couldn’t help but laugh 💀 they were acting like i was the devil itself lmfao

  • Minnie
    Minnie 5 dni temu +4

    I love watching Kurtis get angry at bigots.

  • Cat and DeVito Fan
    Cat and DeVito Fan Rok temu +6859

    He’s definitely someone who leaves church pamphlets instead of tips at restaurants

    • Bionicbutter4356
      Bionicbutter4356 Miesiąc temu

      @CaRgO_ShorTs sadly yes

    • CaRgO_ShorTs
      CaRgO_ShorTs Miesiąc temu +1

      Is that seriously a thing?

    • Bionicbutter4356
      Bionicbutter4356 3 miesięcy temu

      @- wren - they're good luck yes!

    • - wren -
      - wren - 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @Bionicbutter4356 aren’t pentagrams good luck or protection or something (unless it’s an upside down one if that’s what you meant)

  • Denim Velvet
    Denim Velvet 29 dni temu +7

    The comparison of homosexuality to beastiality or just as often marrying a cousin always has me laughing. I live in the good old U.S. so many states used to legally allow beastiality until recently, and still allow marrying first or second coisins.

  • Sam McInnes
    Sam McInnes Miesiąc temu +12

    I really like the line "comparing a loving relationship, or not even, just two guys fucking". like I often see people use the "loving relationship" line on homophobes when trying to justify why gay rights should exist. as if it's only okay to be gay cuz their in a loving relationship. obviously I know that's not what they mean but it feels like a line to make homophobes comfortable with your sexuality. like "I like the same gender but it's ok cuz I'm in a loving relationship". cool but you shouldn't only be accepted when you're in a loving relationship that convenes to heteronormative standards. All this to say that I really like kurtis normalizing not only needing to use the example of a loving couple to defend gay rights!
    (sorry it's long and I probably repeated myself a bunch)

  • Delta Loraine
    Delta Loraine Miesiąc temu +9

    My mom literally said to me last month that she wishes she tried harder to enforce religion into my life at a younger age. Because I revealed to her that I wasn’t Christian anymore at 22yo.

  • Lark ASMR
    Lark ASMR 2 miesięcy temu +13

    12:09 I will forever love kurtis for this sentence in the first place, but the addition of "f*ck it, just two men f*cking" really just makes me love him.

  • Flynn
    Flynn Rok temu +19117

    christians will be like: don't say "omg"
    then they call you a slur

    • Bee Bug
      Bee Bug Miesiąc temu

      Don't say the lords name in vane ###### it's rude to say you ########

    • Ro Ems
      Ro Ems 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Slandering your faith? Yikes get over yourself. You should be much more concerned about the fact that there is zero evidence to support the foundational beliefs of your faith. Spend more time researching the contradictions and lies of your own religion, rather than telling some kid making a bad joke that they’re committing slander.

    • Eelektross Gaming
      Eelektross Gaming 3 miesięcy temu

      Not all

    • crunch o th spine / Justin S.
      crunch o th spine / Justin S. 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @m i I’m white and I would never use a slur

  • BumFrog
    BumFrog 3 dni temu +2

    The majority of “Christians” I think have purposefully changed what “saying the lords name in vain means”. For those who don’t actually know what it’s meant to be, it means don’t use god to excuse your sinful/ bad actions

  • It's Mia's Life
    It's Mia's Life 26 dni temu +7

    I am a Christian and believe in god, but this is freaking hilarious, keep it up

  • kenny
    kenny 27 dni temu +5

    I’ve slowly grown into atheism because of the religious folks who would force it down my throat, and would scare me into religion. I grew up in a very religious, Jewish household. As a teenager who figured out he is bisexual, and trans from a young age, I was always told that gay people are going to hell. And I would be closeted due to how scared I was. Ever since I converted to Atheism, I felt like I could finally breathe.

  • Lego Morgan
    Lego Morgan Miesiąc temu +3

    as a gay man I can confirm that we all love laying with animals as much as we love laying with other men
    (joke not the gay bit)

  • Hannah Bayles
    Hannah Bayles Rok temu +15465

    “Sounds like simp behavior to me, my dude.” - me to my husband after he says he loves me.

    • Checyn Hadi
      Checyn Hadi 8 dni temu +1

      He already cheatin. 🍿

    • Addison Runnels
      Addison Runnels Miesiąc temu

      Omg! My voice teacher is here guys 🥳

    • elena
      elena 10 miesięcy temu

      aaah i love your videos!!!!

    • mae
      mae 10 miesięcy temu

      HANNAH? wow worlds collided

  • lilkiwi_
    lilkiwi_ 29 dni temu +3

    so i’m in the theatre troupe at my school and it was tech week (meaning we would stay at the theatre late asf every night for a week so we could get as much practice in as we could before the show) and right before dinner one night this lady who had been invited in by one of the theatre moms started preaching to us before they let us go to dinner and she preached to us about christianity and why we should all be christians and stuff when we were just hungry cause we’d been working on our show for like four hours straight at this point with no breaks and we all got mad at this lady. not only did we not ask for this, most of the people in our theatre department don’t even believe in christianity. the majority of the ones that aren’t christian are atheists, but a few people are muslim and they all seemed very uncomfortable during this. after the lady left and we got to eat almost everyone, including all the christians with the exception of like one freshman christian girl, was mad about the fact that this lady was so forceful about it when the only person that asked for this was that one theatre mom and even her daughter was mad about it :/

  • Andrew_Does_Hair
    Andrew_Does_Hair 3 miesięcy temu +6

    I fucking love you. Like, you're the ultimate man. Thanks for being so fucking cool.

  • Ditrix Genesis
    Ditrix Genesis 3 miesięcy temu +14

    I genuinely think that's my favorite response to evangelicals. "If you don't repent you're going to hell!" "Great, it'll be better there if people like you are in heaven."

  • RainbowUnicode
    RainbowUnicode Miesiąc temu +3

    lol I never thought I would see a gamer who needs to come out of the closet about gaming.

  • Sofia Zoncu
    Sofia Zoncu 5 miesięcy temu +4775

    the fact that when I was 12 I used to have anxiety attacks in church because I knew I was bisexual and I was so scared of going to hell- that's messed up
    Edit: to all the people replying to this saying they had a similar experience, I'm so sorry, remember that you're not alone and we're definitely not wrong in being who we are

    • aiden Gross
      aiden Gross 2 dni temu +1

      I'm also a bi christian and I'm glad I grew up with a very supportive family but I hope you're fine with who you are now

    • nuclear pancake
      nuclear pancake 4 dni temu +1

      and i remember my mom saying that the LGBTQIA is just the devil trying to reassure that they’ll go in hell is traumatizing to me

    • nuclear pancake
      nuclear pancake 4 dni temu +1

      im late here but same, i always feel uncomfortable when i go to church and talk about the LGBT, and i keep on overthinking about when i die i’ll go to hell even now it makes me wanna tear up in pain

    • Knight Solaire
      Knight Solaire 7 dni temu +3

      yeah i never had a panic attack because i was lucky enough to go to a extremely excepting church but for everyone else just, be you, dont fucking care if some asshole people dont like you for you.

    • Arie Rittberg
      Arie Rittberg 11 dni temu +2

      Ayoo bisexual club

  • L U K E M A R I A N I 1 2
    L U K E M A R I A N I 1 2 3 miesięcy temu +17

    I'm Christian and I know for a fact that this guy isn't spreading the Gospel in the right way

  • Molly McCutcheon
    Molly McCutcheon Miesiąc temu +3

    I love how my beliefs match up with Curtis’s like perfectly

  • M K
    M K 29 dni temu +3

    Hearing your religious experience story, and also hearing you say straight out that God's not real?
    Was a religious experience for me. T'was hilarious.

  • Cam Vilar
    Cam Vilar 3 miesięcy temu +4

    Goddamnit man, I found out about you a little while ago and have been binging your videos. I haven't laughed this hard in a while

  • MaKayla
    MaKayla Rok temu +10600

    as a practicing Christian, “scaring” people into religion is NOT what I’m about 💗

    • m i
      m i  3 miesięcy temu


    • Elk182
      Elk182 11 miesięcy temu


    • Finding Ging
      Finding Ging 11 miesięcy temu +1

      I never understood the ppl who would do that, bc from a selling standpoint its poor marketing if your yelling at potential customers that they would be damned for eternity if they dont convert.

    • Xander Van wyk
      Xander Van wyk 11 miesięcy temu

      @Maggie Whitlock but its not for our will, its for your comefort

    • Chris The Robot
      Chris The Robot 11 miesięcy temu


    NSZTG Dzień temu

    This man would totally be like:
    "Hey guys, lets have a good game and hav-"
    "Hey, if you don't believe in god, you are going to hell."
    "I was jus-"
    "Nah, hell for you man."
    "You're going to hell."
    "But I'm christian?"
    "Nah, you're going to hell and then you're going to hell again again."

  • Privatesectorsec
    Privatesectorsec 3 miesięcy temu +5

    One thing I love about this is people like Drwittneser misquote the scripture about “man shall not sleep with man” when the actual scripture says “man shall not sleep with BOY” condemning pedophilia instead of being gay

  • Eleni Sparangis
    Eleni Sparangis 2 miesięcy temu +4

    Ok but a few years ago I had NO idea what god fearing was. I was looking at homes for rent and god fearing tenets was a requirement. I literally thought it was the fear of god.

  • darkesco
    darkesco 2 miesięcy temu +6

    I'm a devout agnostic. It's the only religion that can be proven. I can 100% prove that I don't know if there is a God.

  • Lynn Claywood
    Lynn Claywood 3 miesięcy temu +5

    Bible passages sounding like gamer tags is the funniest shit I've ever heard

  • Axel Arias
    Axel Arias 3 miesięcy temu +4

    You know what's sad? I used to be like this. Thank God (yes, ironically) I left the whole Christianity and religious thing, because this way of being and treating other people is just so out of touch that it ends up killing you and making everyone else hate you.
    I respect many Christians, and if that's anyone's thing, cool. But that way of living that radicals taught me because "you have to do everything for the glory of God" is just miserable. I'll always be glad I left that. Christians are supposed to love their neighbor, not be jerks like this guy.

    • crakhaed
      crakhaed Miesiąc temu +1

      I was this way but with extreme progressive views. Like rejecting people with any different points of view from my rigid worldview and automatically assuming they were just bad people or even evil. Ironically a few years before that I was super hardcore into Christianity and it freaked me out so much that I had gotten too deep into thinking something outside of me had control of me, I was literally thinking random shit was signs from God lol, that I turned away from religion for a while. Didn't want to be controlled like that. I fell right into the next groupthink I eventually stumbled into and when I got older I finally discovered thinking for myself. Life is wild. It's so much better to talk with people than shove your views down their throat. You wouldn't want them to. Sorry for the essay your comment just struck a chord with me 😅

  • Madi Mercer
    Madi Mercer 3 miesięcy temu +5

    my favorite thing about this video is the blatant yet subtle religion shit-talk. i admire u so much kurtis. this sounds super sarcastic but i’m being 100% serious

  • TheWildthing
    TheWildthing 3 miesięcy temu +4

    Wow, it’s almost as if there’s a difference between doing it with an animal who can’t speak and doing it with a consenting adult.

  • Wulfgrin
    Wulfgrin Rok temu +15434

    Adults can give consent. Animals cannot. People are idiots.

    • Muskaan Mittal
      Muskaan Mittal 5 dni temu

      @o: um no, I'm talking about all of the selective breeding and forced fertilisation. Farm animals don't reproduce that fast so they are basically just forcefully impregnated.

    • o:
      o: 6 dni temu

      @Muskaan Mittal yeah like pigs don't consent to getting killed, kinda just how that works

    • UnderTale 770
      UnderTale 770 Miesiąc temu +1

      @Issac Newton wdym by obey? To do whatever your husband says regardless of how you feel? Is that what you mean?

    • UnderTale 770
      UnderTale 770 Miesiąc temu

      @Sophitia of Hyrule why?

    • UnderTale 770
      UnderTale 770 Miesiąc temu

      @unregistered hypercam 2 not really. Besides it doesn’t make everyone congested, when I drink it I’m fine. Maybe you just can’t drink it

  • A Free Potato Chip
    A Free Potato Chip Miesiąc temu +6

    twitch is run by the lgbtq+ community? that sounds fcking dope

  • Karina McDaniels
    Karina McDaniels Miesiąc temu +4

    Jesus? More like, Je-SUS.

  • ~ Eromil ~
    ~ Eromil ~ Miesiąc temu +5

    i went to a school (what a shock) and it was a public school, my parents believe they shouldn't have forced christianity on us since it was public but anyways, these kids were too young to understand religion apart from some who had religious families, but even then they weren't christian.
    At assembly every single day they'd take something from the bible, read it to us and then make us pray, if a child was spotted not praying with their eyes closed, head down, hands together and saying amen they'd be told to stay in afterwards and they'd be told to start praying or they'd go to hell
    as a non religious person I'd pray by having literal atoms of my hands together, and in the tiniest whispering voice I could say "am"
    they'd make us do plays on the bible at the end of the year, i acted like i didnt like audiences so I could work on the backstage parts instead. But I still heard everything and have the basics of the bible memorised
    my whole family is not religous either, and honestly that experience just made me feel bad for christians
    PS: They sometimes had their own custom bible parts where they'd teach us that if you were gay, trans, black or even a woman you would go to hell

  • Jocelynn Ashwood
    Jocelynn Ashwood 3 miesięcy temu +8

    As a Christian I am so sorry for this neck bearded fiend 😀🤙

  • Me
    Me Rok temu +13274

    As a Christian, that story of 8 year old Kurtis was terrifyingly accurate oh my goodness-

    • Brad Atrik
      Brad Atrik 6 miesięcy temu

      As a 30 year old I can confirm its not changed over the years

    • Katrina Pennings
      Katrina Pennings 6 miesięcy temu

      Oh my word, yes. can confirm

    • Abdul Bassit
      Abdul Bassit 6 miesięcy temu

      Same man

    • business cat
      business cat 6 miesięcy temu

      @yoshita i live in Indonesia and i think its cultural differences, we sacrifice goat/sheep or cow!

    • Sleep Paralysis Demon
      Sleep Paralysis Demon 6 miesięcy temu

      @Ezra D hey Abraham it's just a prank bro!- God

  • Marcelo Magofke
    Marcelo Magofke 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Ok I've watched this like 4 times now, and I am still in absolute disbelief at the sheer FAX being delivered to Mr.Witnesser, absolutely paperless. I don't see a lot of content creator commentating on the social context of things said online and especially by those with followings. There's so much tone-deafness, and I can only hope the best medicine is a healthy laugh.
    I just wanted to thank Kurtis for the memes and the shorts bc the one at 10 minutes in absolutely kills me every time.
    PS. Thanks for the extra greeting 😁

  • Tim Greydanus
    Tim Greydanus 3 miesięcy temu +1

    One of my favorite videos from you Kurtis, had me in stitches!

  • ghostblossom
    ghostblossom 2 miesięcy temu +5

    Everything made sense once you said that he's a born again christian. In my experience they are the WORST when it comes to bigotry and trying to convert others as forcefully as possible.

  • Jeremy Elbertson
    Jeremy Elbertson 3 miesięcy temu +6

    My experience cause everyone was waiting for me to speak: I had a friend on xbox for like a year when I was 11/12, and he was like 20. He was a religious nut. I had a lot of fun at first, but lookin back he was kind of up his own ass, and a couple times while playing games he would bring up god and I would say I just don't really believe in it and he would be like do you think you ever will, and a couple times he straight up read bible verses to me. It all culminated when he said that if I couldn't believe in god, and he assured me that was a rule in the bible after I asked, that he couldn't be friends with me. And after that I kind of just unfriended him on xbox. I actually wanted to block him but I had to unfriend him first I think, so after unfriending him he sent me a voice message saying like "you really waisted a year of my time?" cause that's how he viewed it when people stopped talking to him (I wasn't the first in the time we had talked) that they had waisted his time. I didn't grow up with religion really anywhere near my life, so this was just kind of my first view of christianity. And like in reality, I know now that most christians aren't like that, but that really tainted my perception for a while

  • Lou Small
    Lou Small Rok temu +10536

    Can we talk about how tf Kurtis missed out on: “Forgive me father, for I have simped”

    • jesse incognito
      jesse incognito 11 miesięcy temu

      Oh I’ve simped and I ain’t regretting anything

    • Fast as gaup The bargaining
      Fast as gaup The bargaining 11 miesięcy temu

      @Lo Lo Lunacy it definitely is one of the deadly sins ever hear of the sin of lust my guy.

    • Matthew Devers
      Matthew Devers Rok temu

      I’m calling the cops

    • Pink Diamond
      Pink Diamond Rok temu

      @Lo Lo Lunacy r/wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh

    • Urmom
      Urmom Rok temu

      @Lo Lo Lunacy yeah... it’s a joke.

  • Some Anime Nerd *.*
    Some Anime Nerd *.* Miesiąc temu

    Hey Kurtis I just wanted to say thank you for making me life over the years. I love your content so much. That day after watching this video I found out that my grandmother passed away. As expected I me and my family were devastated from this news. Every time I watch this video it reminds of that day.

  • Eva Kanellis
    Eva Kanellis 2 miesięcy temu +1

    This is so amazing! I'm a greek orthodox Christian (basically we follow the ancient scriptures) and one of the main things looked over is that part of being Christian is not judging. It makes me so embarrassed to see Christians that that dude. People are dumb as hell. (yes I said hell I'm not gonna be damned for saying hell)