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The Divorcees of Tik Tok

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  • Opublikowany 28 lut 2019
  • I saw a Twitter thread of recently-divorced people making TikToks gained a lot of attention, so after seeing this, I decided to do a deep dive into the strange world of "Divorce TikTok". I've compiled my favourite divorce Tik Toks from all over and we're gonna watch all of them. So come along as we try to figure out why this is happening, who is making these...and maybe we'll even learn something about relationships along the way.
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Komentarze • 11 629

  • Kurtis Conner
    Kurtis Conner  3 lat temu +23841

    press the like button if you love ring toss as well!!! and let me know if you want a part 2!!!!
    thanks for watching

    • Lactose Bees
      Lactose Bees Miesiąc temu

      Please mister mayor

    • Ern O
      Ern O 3 miesięcy temu

      Is there a part 2?

    • Aaron Sharpe
      Aaron Sharpe 3 miesięcy temu


    • J
      J 3 miesięcy temu

      Make a part 2!

    • Nathan Hanus
      Nathan Hanus 4 miesięcy temu

      Kurits, usually in the United States we have the folded flags for those who gave their life to this country in the service! Not sure if they do that in Canada, but if anyone else in the comments knows, please respond!

  • burnt espresso
    burnt espresso 3 lat temu +25615

    Kurtis delivering a joke while editing is the equivalent of thinking of a great comeback once you’re done arguing

    • Beatrice Fox
      Beatrice Fox 2 miesięcy temu

      Or leaving a comment three years after the video was released

    • Yass BA
      Yass BA 4 miesięcy temu

      @EclecticNostalgia The spirit of the stair??? Tf?

      MOON _ FACTOR 9 miesięcy temu +2

      Mad respect for his ability to still deliver it to the intended audience, which is very different than a shower wall or windshield, like I did

    • mochamaniac883
      mochamaniac883 Rok temu

      haha azula pfp

    • Sniper !i
      Sniper !i Rok temu

      omg yes

  • Gay person
    Gay person Rok temu +6126

    Imagine going on TikTok and your parents saying they’re getting divorced shows up on your fyp

    • Gay person
      Gay person 20 dni temu

      @your local lesbian thank you!

    • Avilo Nemrac
      Avilo Nemrac 20 dni temu

      I can relate to your username

    • your local lesbian
      your local lesbian 6 miesięcy temu +1

      Love your username

    • Large Boi
      Large Boi 7 miesięcy temu +2

      @Lisette García true, but I don’t think my parents were married in the first place lol

    • Lisette García
      Lisette García 7 miesięcy temu +2

      If u thot it, it has happened

  • EJ
    EJ Rok temu +9372

    The six stages of grief after divorce:
    Tiktok videos

    • trapdoorguppi
      trapdoorguppi 20 dni temu

      I honestly thought you were trying to type a secret message with your comments an I had a Sbeve moment I was like wtf does that tdatda mean 🤔

    • Queen Elizabeth II
      Queen Elizabeth II 3 miesięcy temu

      and dont forget: REVENGE
      please dont actually do that please its just a reference i dont wanna be complicit in murder please*

    • 1do2likeU
      1do2likeU 5 miesięcy temu

      Tha's only five!

    • Flore van der Baan
      Flore van der Baan 5 miesięcy temu

      Cmon guys he’s like 10 we know this is only 5

  • aft3rlif3
    aft3rlif3 Rok temu +2585

    Kurtis being supportive of women who are happy getting a divorce, because it's probably for the best?

    • Stoney Lonesome
      Stoney Lonesome 15 dni temu

      @Nate Box your name is great nate. Regardless of all this boys against gals thang...we will bang. I mean look at all the people..and statistically speaking....most men do the bare minimum. Being one myself. However, me gal likes it.

    • Nate Box
      Nate Box 15 dni temu

      @you are made of stardust my name is Nathan.

    • you are made of stardust
      you are made of stardust 15 dni temu +3

      @Nate Box of course your name is nate

    • Xamry14
      Xamry14 Miesiąc temu +5

      @Nate Box look up the percentage of men that leave their spouse with a cancer diagnosis vs women. In sickness and in health is kind of the bare minimum isn’t it?

    • imabouttocry
      imabouttocry Miesiąc temu +3

      @Dustin Allen It wasn't about that but it's no surprise you failed, again, to understand what was written in my comment

  • Lucm
    Lucm Rok temu +2699

    My dad acts like these dudes, he’s so dramatic. He treated my mom like shit, and he still does. My mom on the other hand, she’s been so happy ever since it happened. Yet my dad is like “what diD I ever dO to you! WAAAHhhh I LoVe YOUuUU” like fucking end me.

    • Candy.
      Candy. 28 dni temu

      Same bestie

    • lydia simpson
      lydia simpson 4 miesięcy temu


    • Desperate Enuf
      Desperate Enuf 5 miesięcy temu

      @uzui tengen same like and my dads actually after years seeing her true colors like he was so blind before

    • yhm
      yhm 5 miesięcy temu +4

      @Deviency lmao same. Besides being dramatic af mine also is a compulsive liar and talks abt himself like he's a protagonist in a movie.

    • fundude
      fundude 5 miesięcy temu +3

      **bursts into tears**

  • Isabella Johnson
    Isabella Johnson 2 lat temu +13229

    my parents got divorced but they never made a tiktok, so does this mean they’re still together?

  • Lynn V
    Lynn V Rok temu +3221

    “I’m a pop punk mime”
    *speaks immediately*

    • Kianna Bearden
      Kianna Bearden 5 miesięcy temu +16

      That's the punk part. Don't abide by the rules lol

    • Mija Dreams
      Mija Dreams 7 miesięcy temu +1

      @Honda Accord lmfaooooo

    • Honda Accord
      Honda Accord 8 miesięcy temu +42

      Punks are all about rebellion

    • lefty
      lefty 9 miesięcy temu +13

      @dezmond Stone oh lord its a catch 22

    • dezmond Stone
      dezmond Stone 10 miesięcy temu +56

      @criss holy shit by breaking the laws he followed the laws

  • MargaRat
    MargaRat 11 miesięcy temu +329

    My ex is still the love of my life. I cry every night over what a wonderful person I lost, but I needed to get divorced in order to really cash in on the spiteful divorce tiktoks as I was running out of quality content ideas. Telling them I needed a divorce was the most painful thing I've ever done and I'll never stop loving them no matter how hard I try.
    No regrets tho I gained like 2k followers

  • Raven
    Raven 11 miesięcy temu +829

    That guy at the end didn’t seem like a good father, he’s telling his kids that he got divorced with their mother and he’s recording it for a literal tik tok for hearts and followers

    • Katie Skatie
      Katie Skatie 6 miesięcy temu

      I'm pretty sure they already knew.

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 7 miesięcy temu +49

      Philly D just covered a video of a woman coaching her son to act sad for a thumbnail about them having to put their dog down. As she's telling him how to adjust his face and to look more sad, he keeps repeating "But I am sad..." My heart just broke for that child. His grieving wasn't dramatic enough for her so she needed him to fake more emotions.
      I don't think I've seen something so sick and manipulative in a long time. I'd put this second to one of Mark Rober's package thief videos where a mother had her son steal a package. When they got home, the son, who is about 12, says "I think I like doing this." She asks "Doing what?" And he says "Stealing". She gets all stern and tells him that's not good...but she just had him steal for her! From that point forward, you have forever lost the high ground with telling your child how to behave! I don't get it...I know parenting isn't easy but there are just some things that should go without saying, like not teaching your child how to emotionally manipulate people or to not steal 🤦🏾‍♀️.

    • Kattozilla
      Kattozilla 9 miesięcy temu +45

      @Kami um excuse me they did *what*

    • Kami
      Kami 10 miesięcy temu +137

      Reminds me of the Labrant Fam when they did a 'prank' on their child by saying the dog ran away and obviously the kid was upset and was crying. They filmed her and she was burying her face in a cushion and they kept pulling the pillow away so they could film her crying. Just awful

  • Charlie
    Charlie Rok temu +644

    My dad definitely would've told us through a tiktok if we had it back then. He actually sat us down before he told my mom that he wanted a divorce and asked us if there was any music he could play to cheer us up.

    • Dubious Consent
      Dubious Consent Miesiąc temu +1

      @nootnoot tbf when my parents split both of them individually listened to 'Good for You' by olivia rodrigo endlessly so like it could be worse

    • R.J. Penfold
      R.J. Penfold 5 miesięcy temu +3

      @nootnoot y i k e s

    • nootnoot
      nootnoot 7 miesięcy temu +36

      my dad dipped out for weeks at a time to go drink, and whenever he disappeared, my mom used to play 'blame it' by jamie foxx
      You know,
      'Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a alcohol'
      I used to bump my head to it with her but wow what a weird time 🤣🤣

    • E-bae
      E-bae 10 miesięcy temu +43

      @Big Wendigo I can understand how you would think that but when the person who was the kid in the situation is saying that it wasn’t productive and was in someway traumatic, then it wasn’t that good of an idea

    • Big Wendigo
      Big Wendigo 11 miesięcy temu +130

      Playing a song to comfort your kid in a hard time would be great. Lip syncing a song to break the divorce to your kids while recording it to get clout on tiktok is fucking disgusting in my opinion.

  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing 3 lat temu +9079

    Wait until we get Tik Toks after funerals or when they're hospitalised 😂

    • Cara
      Cara 11 dni temu +1

      now we are 💀

    • Tarek Youngápelian
      Tarek Youngápelian Miesiąc temu

      @ali akeel If I ever need surgery again in the future, I will definitely make sure someone is there to ensure my surgeon is not on Tik Tok while I’m under anesthesia.

    • Cerindiputy
      Cerindiputy 3 miesięcy temu

      I just got sad. D: I remembered the TiKTok of the girl with underlying conditions who got COVID and made a TikTok about how scared and alone she felt because they were just about to put her on a ventilator. DD:

    • Specco Gecko
      Specco Gecko 3 miesięcy temu +1

      I’ve made TikToks in hospital about being in hospital, not like sad videos wanting attention, more like an “ayo here we go again lads” kinda joke.

    • Berend de Liagre Böhl
      Berend de Liagre Böhl 4 miesięcy temu

      Makes me think of the guy who snapchatted a selfie of him literal seconds after he got shot.
      Wasn't even graphic and the dude was straight up smiling. Still processing that energy 7 years after the fact.

  • goblin
    goblin Rok temu +423

    my favorite thing in the world is when Kurtis says something is "insanely funny" without laughing at all

  • Aiden Hoogstra
    Aiden Hoogstra Rok temu +605

    People make weird tik toks about every sad situation. This girl at my school’s maid’s kid died, super sad, sucks that it happened. But then she made a tiktok called “POV, your maid’s daughter died and you never realized how much of a sister she was to you until right now” which is... disrespectful (to the kid’s mom). Also it was a video of her fake crying with a black and white filter on it. I mean dude if ur gonna insult someone who’s daughter just died on so many levels, learn what POV stands for.

    • Benjamin Theisen
      Benjamin Theisen 2 miesięcy temu +11

      It’s hard for me to articulate why this type of content is so repulsive to me but oh my gosh it makes my cringe/second hand embarrassment alarms go through the roof. Like why are people so obsessed with turning genuinely sad/traumatic moments into entertainment and trivializing it.

    • LethAL Butterknife
      LethAL Butterknife 4 miesięcy temu +10

      Bro people like that physically repulse me, if she would come anywhere near me I swear I would do whatever it takes to get away from that thing.

    • Magnus
      Magnus 7 miesięcy temu +92

      If they were that close she would have said "friend" and not "maid's daughter" as if she wasn't her own person

  • Annina Ninana
    Annina Ninana Rok temu +196

    Id like to imagine that while these people were making sad divorce videos, their former SO was throwing a divorce party having fun trashing the wedding dress/suit with their best friends 😂

    • R.J. Penfold
      R.J. Penfold 5 miesięcy temu +2

      I wouldn't be surprised tbh

  • JoonieMoonie
    JoonieMoonie Rok temu +551

    My parents told us their getting a divorce a week after they told us we where going to Disney world. Oh yeah, and when they told us they where getting a divorce they also said we’re not going to Disney world. I’m 23 and still haven’t gotten over it. I really wanted to go to Disney world😢

    • Hamiana Grande
      Hamiana Grande 2 miesięcy temu +1

      have u gone to Disney world yet bestie?🥺🥺

    • Krowe
      Krowe 2 miesięcy temu +2

      @Annisa Monica ayyo take me with you I'm the product of a broken home too, and I can fit in the trunk of a 2014 Ford focus

    • ANG3L
      ANG3L 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @Kimmie E omg?? 😭💀

    • Kimmie E
      Kimmie E 5 miesięcy temu +13

      My parents broke up while we were at Disneyland (right outside splash mountain). Maybe it’s best you didn’t go 😂

    • Rosie Pear
      Rosie Pear 5 miesięcy temu +7

      I might be late but I'll go to Disney World with you! I'm your parent now, even if I'm only 3 years older, and we're going to Disney World!!

  • now thats a lot of damage
    now thats a lot of damage 2 lat temu +17735

    I feel like his impressions of the song are 10× better than the actual song

  • ChildishBlondeB
    ChildishBlondeB 6 miesięcy temu +107

    You know the dad is just emotionally manipulating his daughters into thinking their mum is the issue and the bad person in all of this when he's the one with the goatee and the trucker hat (iykyk)

  • Marta Sillere
    Marta Sillere Rok temu +177

    I’m a lawyer and I can confirm you will need the marriage certificate for the divorce 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tessel Reitsma
    Tessel Reitsma 11 miesięcy temu +36

    The sad reality that too much men would actually agree with “yeah I might have cheated but she wants a divorce, that’s way worse!”

  • KamikazeDreamer
    KamikazeDreamer Rok temu +301

    There's something really uncomfortable about the one with the guy's two kids. Like he either had to script/direct a "scene," or lipsync to a song awkwardly with like no context... probably the latter considering the age if the kids

  • Emily Snyder
    Emily Snyder Rok temu +312

    *lights the marriage license on fire* "is it a boy or a girl?"

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken 11 miesięcy temu +105

    I have to say Kurtis’s singing and performances will never disappoint me.

  • Cheekydishwasher
    Cheekydishwasher Rok temu +226

    "if you're sad, INTERNALIZE that shit like the rest of us" 👏👏👏

    • Cheekydishwasher
      Cheekydishwasher 4 miesięcy temu +3

      @That Jojo Lesbian there's a huge debate in the self help crowd about which is better, to deal with past trauma or to completely try to forget it and discount it from having any effects on it life by trying to erase it from your mind. To each his own!

    • That Jojo Lesbian
      That Jojo Lesbian 4 miesięcy temu +5

      Please don’t, seek therapy I know this is hehehe hahah funny but make sure you don’t internalize your trauma

  • Rosie Pear
    Rosie Pear 5 miesięcy temu +13

    Fun fact: the burning marriage certificate was actually just the one for show, one you can frame and hang on your wall or whatever. It's the actual legal paper the courts ask for.

  • XelaD123
    XelaD123 2 lat temu +3855

    I love how Kurtis cant make fun of things without making like 9 disclaimers to be less mean, its wholesome

  • SpaceIt OW
    SpaceIt OW Rok temu +84

    Imagine being a musician and checking tik tok to see what your song is being used for and you only see divorce tik toks

  • Baron Reeves
    Baron Reeves 2 miesięcy temu +16

    There should be a law against parents recording their children's misery. Like, they are forbidden to have children if their brain hasn't matured beyond being an irresponsible teenager.

  • Penguin Pog
    Penguin Pog 6 miesięcy temu +12

    She gave her the divorce papers... But he couldn't read

  • Max
    Max 3 miesięcy temu +9

    6:05 honestly the most brutal part of this entire video is just watching this woman struggle so fucking hard to flip the papers

  • Ellie H.
    Ellie H. 3 lat temu +14003

    Man In Happy Relationship Laughs At Sad Divorcées For 15 Minutes

    • gebby geb
      gebby geb 3 miesięcy temu


    • Jorge Garcia
      Jorge Garcia 5 miesięcy temu

      @Deviency I love this

    • cherry exid
      cherry exid 5 miesięcy temu

      @in love with a butterfly I desperately want to like this comment but there are 69 likes and that feels deeply rude. So I’ll just drop my like here: 👍

    • Rei Rabitt
      Rei Rabitt 5 miesięcy temu

      @Zoe White pppp

    • kateyepawtch
      kateyepawtch 8 miesięcy temu

      @nadia S aren't they married?

  • Rio
    Rio 5 miesięcy temu +24

    Sometimes when I'm sad, I re-watch Kurtis' videos and start cracking up before he even delivers the jokes, and then I'm happy again, so thankyou for your service mayor

  • Fio Fio
    Fio Fio Rok temu +12

    Well, divorce is what gives a gen z child their power. It's an energy field created by all married couples between the ages of 30-50. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds our sadness together.

  • Teletubbies Tune Twister
    Teletubbies Tune Twister 3 miesięcy temu +22

    My dad had an affair with my mom's best friend. My mom filed for divorce and my dad flipped out. He told me that the divorce was her fault. All he wanted was some fun. Sooooo glad there was no social media at that time. My parents would have embarrassed my sister and me, for sure.

    • Teletubbies Tune Twister
      Teletubbies Tune Twister 23 dni temu

      @Leilani Milan You are right about the best friend being dragged. I guess it's good for her that I was too traumatized to write a book. hahahahahah-ish

    • Leilani Milan
      Leilani Milan Miesiąc temu +1

      That's crazy, but if they had social media, I feel like your father would've been more of an embarrassment to you guys instead of your mom😭 I also feel like the best friend would've been dragged on social media💀

  • antifa super soy soldier
    antifa super soy soldier 10 miesięcy temu +38

    You know how when you're a toddler you just become conscious one day. Like you'll spawn mentally in the kitchen or grocery store and go sick I'll remember this forever. For the tiktok with the little kid in the back, that's her first conscious memory.

  • Anna Sokolowski
    Anna Sokolowski 2 lat temu +11708

    Your skit about the husband finding out about his upcoming divorce through TikTok has the same energy as that one guy who posted “my wife just changed her Facebook status from married to widowed should I be worried”

  • JustAPaperclip
    JustAPaperclip Rok temu +47

    I want to see an entire full length concert of just Kurtis photoshopped onto a country singer singing their songs that was the best seven seconds ever

  • matcha latte 🍵
    matcha latte 🍵 Rok temu +63

    Can we just talk about how different kurtis’s voice sounds when he’s singing country music lmao

  • R. Noah Allen
    R. Noah Allen 9 miesięcy temu +27

    8:16 I did that with the photos of my ex girlfriend when I was 14. I don’t think fully grown adult men should be doing that lmaooo

  • a_useless_brick
    a_useless_brick Rok temu +13

    9:55 i thought it said ‘sometimes two moms are better than one’ and i’m now very upset that it doesn’t

    • a_useless_brick
      a_useless_brick Rok temu +3

      @Talia Godfrey i saw it as the mom being a lesbian lol

    • Talia Godfrey
      Talia Godfrey Rok temu

      If he said two moms are better than one, does that mean he cheated with another woman?

  • uglyasswhiteboy
    uglyasswhiteboy Rok temu +2931

    When I was little my parents always talked about how divorce is bad and I should never get divorced cause it’s like a sin I guess.
    Then I found out that my mom was my dad’s second wife. He got a divorce before I was born.

    • PrettyBoiVivi
      PrettyBoiVivi 19 dni temu

      @Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access absolutely

    • beems
      beems 3 miesięcy temu +10

      divorce should never be counted as a sin :/ if you're unhappy or in danger within your relationship, you should be able to leave.

    • Sky blue flower
      Sky blue flower 7 miesięcy temu +2

      @Jasper Stevens yeah u can

    • jude
      jude 7 miesięcy temu +2

      muslims can get divorced for almost anything we’re so lucky lmao 😭😭

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 7 miesięcy temu +3

      @Jasper Stevens You can get addicted to anything, nothing is off the table.

  • km3001
    km3001 Rok temu +49

    Im honestly glad my parents separated before I was old enough to remember stuff bc I can see my dad doing some dumbass theatrical shit like this despite it being his fault for the divorce.

  • Anika Becker
    Anika Becker 9 miesięcy temu +51

    Shrek 5: Shrek and Fiona get a divorce, and then Shrek makes a TikTok.

    • Olivia
      Olivia 3 miesięcy temu +2

      Funny comment but also Shrek would never

  • Vietnam Gamer
    Vietnam Gamer Rok temu +5

    I love the idea of saying to a lawyer “um... you heard of tik tok?” because you KNOW it’s happened

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd 10 miesięcy temu +16

    3:17 They even wear the same clothes. They must have really loved each other. Never would’ve guessed they would divorce.

  • paul rudd
    paul rudd 2 lat temu +8257

    As a child of my parents being divorced, grandparents being divorced, and great grandparents being divorced, I can confirm that my entire extended family pulled out their phones simultaneously and filmed a sad tiktok

    • King Taeminem's Glasses Cos We Stan Dolphin Cult
      King Taeminem's Glasses Cos We Stan Dolphin Cult 2 miesięcy temu

      @Goofster n Gafster eh kangz

    • dog
      dog 2 miesięcy temu

      @I am h y d r a t i o n Same, haha. My grandma and grandpa are divorced, same with my parents :,)

    • dog
      dog 2 miesięcy temu

      As someone with divorced parents too, the exact same video happened too. Even better, it was on their anniversary 💖
      (the anniversary part is true… they got separated on their anniversary 💀)

    • May Alessa 🌺
      May Alessa 🌺 3 miesięcy temu +2

      @Lance Elliott idk about the commenter, but in my experience (parents divorced, both sets of grandparents divorced, and great-grandparents divorced) I’d say yes. It does help you be cautious and a bit more cynical (If it ever comes to it I’m definitely signing a prenup) but yeah, I’d personally give marriage a try.

    • lol idk
      lol idk 11 miesięcy temu +3

      You should continue the family tradition 🤪
      (in all seriousness, I hope you don’t end up like your family and I hope you find a proper significant other)

  • ElderlyAccompaniment21

    Okay, the introduction with the mime joke HAD ME ROLLING 💀 LIKE- THE WAY HE SAID PARENTS WAS TOO DAMN GOOD LMFAO

  • That's What Ur Mom Said

    Is nobody gonna talk about how Kurtis is in thee wrong profession and should totally be singing country songs.

  • Jelofisk
    Jelofisk 9 miesięcy temu +42

    I like to imagine that Kurtis has a folder full of his own song covers

  • Nina Goldsmith
    Nina Goldsmith Rok temu +34

    Ahh the classic “I love you. I literally love you so much. You’re a great husband, but- I want a divorce”

  • Ryleigh Bark
    Ryleigh Bark Rok temu +11709

    “your wife or your husband” cmon kurtis, you know no gays are doing this

    • trash
      trash 8 miesięcy temu

      @Creature Of Havoc oh!! interesting :0

    • spark keeper🍊
      spark keeper🍊 Rok temu

      Yeah cuz straight ppl are weird and gays are not..? Let's not generalize and instead show respect to everyone, don't you think? I feel it's sad that member of minorities react to discrimination by returning the same hostility... that's pointless :/

    • Finch the tec supporter
      Finch the tec supporter Rok temu


    • StrwbrryLabz
      StrwbrryLabz Rok temu +1

      @Creature Of Havoc Tf just happened 9 months ago 😃

    • -*°:•- n0vany -•:°*-
      -*°:•- n0vany -•:°*- Rok temu

      Everyone’s arguing here but uh ur profile picture is very poggers✨

  • Joelle {oui oui}
    Joelle {oui oui} Rok temu +41

    “Ugh I’m like stuck inside of this box dude, I hate my parents”
    That is content I subscribed for!

  • Mackenzie Berkel
    Mackenzie Berkel 3 miesięcy temu +3

    Kurtis: "It's very good to see you again."
    Me: Don't you mean.... very REALLY good to see you again!!

  • Katieglamer
    Katieglamer Rok temu +32

    9:30 - Kurtis does a sketch that literally explains EXACTLY how my divorce went 😅😆🤣😂 #imadebaddecisions

  • Jake The Pillow Snake
    Jake The Pillow Snake 5 miesięcy temu +6

    "I'm stuck in this box and I hate my parents."
    That is such a mood.

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      Steve M.O. 5 miesięcy temu

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    • Ghoul
      Ghoul 5 miesięcy temu +1

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    • ~KittyCathXp~
      ~KittyCathXp~ 6 miesięcy temu +2

      @Luis Hynes anything could hurt anyone and it's not their fault.Things that could hurt anyone is different for everyone

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    salma 4 miesięcy temu +4

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    MargaRat Rok temu +33

    9:50, Jokes aside though, of my father had propped a camera in front of my face when he told me him and my mom were getting divorced I would've even more upset. Like what the fuck-

  • Kitty Kitty Meow Meow
    Kitty Kitty Meow Meow 3 miesięcy temu +11

    I’m going thru a divorce. My husband of almost 10 years cheated on me… while I was pregnant with our 4th baby. But I moved onward and upward! Everything happens for a reason!

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      yaboicolleen 24 dni temu

      Survive and THRIVE! Whoo!

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  • Dai Talks
    Dai Talks 5 miesięcy temu +5

    Making tiktoks after a divorce is the easiest way to let everyone know you’re back on the market 😂😂 they can now quench their thirst with your single drip! Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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  • Cassandra Royalty
    Cassandra Royalty Rok temu +4

    I had something similar on fyp it was a man saying his wife took the kids and the dog and left him and people felt bad for him, but his daughter brought proof that he cheated on the mom and was abusive.

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    Darkshadow Joselyne Delgadillo 9 miesięcy temu +9

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    KiKiJAMIN 3 miesięcy temu +2

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    Aromatic people - Guess I'll die

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      What every divorce is painted as on the internet: a horrible tragedy that breaks everyone's heart and ruins families forever
      What (some) divorces are actually like:

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    Kay-C 3 miesięcy temu

    Kurtis! I love you!! I love a feminist man!!! You’re so very right! 9 times out of 10 women do feel like they literally broke out of prison! & men are generally sad & you’re so right... it’s bc they’re usually the problem.

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    • Blue_green_love
      Blue_green_love 9 miesięcy temu +2

      “Oh shoot the ring didn’t hit the camera right *redo*”

    • Call me Lique 🥰
      Call me Lique 🥰 9 miesięcy temu +3

      @Hecate Blythe Don’t let one miserable petty make you feel bad . If you love what you do that’s all that matters ! Techno PLcliprs are just as cringey if you put it that way. It’s ok keep doing you 🌻

    • Arroz Con Leche
      Arroz Con Leche Rok temu +25

      And trying again and again if they don't like what they recorded 💀

    • SpookySpaghetti
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  • Bumble bleeb
    Bumble bleeb 8 miesięcy temu +3

    neither of my parents made a tiktok during their divorce. not only their marriage failed but ig their chances of being tiktok famous did too.
    (their divorce wasnt messy or anything and we're all v happy the way it is,,, dont take it the wrong way lmao, its a joke :))

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  • Jenelle Cedillo
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    My parents are getting a divorce and they haven’t made a Tik tok yet 😔 should I be concerned?

    • Joobius
      Joobius 4 miesięcy temu

      Not at all! This actually means that they're gonna get back together, and you should absolutely assume that will happen. If they tell you otherwise, internalise the idea that they're lying. That'll work 🙂

    • Quiet kid
      Quiet kid Rok temu

      hailey bradley thx for telling us your age and your year that u were born! 😁

    • Quiet kid
      Quiet kid Rok temu

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    • Cath
      Cath Rok temu

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  • Kick The Skull Productions

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