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Christian Mingle: The Movie

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  • Opublikowany 27 gru 2018
  • Yup! This is a real full-length movie that was made by the dating site, Christian Mingle. My friend told me about this movie, so I sat down and watched the entire thing several times. Obviously, it's terrible, so I decided to make a video about it. Enjoy!
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Komentarze • 15 814

  • someamorplease
    someamorplease 2 lat temu +7819

    So you’re telling me that Christian Mingle advertised themselves with a film about a woman LYING about being a Christian?? I see no flaws here.

    • Aubrey Miller
      Aubrey Miller 2 dni temu

      @WickedDodgeBoys yep i know i just find it really stupid and really funny you called someone that

    • WickedDodgeBoys
      WickedDodgeBoys 3 dni temu

      @Aubrey Miller its lieterally the name

    • Aubrey Miller
      Aubrey Miller 3 dni temu

      @WickedDodgeBoys I know this was two years ago but you just seriously call someone anallizabeth

    • The Drinking Game Maker
      The Drinking Game Maker 12 dni temu

      "The LORD hates a liar"

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name 24 dni temu

      @MissCaraMint Jewish men often marry Jewish women, especially since the mother is supposed to pass it down to the children. So a Jewish surname is often an indicator that the person with the name probably has a Jewish mother too. If a mother was usually the one to pass on the name in our society but then she converted to a new faith, then she’d usually not be expected to change her name to align with her new faith, so even if mothers passed the name on it wouldn’t necessarily mean anything technically. People convert to new religions all the time.
      I wouldn’t assume anyone was practicing Judaism based purely on their name. Someone with a traditional Jewish name is more likely to be Jewish though. Idk whether this guy is Jewish considering he apparently founded a Christian dating app, but I’m assuming there’s more reason to believe he’s not actually Christian than just his name. I’d hope.

  • LogLogic
    LogLogic 11 miesięcy temu +6103

    Nobody going to talk about how 80% of Mexico is already Christian, teaching Christianity in Mexico is like teaching a professor how to read.

    • Mason Woods
      Mason Woods 4 dni temu

      @Dante Caputo catholicism is not Christianity, what they believe in has so little to do with the Bible when real Christianity follows the Bible. Catholicism is more like Mormonism at this point, where the source material is the same, but the belief and the teachings are way different and almost cult-like

    • Mason Woods
      Mason Woods 4 dni temu

      This comment is so ignorant it kinda hurts me

    • Savannah G.
      Savannah G. 5 dni temu

      Like my mission trip to Mexico wasn’t us teaching the kids to be Christian we painted this orphanage’s basketball court and fixed their kitchen cabinets and fixing their water tank. The mission trip was to grow our own faith not teaching them about Christ, that’s what most mission trips are 😂😂😂

    • Johanna Junesjö
      Johanna Junesjö 14 dni temu

      @Possum nah both are christian I think u meant protestant and cathlic

  • Michaeli O
    Michaeli O Rok temu +3203

    Why didn't Gwyneth just... say she was recently converted instead of pretending that she was christian before

    • geospasmic
      geospasmic 8 dni temu

      Because it's an idiot plot

    • carrie
      carrie 22 dni temu +1

      @Wilfulbuckle She still lied, so she could’ve at least made it believable

    • Gif
      Gif Miesiąc temu +2

      I guess she thought no one would like her if she was a Christian newb?

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 8 miesięcy temu +888

    This movie is the definition of
    “I want a church girl that go to church and read her bible”

  • nat
    nat 11 miesięcy temu +1560

    christian’s be like “ah, yes. a plain, uninteresting man that annoys me and has nothing in common with me. he is my soulmate. i shall now bear 5 of his children and serve him like a slave for the next 50 years of my life”

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name 24 dni temu

      @Local Rat they seem to be suggesting some people (women in this case) are naturally subservient by their nature, and will be that way with or without religion. This is a common attitude among certain Christians, who believe women were literally created for subservience. Idk what else this person would’ve been trying to imply with that statement.

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark Miesiąc temu +2

      @Sara radley kinda funny

    • William Tarleton
      William Tarleton Miesiąc temu +10

      Damn, my Christian relatives told me it was leftists got easily offended by any mundane comment. Turns out it was then the whole time

    • Danger Parade
      Danger Parade Miesiąc temu

      This is so offensive and not even funny

    • Tina VanWey
      Tina VanWey Miesiąc temu +2

      Here let me fix this:
      “Hallmark females be like”

  • 790757 6743
    790757 6743 3 lat temu +10874

    Spanish is my second language.
    I have no idea what language that lady is speaking. Sounds like she's summoning Satan.

    • Max rlx
      Max rlx 2 dni temu

      I would guess its latin but i know what latin sounds like and it isnt latin

    • cruella
      cruella 7 dni temu

      @Sofía Moreno why would she be calling them brothers 😭 they should have gotten a proper translator

    • Siebe Nijs
      Siebe Nijs Miesiąc temu +1

      I read this whole thread before seeing that part and I still didn’t recognise it was Spanish I deadass thought it was Latin

    • Astromations
      Astromations 2 miesięcy temu

      That is VERY offensive to satanists 😦

    • Heliozoa
      Heliozoa Rok temu

      @JayJay youre telling me you learned english for fun?? you crazy lad (lass?)
      if you know a third language for fun, im gonna be jealous

  • Sarah McKee
    Sarah McKee Rok temu +1042

    As a Christian myself, I would be completely put off by this movie. The only good thing about it is that it does highlight a fundamental problem within our community. The problem of treating someone like they are an alien if marriage is not their ultimate life goal.

    • Sophia Ako
      Sophia Ako 3 miesięcy temu +8

      @Jack Zimmy my mom's jewish and when I told her I didn't want kids or marriage she said "oh thank God"

    • Sarah McKee
      Sarah McKee 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @kippyips i have no idea actually

    • Sarah McKee
      Sarah McKee 3 miesięcy temu +4

      @ECLECTO its not like I was asking for your opinion either....

    • Sara radley
      Sara radley 5 miesięcy temu +2

      Ikr same

  • KirikaRains
    KirikaRains 11 miesięcy temu +491

    I thought this movie was implying she's an atheist and she eventually "sees the light" by hanging around a bunch of good Christian people who teach her the virtues of belief.
    But no. She's not an atheist at all. From the get-go we see that she believes in God. She acknowledges him, talks to him, prays to him. So you hit the nail on the head. She's just not Christian _enough,_ I guess. That family sucked.

    • LeoUltima Upgraded
      LeoUltima Upgraded 29 dni temu +1

      @MissCaraMint makes sense given the people who made the movie weren’t even Christians, not to say they should have been but it explains a lot.

    • MissCaraMint
      MissCaraMint Miesiąc temu +15

      Yes it’s a movie about shaming Christians who these people don’t consider Christian enough. That’s it. Abandon your entire identity and the idea of a personal relationship with God, and replace it with performative nonsense and a judgemental attitude.

  • Maggie Crowder
    Maggie Crowder Rok temu +589

    The fact that Kurtis refers to the main character as Gretchen the whole time makes it 100% better

    • Blok Vader
      Blok Vader 9 miesięcy temu +23

      And the main love interest "Mayonnaise" or "Wonder Bread"

  • 4rkain3
    4rkain3 4 miesięcy temu +126

    Let me just say: Mission trips are NEVER selfless. They’re about spreading the religion FIRST, helping people SECOND.

    • Alaina Elizabeth
      Alaina Elizabeth Miesiąc temu +1

      this actually isnt always true, although i understand where you're coming from. im a christian and ive gone on 2 different mission trips and 1 trip where "mission work" was involved. the most we actually did to spread the Gospel was ask if we could pray over the people we were serving before we left. other than that we simply helped them with whatever they had us doing there. of course i dont know about all mission trips but a good majority are definitely more about helping people whether they believe in what we do or not :)

    • The Kazoo Queen
      The Kazoo Queen 3 miesięcy temu +17

      Depends. I did a lot of local mission trips in high school, and 90% of our trip was labor (building ramps for disabled folks, painting a public school, clearing woods for a homeless shelter, etc). We weren't there to shove our faith down strangers' throats, just wanted to help some people out to honor our Catholic values. The ones you need to be careful of are "tourist" mission trips, where the emphasis is giving /you/ a unique and cool feel-good experience rather than like, actually helping the local community in a substantial way.

  • ItsPingy
    ItsPingy Rok temu +24419

    There’s Hollywood, there’s Bollywood. Now let me introduce you to Holywood.

    • meap200
      meap200 26 dni temu

      Holywood is like morning wood but for when your in church

    • I hate ambulances
      I hate ambulances Miesiąc temu

      Holy cow that was good

    • Iron Wraith
      Iron Wraith Miesiąc temu

      @no mane Jane Mormons are kinda weird I guess? Like, I don’t think Christians are Christians. But that’s because I’m Catholic. Of course, that’s just me.

    • The Master of the Wicket
      The Master of the Wicket Miesiąc temu

      @so_pew_all heaven. but more realistically, probably montgomery alabama.

    • Lilleviathan
      Lilleviathan Miesiąc temu

      Wheres Mollywood

  • A D
    A D 11 miesięcy temu +200

    If he was a “real” Christian, he would’ve brought her closer to God and the Bible. Not cast her out.

    • MissCaraMint
      MissCaraMint Miesiąc temu +6

      Yeah he would surely have practiced a core tenant of the religion, forgiveness. And his influence got her to do bible study. That is effort. He should be more shamed by the fact that she felt she had to lie to him to feel accepted by him than the fact that she lied.

    • Banjo Fangirl
      Banjo Fangirl Miesiąc temu +2

      Same difference...?

  • Johnnie’s Story Time
    Johnnie’s Story Time 3 miesięcy temu +29

    I love how even in movies written by and for Christians, the Christian characters are still insufferable bullies

  • isabelle davis
    isabelle davis 8 miesięcy temu +223

    I feel like we’re all brushing over the fact that Gretchen was Jewish her parents got her white gold hoops for Hanukkah

    • isabelle davis
      isabelle davis 2 miesięcy temu +5

      @Deez it’s from the movie mean girls

    • Deez
      Deez 2 miesięcy temu +3

      What am i missing? Im confused...

    • Alias
      Alias 3 miesięcy temu +30

      She had to pretend that she didn't like them!

  • Bee
    Bee 11 miesięcy temu +128

    Gretchen: *eats cookie in beginning of film*
    also Gretchen: "oh, I don't do cookies..."
    also also Gretchen: *eats cookies and drinks lemonade*

  • Possum Boy
    Possum Boy 2 lat temu +3362

    How to make this movie better:
    -Not have it be Christian Mingle, of course
    -when Gretchen says “I just want a guy to look at me for 10 seconds, and smile” her friend smiles. This opens the door 2 a gay romance with a really cute scene where she’s going on her mission trip and her friend runs after her and says some cheesy shit like “I’m not a guy but I smile when I see you” or whatever the fuck and then they fall in love
    TLDR: Make it gay instead

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 7 miesięcy temu +106

    If I ever (somehow) become a director, I wanna make a “remake” of this movie, but: Gretchen/Gwenith doesn’t really click with ANY of the guys she meets on Christian Mingle (or a fictional app that is similar) and she meets a beautiful/lovely woman who is religious (not necessarily Christian, she could also be Jewish or Muslim or something) and they become close friends and Gretchen realizes that she fell in love with the other girl, but feels shameful because she was taught that women being attracted to other women was wrong, so she tries to hide it. She prays to God, asking if her being in love with someone of the same gender is evil, and an ad about how love is love and that God loves you regardless of your sexuality comes on the TV and she finally realizes that her attraction doesn’t make her bad or any less Christian. She confesses her love to the woman and they get married!

    • Jaxon the Okay
      Jaxon the Okay 11 dni temu

      unfortunately i'm pretty sure on christian mingle there was never an option for woman looking for woman or man looking for man. just man and woman. still not a bad idea

    • The true and superior LEGO Grievous
      The true and superior LEGO Grievous 27 dni temu +1

      "Oh my God they were roommates!!!!!!"

    • Park Jimin
      Park Jimin 29 dni temu

      I LOVE IT!

    • memeyartist
      memeyartist Miesiąc temu


    • On The Shelf
      On The Shelf 4 miesięcy temu +9

      I love this alternate plot!

  • Beefcakes Mchunkerson
    Beefcakes Mchunkerson 9 miesięcy temu +117

    The sushi scene is agonizing. It’s just sushi dude. It’s not even that bad

  • Boffo Decleune
    Boffo Decleune 5 miesięcy temu +87

    In case you are curious about the age range of your viewers, you are seriously cheering up a 63 year old woman, whose spouse recently died on the bedroom floor right in front of, but I digress... Thank you for providing a great show to stream. Hilarity helps 100%.

    • memeyartist
      memeyartist Miesiąc temu

      @Flupsdarups I'm only 16 and also enjoying this video, but man I'm so sorry for your loss :c I hope you feel better and I wish I could give you a hug

    • On The Shelf
      On The Shelf 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @Boffo Decleune I’m late but I’m so sorry for your loss 😢

    • Lilpeach523
      Lilpeach523 3 miesięcy temu +2

      🥰😍praying for peace and healing

    • Boffo Decleune
      Boffo Decleune 4 miesięcy temu +4

      I hope so too. My dear old dog died on Friday. Still using humor to muddle through my falling-apart life.

    • On The Shelf
      On The Shelf 4 miesięcy temu +4

      Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry for your loss ♥️ I hope you’ll be okay

  • Alice Carneiro
    Alice Carneiro 10 miesięcy temu +87

    if I had a nickle for each time a bible study montage appeared in this movie, I would have two nickles. which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice

    • Minano Di
      Minano Di 3 miesięcy temu +2

      i would give everything to see doofenshmirtz do crappy film reviews

  • PrettyBoiVivi
    PrettyBoiVivi 7 miesięcy temu +24

    The “none for Gretchen Weiners” was integrated so well

  • Starsaremetaphors
    Starsaremetaphors 9 miesięcy temu +47

    Why would I settle for the dude that comes late to our first date and keeps trying to get me to eat something I've said that I don't want to eat? You know what that tells me? First, that he's rude and insensitive to not bother coming on time on our first date or even inform me if he's going to be late. And two, that he struggles accepting a 'no' for an answer when I refuse something. Pass.

  • onion man
    onion man Rok temu +175

    as someone who’s speaks dutch, that spanish was very good

    • Das Mädchen
      Das Mädchen 8 miesięcy temu +10

      No stop, it hurt my ears 😂 😢

  • Droemar
    Droemar 9 miesięcy temu +67

    "I'm dating a Christian girl."
    "But have you given her the purity test yet, bruh?"

  • Comic Drake
    Comic Drake Rok temu +6218

    To be fair, Gretchen Weiners has also been voicing Zatanna in DC's multimedia properties post-Mean Girls which is pretty neat. :)

    • Kinnakeeter 1997
      Kinnakeeter 1997 Dzień temu

      Huhuhuhuh, weiners

    • Chrissie
      Chrissie Miesiąc temu

      Hey comics trivia man.

    • Jae
      Jae 2 miesięcy temu

      whatith is thy comic Drake doing here

    • Addy G
      Addy G 3 miesięcy temu

      she was the original voice for Meg on Family Guy too.

    • MrZer093
      MrZer093 3 miesięcy temu +1

      She was also the voice for Meg in the pilot for Family Guy but scheduling conflicts made it so she couldn’t do the rest of season one and Mila Kunis took over where she’s been ever since. Been a couple of inside jokes about that in the show as well. Best one was Lois putting her foot down and saying she won’t go along with Peter and there’s nothing he could say to change her mind and Peter responds “oh yeah? Does the name Lacey Chabert mean anything to you?” And Lois responds in a defeated tone: “I’ll be good.”

  • A little bit d3ad
    A little bit d3ad Rok temu +170

    R Kelly said (according to old comments)
    "Hermanos míos, Considérense muy dichosos cuando tengan que enfrentarse con diversas pruebas"
    Which means
    "My brothers, consider yourselves very happy when you have to face various trials"
    Basically "be happy god destroyed your village"

    • Bushy Brow
      Bushy Brow 4 miesięcy temu +1

      Nah don’t blame God for something the world that’s influenced on the evil one did. God never promised life was going to be easy for anyone.

    • Creeper Invasion
      Creeper Invasion 6 miesięcy temu +1


    • Phos Padparascha
      Phos Padparascha 8 miesięcy temu +6

      @Das Mädchen that's so smart, i forgot about german song lyrics. "Küss mich, bitte bitte" is a song that helped me learning german. it was a lot harder for me learning French than it is to learn German. My dad is german, so it helps to have someone to practice with.

    • Das Mädchen
      Das Mädchen 8 miesięcy temu +7

      @Phos Padparascha I’d say find what type of languages is easier to you. Fortunately, I speak Spanish so the Romance languages are easier to understand for me. Then there’s the Germanic family, so Dutch, German etc are similar. German for me is little harder since I’m used Romance languages but luckily English helps me understand it better. Try to identify everything around you and translate it. Don’t be afraid to watch something without subtitles and then try to see what you understand. Id say learning lyrics from songs is the best since at the same time you like the song and get used to the language!

  • Luiz Fernando do Nascimento
    Luiz Fernando do Nascimento 8 miesięcy temu +45

    The story of when you don't have enough Christian XP to reach your crush's level.
    Make that a game please.
    Also, definitely make more of these. Really enjoyed it.

  • makeupforgrills
    makeupforgrills 5 miesięcy temu +15

    19:48 premarital kissing? What’s up with that Christian mingle 🤨

  • Dr. Acula
    Dr. Acula 6 miesięcy temu +23

    That sushi scene actually made me angry. If I had been her in the situation, I'm leaving about halfway through. I might've even involuntarily struck him in the face. The amount of time it took to swallow that sushi roll, is infuriating.

  • Ollie Wright
    Ollie Wright 2 lat temu +16931

    My grandma unironically forced me to watch this after i dyed my hair blue because i need a nice, moral christian husband to set me on the blonde path to heaven.

    • Park Jimin
      Park Jimin 29 dni temu

      I also dyed my hair and my dad was pissed.He was saying stuff like "I don't like it"," You can't colour your hair ", "I will cut of your hair". Like WTF. My mom who knew that started to side with him because her husband said so.BTW my family is muslim.I can't do anything I like, They always try to scare me by saying how Allah will punish me and I will go to hell.They always try to blame my childhood friend beacuse she doesn't act or dress like stereotypical Bengali/muslim girl.

    • Park Jimin
      Park Jimin 29 dni temu

      @Y e a h then she isn’t straight either,right?

    • it is a mystery
      it is a mystery 2 miesięcy temu

      @Lord_Nitrous do you know how straight that comment reads?

    • Alèxia
      Alèxia 2 miesięcy temu

      That's very hitler youth of her

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson 9 miesięcy temu +31

    Curtis is a combonation of Danny’s editing, Drew’s attitude, and Scott Cramer’s voice

    • aurora
      aurora 5 miesięcy temu

      Who’s Curtis

  • roseleaf
    roseleaf 8 miesięcy temu +28

    10:17 as an asian i have never felt so hatecrimed holy shit

    • Nina R
      Nina R Miesiąc temu +1

      That is definitely a hate crime

  • Leo McDonald
    Leo McDonald 3 miesięcy temu +13

    Fun Fact: Corbin Bernsen (writer and director of this movie) is best know for playing Shawn's Father in Psych.

  • Acadia W
    Acadia W 11 miesięcy temu +28

    i love how they threw that one black priest in for ✨diversity✨

  • Fara Tequillo
    Fara Tequillo Rok temu +12671

    gretchen: **has not memorised the bible by heart**
    everyone: that isn't very fetch of you

    • Iron Wraith
      Iron Wraith Miesiąc temu

      @BABY VISION no, it definitely makes sense.

    • wilm
      wilm Miesiąc temu

      This is basically what living with my super religious family is like 😭
      (I’m also religious but they’re... different ig)

    • chelsea ♡︎
      chelsea ♡︎ Miesiąc temu


    • Root the Tree
      Root the Tree Miesiąc temu

      On Wednesday she goes to church

    • Toon Pacha
      Toon Pacha 2 miesięcy temu

      Hahahaha, oh man I was thinking of a Mean Girls reference but you got to it a year ahead of me

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube 11 miesięcy temu +67

    “I just wanna guy who’ll look at my for ten seconds and smile.”
    1. Those are hella low standards but ok.
    2. *friend smiles at her*
    Me who isn’t usually a shipper but this movie already sucks a** and is hella bland: Idk I ship them

  • marie_marigold
    marie_marigold 9 miesięcy temu +39

    not them trying to colonize mexico AGAIN 🤚🏼😭 like, will the yt saviors leave us alone already?!?!!

  • simp4conangay
    simp4conangay 9 miesięcy temu +16

    as an atheist I find this so funny

  • Emily Plank
    Emily Plank 9 miesięcy temu +24

    The cookies at every event is definitely an accurate representation of Christian events tho

  • Sophie Heritage
    Sophie Heritage 2 lat temu +5670

    I didn’t realise this was only released in 2014. This legitimately seems like something from 2004.

    • Broadex
      Broadex 2 miesięcy temu +1

      Nah more like 1304

    • h0e Era.
      h0e Era. 5 miesięcy temu

      or 1984 ...

    • dirty clothes hamper
      dirty clothes hamper Rok temu +5

      honestly i wouldn’t have known this if i’d never seen this comment

    • sofía
      sofía 2 lat temu +12

      but mean girls came out in 2003 *wHAT ARE YOU S A Y I N -*

    • Cherry Vanne
      Cherry Vanne 2 lat temu +2

      Realisation 1000

  • Daria Danielle
    Daria Danielle 7 miesięcy temu +9

    I watched this movie years ago and never realized it was written by Corbin Bernsen and now I'm sad because Psych is my favorite show and I expect better from Henry Spencer

  • LA Baker
    LA Baker 10 miesięcy temu +8

    "her work friend, Pamela, in every romantic comedy there's a work friend named Pamela"
    I didn't even need to stop working and look at the video to know Pamela was the black side kick friend at work... I'll be surprised if she's not "sassy and fierce" too

  • Arthur Davis
    Arthur Davis 6 miesięcy temu +5

    I watched this flick as a goof back when I used to be a believer, and by the end of it I was /offended/ by it's portrayal of faith lol

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name Rok temu +37

    I'm 100% hispanic and spanish is my second language I have absolutely NO freaking idea what that lady just said

    • gato
      gato 5 miesięcy temu +1

      Same, I was just mentally cringing while listening to her speak 'spanish.' she sounded like she's gonna cast a spell on the kid lmao

  • Folu Oke
    Folu Oke Rok temu +4222

    As a Christian, I feel the need to apologize for this movie's existence.

  • spencer emory
    spencer emory 4 dni temu +2

    Imagine being a Christian and breaking up with a girl for not being Christian enough on a missionary trip
    Instead of helping her become Christian enough

  • Luiz Fernando do Nascimento
    Luiz Fernando do Nascimento 8 miesięcy temu +14

    17:09 sounds like when Sam Winchester is exorcising a demon in Latin, if Sam had butchered every single word and line.
    I laughed so hard at this part I had to repeat it 5 times 😂

  • e.w.
    e.w. 5 miesięcy temu +5

    I was forced to watch this movie before I knew the dating site Christian Mingle existed. I looked it up to see the actress’s name, and found out that Christian Mingle was a real thing. For a full two years I was completely convinced that the Christian Mingle website was created based off of this movie.

  • Rhiannon West
    Rhiannon West 9 miesięcy temu +14

    i’ve been meaning to watch this video forever, and now that i finally am i am being told that Christian Mingle is the name of a christian dating site and not an actor. and the film isn’t about a person called Christian Mingle who is also called Christian Mingle in real life. i have no words.

  • SpaceFoxx
    SpaceFoxx Rok temu +5950

    It would’ve made more sense if she was like working in marketing and has to market the app. She gets the idea to try it herself to come up with a pitch and ends up actually meeting a great guy falling in love and eventually becoming a Christian. This gives her a reason to actually use the app and stuff.

    • Alèxia
      Alèxia 2 miesięcy temu +1

      nice, that does make more sense

    • Feral Animation
      Feral Animation 3 miesięcy temu +5

      I completely forgot abt the website and thought u meant that bald dude product 💀

    • milkey way
      milkey way 10 miesięcy temu +11

      @Jeff Bridger she could've used any other dating apps tho

    • snek 78
      snek 78 10 miesięcy temu +19

      fr i thought the product she had to advertise would be Christian mingle, not bald guy pills

  • Becky Becky
    Becky Becky Rok temu +4

    “He is the most mayonnaise wonder bread some of a b*tch ever”
    I would never have felt as offended in my life if I was told that

  • rhubarb dude
    rhubarb dude 9 miesięcy temu +8

    "Imagine if Citizen Kane was sponsored by some fuckin' sleds company"
    I'm dying

  • Juan Collazo
    Juan Collazo 6 miesięcy temu +5

    Cal Cal really told a kid who just lost her home and is questioning God in the middle of her trauma "Eermonos míos, considérense dischousos cuondo tengan que enfrentarse con diversos pruebos"
    Which roughly translates, bad pronunciation and all, to "My brothers, consider yourselves lucky when you have to face many challenges"
    And THAT is the girl who the family likes.

  • The Kazoo Queen
    The Kazoo Queen 3 miesięcy temu +5

    the funniest part is that all these characters act like evangelical protestants but thats CLEARLY a catholic church they're attending in 14:17 lmao

  • Ms12369
    Ms12369 Rok temu +4820

    As a Christian, I'd like to apologize to people of all faiths for having to see this gross mess. Kurtis is absolutely right. You can't "preach the gospel" and sell a product disguised as "art" at the same time. Low key blasphemy.
    It also has a lot of bad theology. The Bible does not in fact condone getting married just for the sake of being married. In fact, it encourages people to stay single and focus on God but hey, if you fall in love with someone, that's ok too.
    There isn't a whole lot of "good" Christian content out there (I can think of 4ish movies, 2 shows, and a podcast that aren't bad) but you can at least argue they were trying to come from a good place. Not with this, though. This offends the senses and while I've never used Christian Mingle before, this makes me want to use it less. May God's corrective hand find them soon.

    • Emilia Gorgas
      Emilia Gorgas 2 dni temu +1

      i totally agree. as a christian i find it manipulative to use a film to sell product and encourage ppl to convert to christianity. i believe in God and everything the Bible says, but this movie condones things that are totally against Biblical morals (lying abt faith, treating others poorly due to religion) this is not a good representation of God as we are really called to love all people. i apologize for the movie as it really give Christian’s a bad rep and would honestly push people further away from believing in God which is not what i want.

    • robinstep
      robinstep 4 dni temu +1

      This is such a peaceful comment section and I am so glad! I am Christian myself and I am so happy people can talk about their different beliefs in peace, such a rare sight! ❤️

    • Ms12369
      Ms12369 29 dni temu

      @LeoUltima Upgraded thanks dude. I'm naturally kind, I think, but God takes me that extra mike. It's a wild journey but I know it all ends in a good place. I wish you well on your travels, too. Feel free to join my Bible study but any Christian place you feel at ease in can help you on your way and I pray you can find that ❤

    • LeoUltima Upgraded
      LeoUltima Upgraded 29 dni temu +2

      Your cool. As one of the few understanding, reasonable and kind Christians I’ve seen, your a really cool person. I hope to strengthen my own faith to God myself, so seeing an example of a good Christian strengthens my resolve further. Thank you kind stranger.

  • ChigginWhengz
    ChigginWhengz 11 miesięcy temu +1

    Thank you for watching these terrible movies for us, so that we don't have to ❤

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith Rok temu +6

    Throwing up to feel better after a hangover is one of the most relatable things I've heard Kurtis say lol

  • Courtney B
    Courtney B 3 miesięcy temu +2

    17:31 Ngl laughing at this movie and that conflict they set up. I grew up in a very Catholic family, and the entire parish seemed excited as all get out and very welcoming when someone expressed even the smallest bit of interest in joining the faith. The same went for some of my secular friends in college and their youth groups, too. The whole breakup scenario and the family's judgment over the lead not knowing the Bible verbatim despite her showing a concerted effort in trying to learn the faith reads more like an A.I. attempting to write the script than actual Christians, which is wild. Way to advertise your own faith and dating service, guys.

  • BlackDynamiteMN
    BlackDynamiteMN 11 miesięcy temu +12

    Am i the only who one that thinks they kinda accurately portayed certain “Modern Christians”

  • GeekGirl _Luv
    GeekGirl _Luv Rok temu +4

    The whole bald pills = faith thing is so funny to me, because if they’re making the point that she should believe in god with no evidence, they chose the wrong fucking metaphor. If you’re going to be taking magical anti-bald pills, there really should be some evidence that they work and that they won’t kill you.

  • zuzu
    zuzu Rok temu +32

    I can’t believe shawn spencer’s dad wrote this.

    • Cool Cracker
      Cool Cracker 10 miesięcy temu +2

      Bro I love Psych with a burning passion

  • dancincoolkid
    dancincoolkid 7 miesięcy temu +3

    this movie seems to prove that there are only SOME christians that lots of christians consider to be REAL christians...which honestly just makes a ton of christians cringe and not want to download the dating app. good job guys, way to alienate your one demographic lmao

  • Dogomatic
    Dogomatic 2 miesięcy temu +2

    That awkward disclaimer placement at the start 😂🤘🏾 “I’ll just put that here 😂”

  • lunamarie
    lunamarie 2 lat temu +4601

    Hahahaha omg i don’t speak english natively and when he said “dating sites where christians can meet other christians” I didn’t think of the religion I thought some guys named Christian were too extra to date any other people than fellow Christians and I didn’t even question it lmaooo

    • Take my Hand
      Take my Hand 3 miesięcy temu

      @Xvladin Michael is also the name of an angel.

    • Josiah
      Josiah 4 miesięcy temu +5

      That is an amazing movie. I approve. Let's make it.

    • Matt Bennett
      Matt Bennett 5 miesięcy temu +1

      This is the movie we want

    • ImmortalBroken
      ImmortalBroken Rok temu +6

      Makes sense, that's definitely something Kurtis would make a video about lol.

    • crunchii
      crunchii Rok temu +4

      Xvladin Yeah you’re right, my middle name is Angelique and it means “Like an angel” or something to that degree lmao

  • andy
    andy 3 miesięcy temu +2

    as an asian person, i have never wanted to punch someone more than that guy taking forever to chew on some sushi

  • draalien
    draalien 9 miesięcy temu +5

    That little curl lines up so well with Kurtis's eye that it looks like he's wearing eyeliner

  • SkullKlutz
    SkullKlutz 2 miesięcy temu +1

    17:02 as a latino, i dont know if i should laugh or genuinely be concerned that not even one person that spoke Spanish was on their production team

  • K2 SO
    K2 SO 11 miesięcy temu +1

    Guys, use this as a moment to realize that anyone can make a movie. This movie is real. Real people wrote it, passed it off to higher ranking people who presented it to other people, and then those people thought it was ok and they all made this. I doubt any of you can do worse than this.

  • Thea
    Thea 2 lat temu +3943

    As a Christian, I'm just trying to figure out how this movie is going to make any logical-thinking person want to use Christian mingle.....

    • Jesus Ambriz
      Jesus Ambriz 11 miesięcy temu

      @Bidlingodoop I type 98 words per minute actually it was short.

    • Bidlingodoop
      Bidlingodoop 11 miesięcy temu

      @Jesus Ambriz that was long

    • Jesus Ambriz
      Jesus Ambriz Rok temu

      @Katie Crouch wrong I'm highly logical and was a Christian as a child and into my young adult years. Even though I've had a post highschool reading level since age 11, IQ ranging between 140-150, and am an INTJ personality type (like that matters) however it reflects my big five personality test scores. I rate high in openness to experiences ect. ect. The problem is my earliest memories consist of prayers before bed and before meals, and I can remember as far back as three; I have a handful of memories from being one or two but nothing to do with religion. I questioned Christianity a lot as a five year old. In my questioning I found out that my great grandmother was raised as catholic in a predominantly catholic society, she disagreed with the priest's teachings and sought answers in the bible. She found what she was looking for in Christianity. She was willing to keep her faith even though she was outcast by the people in her small town for holding different beliefs. She would have to go a city over just to buy groceries. She was willing to raise the children of her husband's mistress even though she had just enough to feed her own children, raising a total of nine kids in the process. They all speak well of her to this day. Ultimately it worked her into an early grave but her lineage continued through my grandmother. My grandmother lived through civil war, and has many stories of near death experiences during that time. One of my favorites is that of when U.S. planes dropped bombs on her city. When she heard the planes over head she was quick to act, she soaked several mattresses and barricaded the wall in the direction of the sound of planes. Then she took cover behind a table after tilting it on the ground like a shield. She told me the bomb had landed some distance from the the barricaded wall, but the shrapnel pierced the barricade and nearly killed my aunt. Had it flown just a bit further she could have died too. Post that civil war my mother, in her teenage years, fell gravely ill had it not been for Soviet intervention she would have died. The U.S. had placed an embargo act on her country constricting the supply of medical essentials. Her pancreas had begin to shut down and she looked like a Holocaust victim, in physique, that had been deprived of food. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for her and that she was on her deathbed, but she got better. Even so the doctors said too much damage had been done to her body and that she would never be able to have kids, she had two. After immigrating to the United States she had two healthy boys both taller than 6 feet as adults, with higher than average intelligence, 98th percentile intelligence to be exact. My younger brother was so good at math at ten years of age that they wanted him to skip a grade, had mother allowed them he would have graduated at age 16 from highschool. Now being aware of all of this you'd say it's illogical for me to accept Christianity because, I'm assuming here, there is no proof that God exists outside of the blessings in my life? That's like saying, anyone who believes the U.S. isn't morally corrupt is evil because they nearly killed members of my family twice. That wouldn't just be illogical it would be idiotic. I'm not christian anymore, due to my current life choices and awareness of biblical texts as it is written in one of my favorite bible verses. "Because you were neither hot nor cold I vomited you from my mouth." God does not tolerate people who are half way in or out. I do not pray, go to church, read my bible or claim belief in God or acceptence of the Christian faith. Although I do believe in God I choose to be cold. But illogical? Not even close. You know there is an irony in the way you think, God will not forsake you for rejecting his teachings in this life, because of "logic" but if he is real and does in fact exist. When you die you will burn in hell for all eternity. Because the bible says that most will get a chance to accept God before they have passed. Should they not he would simply have to peer into that person's heart. For as the bible claims only he knows the hearts of men. It's why no man is fit to judge another man's sin. And why he imparts blessings into the lives of nonbelievers. For as the bible says, "everything a man has is sent unto him from heaven." According to the bible he loves us more than any of his other creations. Hell was created for angels according to biblical text because of their transgressions towards him. Yet for us, his beloved creation he was willing to come in the form of flesh. And give himself in the form of his only begotten son Christ Jesus, to be curcified. So that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Faith is illogical, the christian faith is illogical, but not all that believe in Christianity are illogical. The bible claims that we all have to be born again in Christ. Some have to die to their logic, others to their vices and iniquities, some even to their wealth. For all the questions we ask God only asks one of us. Do you accept me as your Lord and savior? Yes or no. Simple as that, and then the journey begins. The path Christins are called to take is a narrow one and life long. I chose to reject it in the end because ultimately I don't have the moral fortitude, I will make my way back to it in my later years. But if I die unexpectedly before I've managed to do that I will probably burn in hell for all eternity too. Sometimes death happens in an instant. Not all of us will have the same opportunity the criminal that was crusified next to Christ had, and even if we did how can we be certain that our repentance will be from a heart that is truly sorry. On a side note, my pastor as teenager was a physics major who turned down a job offering a six figure starting salary after graduating from M.I.T. These are my own reasonings his pastoral teachings were actually always quite spiritual but I felt this needed to be added.

    • Bidlingodoop
      Bidlingodoop Rok temu

      @KAMARA GRANGER we do have ideas regarding how we got here

  • Snaple16
    Snaple16 3 miesięcy temu +2

    this video was very funny until I remembered that i was divorced for not being religious enough. Damn that hit a little close to home.

  • imani
    imani 5 miesięcy temu +2

    after watching this movie i feel i am entitled to financial compensation

  • Laura Sofía
    Laura Sofía Rok temu +15

    17:02 as a native Spanish speaker I have almost no fucking idea what that woman was trying to say

  • Morgan
    Morgan 9 miesięcy temu +2

    i also thought the first date with the love interest was showing a bad date to set up for the main love interest to show up later…and i kept waiting and waiting and realized no, mr.wonder bread is it.

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas Rok temu +3

    Just subscribed on May 1 of 2021.... I was hesitant to watch your content because I didn't think it'd be funny to be honest ..... But I'll gladly admit I was so wrong.
    I've watched 7-8 videos and ives laughed my ass off.
    Great stuff , really smart and funny. A+ . Look forward to watching all your stuff.

  • Katherine Roberts
    Katherine Roberts 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I remember watching this and thinking it was a parody film until we got half way through. I'm still waiting for the punch line.

  • Aliya A.
    Aliya A. Rok temu +13

    I haven’t even watched the video yet and PLclip recommends this to me and I audibly gasped to my roommate that you’re literally exactly my type “curly hair nose ring big eye guys” and now I’m terribly suspicious of PLclip and how much they listen to everything I’ve ever said.

    • Dee Riggs
      Dee Riggs 6 miesięcy temu +1

      Lol right??? I have had this happen a time or two too 😅 and this guy is effing adorable!

  • Emily Lange
    Emily Lange 11 miesięcy temu +3

    I laughed my ass off at "and here comes fuckin' wonder bread"

  • Lucas Mota
    Lucas Mota Rok temu +4126

    Ah yes, a date scene where the love interest chews on a sushi for 40 seconds straight, how romantic.

    • LeoUltima Upgraded
      LeoUltima Upgraded 29 dni temu

      @Mr. Butch I didn’t think of that but if true I’m pretty disgusted, especially since sushi while probably being middle of the roads in terms of liking it or not is pretty good regardless.

    • Rick
      Rick 29 dni temu

      @Ryan Clark damn, I've been bamboozled.

    • Ryan Clark
      Ryan Clark Miesiąc temu

      @Rick no, it is just 'sushi', don't let them fool you

    • Claire LaVelle
      Claire LaVelle Miesiąc temu

      The chewing sound over the stereotypical "East Asian" music will be forever burnt into my brain

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Miesiąc temu

      That’s literally what my grandpa did when we took him to a hibachi place for the first time, and the rest of my family just found it funny. I can’t believe that exists here as something other than comic relief.

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM Rok temu +15

    "Have you met R Kelly?" is the new "Have you heard of the high elves?"

  • Arrington
    Arrington 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Kurtis: hates subtle product placement
    Also Kurtis: wears own merchandise in the video

  • HappyKat2012
    HappyKat2012 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I scared the 💩 out of my dog cackling at "Have you met R Kelly?" 😂💀

  • Casey Mckenna
    Casey Mckenna 3 miesięcy temu +3

    “Now she’s goin to church to impress this guy.” Yeah, Kurtis. This guy named GOD.

  • mercygal1
    mercygal1 Rok temu +3515

    I love how this movie doesn't even bother to pretend that all Christians are wonderful people who love everybody and casually jumps straight into using Christians discriminating against non-Christians and judging people for not being Christian enough as a plot point.
    Like...that is very much a thing that happens, but it's weird to see the doublethink where they're doing that but also still holding up those Christians as the ideal people and being Christian as the ideal state.

    • Park Jimin
      Park Jimin 29 dni temu

      @Kira Lonely Not only christians but people from other religious also does stuff like that

    • Kira Lonely
      Kira Lonely Miesiąc temu +1

      @Alèxia This. I think a lot of the bad image for Christians is forcing others to obey their religious rules, regardless of how others feel (especially via laws), and forcibly trying to convert people against their will. Which...to me at least, is against the very idea of Christianity. (Free will being a huge thing that we ended up with.)
      At least, that's my experience, being not-super-religious but living in the Bible Belt.

    • Alèxia
      Alèxia 2 miesięcy temu +3

      Like I feel like the world would be a better place if christians kept their religion completely to themselves. Just live your life, and if it makes you happy, maybe people will notice that you're happy and ask about your religion or something. Like, we need to shut up lmao.

    • Ball sack
      Ball sack 5 miesięcy temu +2

      Idk abt y’all but my ideal state is definitely NOT Nevada

  • Jack Manning
    Jack Manning 7 miesięcy temu +3

    Holy shit, I knew I recognized the writer for this movie and it turns out he plays Roger Dorn in Major League.
    Edit: Also, The LEGO Movie is the best brand deal movie of all time

  • S I H
    S I H 8 miesięcy temu +2

    It's blowing my god damn mind that Shawn's dad from psych made this movie.

  • Aftonstan
    Aftonstan 5 miesięcy temu +4

    9:34 My dad was my mums first date on tinder so that *is* the case ever actually.

  • Blood Rainicorn
    Blood Rainicorn 3 miesięcy temu

    Dude I love your subject matter. It’s like a nostalgia trip through my late night commercials of my teen years.

  • Zann Christo
    Zann Christo 2 lat temu +3991

    Dear people saying her Spanish sounds like someone summoning Satan:
    Please stop, Satan is scared of whatever language she's speaking

    • kittiegore666
      kittiegore666 9 miesięcy temu +3

      @Satan thx satan for your input, now tell me: what's the nicest area in hell? i wanna make a reservation

    • Diego Jorquera
      Diego Jorquera 11 miesięcy temu +2

      I heard that shit and I was like since when does she speak Latin lmao as a native speaker I never would have thought she was speaking Spanish.

    • Ceby Guy
      Ceby Guy 11 miesięcy temu

      She just started speaking Jawa to this girl

    • Macaroniinabox
      Macaroniinabox Rok temu +4

      Satan goes by all/any pronouns

    • wink.
      wink. Rok temu

      w o w posers much🥱/jk

  • kali ora
    kali ora Miesiąc temu

    fun fact is that a number of the scenes were filmed in my hometown. I've been to that exact sushi restaurant many times as a teen because it was the only good sushi place at the time. Also, they cast extras from the town. I actually recognize one of the people at 4:21 as a regular from the church I used to go to years back.

  • Merle h
    Merle h 9 miesięcy temu +4

    12:50 God deleted that joke and the madlad refilmed it lolol

  • arsonist faerie
    arsonist faerie 8 miesięcy temu +4

    i can still remember when this movie first came out and i listened to my dad (an anglican priest btw) just fuckin roast the shit out of it on a 3 hour road trip

  • Glitter Khunt
    Glitter Khunt 6 miesięcy temu +2

    "The movies are either good or christian" Kurtis 2021

  • V Lo
    V Lo 2 lat temu +2260

    To make it more realistic for an atheist to be on Christian Mingle, since we already knew she was desperate, she should have signed up for like 10 different dating sites including Christian Mingle to show she just wants to cast her net wide.
    Then they could have shown a montage of her on bad dates from the OTHER sites (so Christian Mingle doesn't look bad) and finally checking her match on Christian Mingle and deciding to go on the date as a sort of... Hail Mary, if you will. Then, after liking her date with the guy from Christian Mingle (changes would need to be made to actually make that look like a GOOD date. lol), she would go on to pursue him.

    • Alèxia
      Alèxia 2 miesięcy temu


    • Nate Box
      Nate Box 3 miesięcy temu

      @arowace well what’s the point on going onto Christian mingle if your not Christian. It makes utterly no sense, and that’s not to say you have to be well versed in the Bible. But you still should be Christian if your on Christian mingle. Think of it like being on a gay dating app but not being gay. It makes no sense.

    • arowace
      arowace 3 miesięcy temu

      @Nate Box i assume you'd put it on your profile. Just because you happen not to be Christian on one of those sites doesn't necessarily mean you have to be catfishing.

    • Nate Box
      Nate Box 3 miesięcy temu

      @arowace but wouldn’t you kinda feel catfished if you meet a girl/boy on Christian mingle and they aren’t Christian? I’m not Christian but that seems kinda fucked up, no?

  • Ethan Quintus
    Ethan Quintus 9 miesięcy temu +5

    Corbin Bernsen was the main character’s dad on one of my favorite shows ever. He’s a pretty good actor. But yeah… maybe writing movies isn’t his strong suit😬

  • Cam Adams
    Cam Adams 11 miesięcy temu +5

    19:33 I have a procedure for these kind of things.
    When a man rejects me and then comes crawling back, he needs to bring me a house reuben from a specific deli, that's in a weird part of town, and the deli is only open 12PM to 3 PM. It's also my favorite food in the world.
    Basically if you break my heart, you will need to preform the sandwich ritual to win me back.

  • Grace Goler
    Grace Goler 29 dni temu

    I was crying last night and this video helped so much. thank you

  • victoria m
    victoria m Rok temu +2


  • prussianmaple
    prussianmaple 2 lat temu +11537

    spanish is my first language and i have just two comments about it
    a) i had to listen like 4 times to understand what that lady said
    b) she literally said "consider yourselves lucky that you got tested by god" girl my village 😭😭

    • Jenna
      Jenna 3 miesięcy temu +1

      I work with a lot of people who speak Spanish and I’m not surprised that it was hard to understand. Her Spanish sounded AWFUL and I literally don’t even speak it😂

    • Berto
      Berto 3 miesięcy temu +1

      It's worse than Peggy Hill speaking spanish. At least with her you could understand some of the words. This one sounds like a drunk faking the language.

    • jjmeanbean
      jjmeanbean 3 miesięcy temu

      @Feral Animation yes she made a lot mistakes, plus not even one word was correctly pronounced lmao

    • Feral Animation
      Feral Animation 3 miesięcy temu

      @jjmeanbean yeah I thought it was weird too
      unrelated but I’m p sure she said ‘tengan’ but I can only hear it ‘tangen’ and it’s SO bizarre

    • jjmeanbean
      jjmeanbean 3 miesięcy temu +1

      @Feral Animation I guess she meant "dichoso" wich means happy or lucky, i don't know why google transtle gave you that meaning lol

  • geospasmic
    geospasmic 8 dni temu

    love how this girl keeps getting harassed by god but i could never get him to pick up the phone ONCE

  • Jaxon the Okay
    Jaxon the Okay 11 dni temu

    it's like they remembered three quarters through the movie that there needs to be a conflict for there to be a story