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These Are the Worst Guys on TikTok w/ Drew Afualo

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  • Opublikowany 25 mar 2022
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    This week I sat down with Drew Afualo to watch some really bad TikToks. Enjoy :)
    chad chad's video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz5XC...
    jarvis' video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOchC...
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  • nickiminjaj
    nickiminjaj Miesiąc temu +5905

    as a woman, we're actually really in tune with the moon and tide due to our menstruation times. this causes us to float off the ground due to our alternate gravity fields. im sad to say that he's discovered our secrets and why women do not work hard in the gym.

    • fivefingerstotheface
      fivefingerstotheface 3 dni temu

      @Yami Yugi u ruined it haha. The comment was a joke empowering women from these weird misogynistic comments. Why do men think everything is about them. Why do insert themselves into everything. In general, why do men?🤦‍♀️

    • BlueGirrafe17
      BlueGirrafe17 3 dni temu +1

      This comment section is full of dark magic that I'm not supposed to see lol

    • Yeet Gunderson
      Yeet Gunderson 9 dni temu

      Sounds like some shit a stand in JoJo would be based off of

    • deadly lemonade
      deadly lemonade 15 dni temu +1

      Is that the cause for your DEBT

    • Tomato Teddy
      Tomato Teddy 15 dni temu


  • D R A
    D R A Miesiąc temu +7387

    "Being born with an hourglass figure" saying that just screams "I have never seen or touched or interacted with real women before"

    • Jyoti Jain
      Jyoti Jain 3 dni temu

      He is Jack denmo and he has a youtube channel he gets lots of women

    • casey ♡
      casey ♡ 7 dni temu +2

      a baby with an hourglass figure is a new fear of mine now

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover 18 dni temu +2

      @D R A no, there is always gonna be someone who has a specific body type naturally. it' just may not be as exaggerated or common so it can be hard to believe.

  • Charlie Read
    Charlie Read Miesiąc temu +3473

    the fact they were talking about how it's "feminine behaviour" for men to write paragraphs yet they literally have a podcast where they just... talk

    • umopap!sdn
      umopap!sdn 7 dni temu +1

      @Red bean love that for them /j

    • ten's honey skin
      ten's honey skin 21 dzień temu +9

      @Red bean this should really be a comment by itself PLS

    • Shuddup Seriously
      Shuddup Seriously 22 dni temu +5

      @Red bean HAHAHHAHAHA

    • もしもし
      もしもし 26 dni temu +6

      Yeah bro that's so feminine behavior 😨😨😨

  • dot dot dot
    dot dot dot Miesiąc temu +6572

    "Paragraphs are feminine behaviour."
    So I guess Shakespeare, George Orwell, Steven King, Oscar Wilde, Douglas Adam and every other famous male author are feminine kings 💅

    • Deanedong doorbell
      Deanedong doorbell 2 dni temu +2

      Walt Whitman feminine king, so feminine he likes men.

    • Aleah smile
      Aleah smile 10 dni temu +2

      I hate paragraphs I guess I’m masculine

    • Vulnresati
      Vulnresati 13 dni temu

      Yas queen

    • xxughNeonxx
      xxughNeonxx 22 dni temu +1

      Most of the male poets and writers back in the day were secretly gay or messed around with men so yeah they are lol

    • Adam
      Adam 23 dni temu

      @Fairytale Funeral Shakespeare did write everything in poetic verse, he only wrote in prose during certain times of certain plays, mostly when commoners were speaking

  • Van Essa
    Van Essa Miesiąc temu +3709

    Honestly, I'm just positively surprised that that one guy even acknowledged that asexual people exist.

    • 🌼Satan's Assistant🌼
      🌼Satan's Assistant🌼 14 godzin temu +1

      Yeah, like literally that guy said that gravity doesn't exist for women. Having the knowledge of asexuality was not something I expected from him.

    • 5ashll
      5ashll 19 dni temu

      @Guy Incognito idk when I heard about it. But surely as an adult you’d know. Idk though

    • Guy Incognito
      Guy Incognito 19 dni temu +4

      ​@5ashll When my bros asked me for my sexual orientation, every one of them have never heard of asexuality nor aromanticism before. However I haven't been asked for about a year, so maybe they have been getting recognition and I just didn't know.

    • 5ashll
      5ashll 19 dni temu

      Really? It doesn’t seem like such a foreign concept.

  • Emma Shipe
    Emma Shipe Miesiąc temu +3564

    One of the most ironic parts of this is that it's actually more difficult for women to build muscle because of our different biologies. So women usually have to work harder to gain the same amount of muscle as a guy gains.

    • jgabd
      jgabd 5 dni temu


    • Mohona Mukherjee
      Mohona Mukherjee 16 dni temu

      Logan - I appreciate what you're saying where you are suggesting that by " to work out" these morons mean " to work out to look aesthetic ", but honestly, that's being too kind. Given the rest of their content, i do not think they're being as intellectual as to let their viewers draw conclusions to working out for social aesthetics for sexes. I think they just mean - working out. Just that - not because of anything else.
      Also, their assumption that women only work out for aesthetics and not because they want to be fit is... 🤦🏻‍♀️. Sure, some do , and some are misled by wrong information, but as a whole group? Arrogant assumption ( although, from them - utterly unsurprising.)

    • Katie C
      Katie C 17 dni temu +1

      @Logan Gantner first thing; I appreciate you maintaining a respectful conversation bc that's hard to find on the internet these days lol
      I think shaming anyone for choosing to skip or not skip or say one thing is easier than the other is just pointless from my perspective since people's bodies/hormone levels/metabolisms all function VERY differently.
      I appreciate the other perspective on the weight lifting area, it's helpful to look back and remember the shame that leaner men often receive from the weightlifting area.
      While I agree diet honestly is the most convenient, consistent, and often easier way for most people to lose weight, there are some barriers here that are at play. I work in community mental health specifically with clients on govt insurance and govt benefits that don't have a penny extra to pinch and are also usually on mental health medications.
      The reason I mention these two factors specially is bc many, many mental health meds can make you gain weight very rapidly and make it very difficult to take it off. Birth control also very commonly does this to women bc it essentially makes your body function as though it were pregnant. I've experienced it myself and as someone who had a naturally very fast metabolism beforehand, it was extremely jarring just how quickly the the weight came on and how hard it was to lose after that. I lost weight when I changed meds bc I, in a way, was fortunate that the ones I was taking with a side effect of weight gain (SSRI's), didn't work for me and I had to use a med that targeted a different neurotransmitter and actually had weight LOSS as a side effect. I have many clients who gained weight from meds and feel discouraged and confused and don't know how to manage it (lack of resources, health education, education on how to do thorough research, lack of motivation from mental illness, etc). My job location specifically is actually trying to address this concern by offering mental health informed fitness counselors for clients! Its a very good thing, and also shows just how big the need is for something like this. sorry that was lengthy, I just wanted to offer as much as info as I could from personal experience since I had some here for sure.
      The other part I mentioned though was their reliance on govt benefits. Many of my clients come from backgrounds where they really received nothing informational from their upbringing. They don't know how to cook, clean, manage money, hold a job, grocery shop alone, etc) due to coming from either a parent who was also severely ill but undiagnosed, abuse/neglect, or a combo of them all. Therefore, their access to things like healthy meal options, nutritional/fitness education, and adequate medical care play a large role in their ability to control their weight. Women are also more likely to seek mental health care (often with birth control pills, the hormone nightmare), these factors are often relevant to their ability to lose weight via diet and or exercise. Scientifically you are absolutely correct, and diet IS the most efficient objectively. But unfortunately not everyone has access to the same resources and or education and it makes things more murky and complicated if we're trying to discuss barriers or benefits to losing/gaining weight and or muscle.
      P.s.Once again, sorry I'm long winded and hope I didn't stray too far into my tangent lol

    • Logan Gantner
      Logan Gantner 17 dni temu

      @Katie C They do mention "guys who skip leg day", but this is a trope in the bodybuilding community. The vast majority of guys who are going to lift weights at the gym are targeting all major muscle groups. "Don't skip leg day" is a phrase gym rats use to make themselves feel superior to a theoretical, top-heavy straw man who values aesthetics over functional strength. It's not common in practice, especially since having huge quads has been very...trendy within these groups lately.
      I can commiserate with not feeling comfortable in the heavy weights section of the gym. Hell, I don't feel comfortable in those sections. It's a very toxic environment, and it's not only women that are made to feel that they don't belong. If you are using a high-value piece of equipment (like the only cable row machine in the gym) and you're not a huge bodybuilder, you can sense the resentment of other, bigger guys who want to use the equipment and feel more entitled to it. Being at the gym makes me feel like I'm in the wilderness. But it's too bad because technically, everyone should be doing strength training to failure at least once a week, and most people aren't.
      The last thing I will say is, maintaining a low body fat percentage (once you've achieved it) can technically be accomplished through diet alone. As long as you are consuming fewer calories than your metabolism + daily energy consumption, you cannot gain weight. This may not be the healthiest route, but it is certainly possible. Whereas muscles seem to WANT to go away. You cannot maintain them with diet, you HAVE to work at keeping them constantly. I don't mean to harp on comparing the two lifestyles, but my argumentative nature is easy to provoke.

    • Logan Gantner
      Logan Gantner 17 dni temu

      @GG undercover I'm guessing you are a woman based on the context of your statements, but apologies if this is incorrect. You can never expect the same results from the same actions, even if the two people you are comparing are the same sex. You said you maintained the same diet as your cousin. But if he is a man and you are a woman, then his metabolism is much higher than yours, especially as his body starts producing more testosterone. It would be astonishing if you lost weight at the same rate as him. You cannot follow the same diet as a man who is weightlifting. You've got to figure out your own system. I'd also like to point out that the purpose of lifting weights is usually not to lose fat (and certainly not to lose weight), although everyone should still be doing it.
      Most likely as a woman, lifting weights will act to tone your muscles, but not so much to build mass. Mainly because the testosterone levels are just not high enough. Of course, you DO occasionally see those huge bodybuilding women, but it's rare that they are 100% natural. And of course, most women (as far as I am aware) don't WANT to put on tons of muscle mass either.

  • tiramisu
    tiramisu Miesiąc temu +2742

    The worst part about this guy is his attitude about showing emotions in a relationship. It's so upsetting to me that he would tell this to guys who are probably already struggling. Men, I hope you know that your feelings are real and valid. Men can cry, men can be sad, especially in front of the person they love.

    • Frogchamp
      Frogchamp Dzień temu +2

      thanks i needed this

    • A.
      A. 9 dni temu +6

      Ironically enough it's a reason why many relationships fail. When you get in a serious relationship you're going to face hardships sometime and they can be really heavy for both of the people involved, and when a person bottles up their emotions they replace them with other such as anger or they try to avoid the problem. That doesn't work in the long term and in a healthy reletionship it's damaging not just for the other party but to them themselves. If a woman doesn't want to listen to a guys problems that's a huge red flag and you should leave that reletionship immediately. Nobody is a robot we all have emotions and letting them out isn't feminine or masculine it's natural and healthy.

    • Sarah From The Neverland
      Sarah From The Neverland 17 dni temu +8

      I mean why is that even a thing. Men women we all are human beings and have emotions. Why is having emotions, the very thing that makes us humans is something to be ashamed of ?

    • Eyes of the Cervino
      Eyes of the Cervino 18 dni temu +2

      Interacting with _anyone_ who's always supportive and never vulnerable just sounds super uncomfortable, tbh. Like, am I taking advantage of you? Are you just talking to me out of pity? Or are you gathering blackmail material for later? Lol.

    • 5ashll
      5ashll 19 dni temu +4

      @milkenobi good to know in case I ever get a gf.

  • Tisisrealnow
    Tisisrealnow Miesiąc temu +2847

    These guys literally searched up "women stereotype" and just started hating them

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover 18 dni temu

      @Logan Gantner also as a tip, don't say "females" online. because we don't know you, people will think worst of you. not because you are wrong for saying it, but many disgusting men keep saying females in a way which feels degrading and dehumanising, so it's connotation has changed drastically over time. in real life, I'm sur people who know you will know you aren't meaning that when you say females, but online, we don't have that context and tone is also extremely hard to figure out online. hope you have better interactions here for the future

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover 18 dni temu

      @Logan Gantner PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE educate them. legitimately, educate them. because it's years of misinformation of people telling them lies and they don't want to be swole, they just want to be attractive and feel fit and great. it's gonna take a while before we can break this misinformation but keep trying my friend.

    • Logan Gantner
      Logan Gantner 18 dni temu

      @Dear Bangtan I'm sorry, I have no right to give my opinion? So the only people who have a right to an opinion are the people who happen to agree with you or the mood of the room? That's some questionable shit, my man.
      Sorry I said "females", I wasn't aware that this was now considered degrading. I also oftentimes use "males" top describe men, but whatever.
      I started going back to the gym again this week. Place was packed. Benches were full up with dudes. Heavy dumbells were full up with dudes. Pulldowns and rows were full up with dudes. The squats racks were...a mix of men and women. The cardio machines were...a mix of men and women. Are you really going to tell me that there is no trend here?

    • 1 0
      1 0 22 dni temu +8

      @Jude D Yes. Setting expectations for anyone is perfectly fine. The issues arise when your expectations are unrealistic, bigoted in some ways or contradict your expectations of yourself.
      A woman that isn't pretty, has a bad personality and is a bum can have very high expectations for her dream guy, but these expectations are hypocritical.
      There are men that find women having body hair, slightly saggy or uneven boobs, hip dips, peeing, shitting, menstruating, farting, etc. very disgusting and mock women for it. They are free to hold whatever expectations they please, but this is rather unrealistic.

  • Clara Hyatt
    Clara Hyatt Miesiąc temu +956

    it's crazy scary that two grown men have such a terrible understanding of women and human interactions in general

    • Kay-C
      Kay-C 13 dni temu


    • Frick Frack
      Frick Frack 25 dni temu +7

      Scary but far from uncommon unfortunately

    • no twerking in this house
      no twerking in this house Miesiąc temu +27

      I am socially awkward and not really smart but Gosh, i guess misery loves the company in their case

  • justine
    justine Miesiąc temu +12057

    I didn't expect these guys to know what asexuality is. The only representation i didnt ask for

    • Amy Boyle
      Amy Boyle 9 dni temu


    • Amy Boyle
      Amy Boyle 9 dni temu

      Sleepy Ciderr oooooooooooo

    • Illuminati - chan
      Illuminati - chan 16 dni temu +1

      Right? I was like: ok first of all shocked these dudes know about ace…except they kind of don’t know what the word means exactly? but also they seem to actually acknowledge it’s real?
      I have never felt so….uncomfy about someone acknowledging aspec as a real thing.

    • Adara Lopez
      Adara Lopez 18 dni temu

      @Sleepy Ciderr o o ooo o.
      s es i .comfortable i’m

  • WaterGal
    WaterGal Miesiąc temu +960

    As a very proud asexual, when he brought up "don't say your doing it for yourself unless you're ace" I was like this is NOT the representation I was looking for 😓 experiencing sexual attraction doesn't mean you can't look good for yourself! Excellent video, all you peeps out there stay good looking for yourselves!

    • xxxxxx
      xxxxxx Miesiąc temu +45

      I know right? Like how can he mention aces (albeit in a fucked up and incorrect way) but also say that being LGBTQ made a woman unattraictve? Why mention us at all? He can "include" aces but obviously has a terrible and outdated view on women..I genuinely don't understand men like this LOL.
      From one proud ace to another, I hope for more (proper) representation in the years to come

  • sarah elisabeth
    sarah elisabeth Miesiąc temu +796

    if my boyfriend never cried in front of me i would break up with him. he’s obviously an undercover robot trying to take over the world.

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 15 dni temu +19

      She figured out our secret! We must abort the mission!

    • aishah a.b
      aishah a.b 23 dni temu +44

      hush. dont give the robots ideas

    • Caemonn
      Caemonn Miesiąc temu +71

      A wise choice.

  • Nero?
    Nero? Miesiąc temu +286

    As a female i can confirm that im a floating hourglass baby that has no hobbies (other than writing paragraphs)

    • Hannah Freeman
      Hannah Freeman 12 dni temu +4

      I dont know if this is the same guy who said women only like cats and the bachelor (that’s why they suck) and I, as a woman who sucks, enjoy those things!

  • paula
    paula Miesiąc temu +1501

    He's saying men are "the logical ones" while most of his videos he's presenting shower thoughts like facts. Also you don't have to make up theories about what women want. Women exist, can tell you what they want and it's definitely not that.

    • Funny video guy
      Funny video guy 15 dni temu +2

      @Alora Hartigan Girl: I just want you to give me attention and stay loyal
      Guy: interesting reaction, but what does it mean?

    • Taylor Way
      Taylor Way 24 dni temu +14

      They talk about women like we are an alien species they have “studied”. It’s serial killer sounding shit

    • Rep
      Rep 26 dni temu +21

      Probably because his only interaction with girls was in mid/high school with actually confused girls just like confused boys, because they're stupid teenagers.
      He's literally talking to confused boys as a confused boy himself, that's his whole show sadly.

    • もしもし
      もしもし 26 dni temu +13

      They talk about us like we're all just clones and we all like the same things

  • Chickennuggetpaw 469
    Chickennuggetpaw 469 Miesiąc temu +1429

    I love it when they make broad claims about what “all” women are into despite not being women and clearly having no idea what women are actually attracted to. Like, not all of us are into Dorito shaped muscular men who never show emotion 💀

    • BJ
      BJ 14 dni temu +3

      I've never been attracted to an overly muscular guy in my life. I like slender builds. Men who are somehow simultaneously geeky and hot.

    • 5ashll
      5ashll 19 dni temu +1

      “Dorito shaped” 😂

    • Chickennuggetpaw 469
      Chickennuggetpaw 469 20 dni temu

      @Ax Honestly, good for you. You’re not missing out on much 😵

    • Chickennuggetpaw 469
      Chickennuggetpaw 469 20 dni temu +4

      @ANG3L nah your woman card is good. Skinny guys with no muscles that wear makeup are 🥵

  • dog
    dog Miesiąc temu +294

    them: red flag if a woman has a designer handbag and cant afford it
    also them: girls with tats?? green flags because tattoos are free for sure

    • Eyes of the Cervino
      Eyes of the Cervino 8 dni temu +2

      @N MNSC
      Not quite what I meant, but, hey, I'll take it!

    • N MNSC
      N MNSC 8 dni temu +4

      @Eyes of the Cervino I have never read a more threatening comment. BRB, unchecking the “skin” box on my organ donation card.

    • Eyes of the Cervino
      Eyes of the Cervino 18 dni temu +19

      I just get my tattoos secondhand. It's better for the environment, and so much more affordable :)

  • Mackenzie Maskery
    Mackenzie Maskery Miesiąc temu +536

    Fun story about these guys- I randomly met them on my birthday a few years ago and had absolutely no clue who they were… they had the biggest superiority complex and then when someone mentioned it was my 20th that day one looked me dead in the eyes and said “you literally look 12” and walked away lmfaoo love to see that they’re getting roasted on the internet now

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover 18 dni temu +20

      I'm surprised they didn't try to flirt with you when they realized you only looked 12 but were of age. guys like them are literally hypocrites and creeps.

    • Liara Neja Torres
      Liara Neja Torres 22 dni temu +8

      Story of my life 😭 I feel your pain

    • mom pls pick me up I'm scared
      mom pls pick me up I'm scared Miesiąc temu +73

      You know who else has a Young Face™? Danny Gonzalez. And he's awesome so don't worry my dude!

  • Roxas Sora
    Roxas Sora Miesiąc temu +872

    "This is what makes women unattractive"
    Like any of them would be attracted to him, except pick me's

    • Roxas Sora
      Roxas Sora 24 dni temu +9

      @not relevant Fr, what is it with a lot of guys and lesbians? Like my guy, they're not into you or what you were born as.

    • not relevant
      not relevant 24 dni temu +11

      @Roxas Sora reminds me of that one sc (i think it was sc) interaction I saw on reddit where some guy was like "If you keep telling guys that you're a lesbian no man is gonna want you"

    • Hazza’s gay vodka
      Hazza’s gay vodka 29 dni temu

      @Espeon wow wow 🤓

    • Espeon
      Espeon Miesiąc temu +2

      @Hazza’s gay vodka ✋👋

    • Hazza’s gay vodka
      Hazza’s gay vodka Miesiąc temu +17

      @Jada G.I Jane 2 can't wait to see

  • Maddox
    Maddox Miesiąc temu +5055

    I’m a trans guy, and I can confirm that as soon as I came out I started feeling the full effects of gravity. I completely lost my ability to float above the ground, and I even had to skip leg day too. It was difficult at first, but it was a worthy sacrifice to truly be myself ✨

    • Gayle Lyn
      Gayle Lyn 13 godzin temu

      Hear that ladies you aren’t affected by gravity

    • Liz Lee
      Liz Lee 3 dni temu

      I’m genderfluid so I guess I just walk around like I’m on the moon lol…

    • Nerium
      Nerium 8 dni temu +1

      @paula tamara mohamad both at the same time

    • Alfredo Vázquez
      Alfredo Vázquez 13 dni temu +1

      Dear god, I love all of you jajaja

    • whore
      whore 16 dni temu +1

      SLAYYY WHAT A KING 😍😍 too bad about skipping leg day tho. that really was a sacrifice 😣😢😕😕

  • Robby Midgett
    Robby Midgett Miesiąc temu +348

    "Turn offs: LGBT flag"
    Bro, I don't think she's into you if she has that anyway lmao

    • ChocolateAddictedArtist
      ChocolateAddictedArtist 26 dni temu +12

      @Robby Midgett Or ANY girl lmao

    • Robby Midgett
      Robby Midgett 26 dni temu +5

      @ChocolateAddictedArtist Yeah but I find it unlikely a bi girl is gonna like this tool anyway

    • Tip Toes
      Tip Toes 27 dni temu +9

      @Emily F Oh, I sure hope. Unless she's a masochist. lol

    • Emily F
      Emily F 27 dni temu +29

      @Tip Toes fair point, but also let's be honest, even if that person's bi she's probably gonna pass on mr "lgbqtehhhhh?!" regardless

    • ChocolateAddictedArtist
      ChocolateAddictedArtist 27 dni temu +10

      I mean, technically, she could be. Bisexuality exists.

  • Krystelle Gibson
    Krystelle Gibson Miesiąc temu +338

    Whenever podcast guys talk about how women don't like men showing emotion, it suggests to me that the only time they are "vulnerable" with women, is when they're using it as a manipulation tactic. Usually, it's not the emotions, it's the guy who makes her feel uncomfortable.

    • Eyes of the Cervino
      Eyes of the Cervino 18 dni temu +8

      That's an interesting point. Especially since even obvious attempts at manipulation are so hard to call out -- if someone's maintaining enough plausible deniability that there's nothing concrete you can point at and say "knock it off" without sounding like a crazy person, then I imagine it'd be pretty easy for then to never receive any feedback and fall into an echo chamber of . . . well, of whatever this nonsense is, I guess.

    • Charlie Fort
      Charlie Fort Miesiąc temu +43

      It's kinda sad cause they would rather think of their emotions as a tool instead of actually feeling them, possibly to feel in control.

  • Emilia G
    Emilia G 27 dni temu +115

    The common theme with a lot of misogynists is "Girls say this but they don't mean it". Like, just not believing women with what they say. If you see that? Boom, that's it. Red flag.

  • LittleMissFox
    LittleMissFox Miesiąc temu +180

    Dude, him telling men never to show their feelings to their girlfriend because they "always need you to be the strong one" literally broke my heart. NO ONE should ever feel like they can't be vulnerable and cry/break down in front of their significant other. That is your person and if you just need to take a moment not to be strong, to lift the burdens off your shoulders for a moment, you should have that freedom at least in your partner.

    • Aakash Garain
      Aakash Garain 3 dni temu +1

      @Black Knight I'd say it's changing rapidly, personally,every girl I have met says "what?men can't cry?who says that?that's so stupid lol" cuz apparently they were not aware of these stereotypes,but again,not all girls I met represent the whole girls in the world,I think it's pretty equally divided,there is no shortage of dumb people you know

    • LittleMissFox
      LittleMissFox 6 dni temu +4

      @Black Knight It's hard to say, where I live I'd say they're in the minority for sure, but I live in a relatively peaceful and kind community to begin with. Outside of my city (and I have done some extensive travel) I have seen places and met people where those women can be found in droves. I think age plays a big factor too. A lot of those types of women I notice are in their 30s, if not approaching that age, whereas the 20 somethings are much more accepting and inviting to the emotional side of men. Hopefully that is good news? Perhaps the next generation can produce more open minded men and women

    • Black Knight
      Black Knight 7 dni temu

      @LittleMissFox Do you think those kind of women are in the majority or the minority?

    • LittleMissFox
      LittleMissFox 7 dni temu +3

      @Black Knight I know, I see it way too often and it breaks my heart. These women need to be better. Men are just as human and just as susceptible to emotions, that isn't just a girl thing. :/

    • Black Knight
      Black Knight 7 dni temu +1

      I agree but the problem is there are a lot of women who are turned off if a man cries aur shows vulnerability.Those women see it as weakness.

  • Heather Yi
    Heather Yi Miesiąc temu +8121

    Drew is so naturally funny! Everything she says is so perfectly worded and her comedic timing is great. Really liked her as a guest

    • mikey
      mikey 24 dni temu +1

      @jocelyn schneider bruh no one cares

    • もしもし
      もしもし 26 dni temu +1

      @alex deppaye that's so true 😭

    • miranda mcguire
      miranda mcguire 29 dni temu +5

      @jocelyn schneider looking for who askedddd

    • jocelyn schneider
      jocelyn schneider Miesiąc temu +2

      @dani it’s not because she’s a woman at all lmao. I AM A WOMAN. i think lots of women are very funny but she just isn’t. it just seems like most of the time she didn’t have anything to add to kurtis’ points and she didnt really make any jokes, just agreed with his.

  • Libby
    Libby Miesiąc temu +185

    the "they do it for other women" is TRUE bc if a pretty woman cuts me down on social media, I'll think about it for days. but if a guy does the same thing, I laugh it off knowing their opinion is irrelevant

    • Vulnresati
      Vulnresati 13 dni temu

      @GG undercover that's literally a misogynistic take, even if most men you know are like that. When I had a girlfriend, I would try to wear cute outfits for her, but she would never compliment me on it. I would ask her what she thinks I would look cute in and she would say "idk".

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover 18 dni temu

      honestly, most men in my experience don't even know the difference in what I wear (clothes, makeup, hairstyles, nails). when I get compliment, usually from other women. they notice. so I do it for them and me. feels hella good. men will like anything or hate whatever. I stopped giving a fuck when I realized that. besides, I've been hit on when I literally intentionally tried to look like a sack of comfy potatoes so I wouldn't get bothered, so I don't rate men anymore.

    • Angela K
      Angela K 20 dni temu +6

      She’s not really pretty if she’s cutting u down b!!

    • Priestess Death
      Priestess Death 26 dni temu +5

      @Lalalanddddd I’ve seen A LOT of women say this though so it’s definitely true for a good amount of people…

    • Priestess Death
      Priestess Death 26 dni temu +2

      Tbh I feel like I’m one of the few women who doesn’t relate to this and idk how to feel about that…I was a tomboy growing up…

  • Alyce
    Alyce 28 dni temu +62

    As an LGBTQ+ woman, I'm honestly relieved he doesn't find me attractive.

  • chonk bear
    chonk bear Miesiąc temu +156

    i absolutely cannot stop laughing at how the camera incessantly cuts from the guy talking to the other guy not saying anything at all every two seconds. it’s so funny

    • ‎f
      ‎f Miesiąc temu +4

      that guy is part of the background to the point that he has completely blended into the wall

  • finnatical
    finnatical Miesiąc temu +605

    i like how instead of Drew saying just “men”, she said “men like this”

    • Ronit Jalihal
      Ronit Jalihal 25 dni temu +2

      @laurelcello no but the comments won't be wrong would they

    • Daniel Drago
      Daniel Drago Miesiąc temu +47

      @Ivnrik you’re the type of person the comment above you is probably referring to

    • Ivnrik
      Ivnrik Miesiąc temu +7

      @Daniel Drago no, it would be wrong

    • laurelcello
      laurelcello Miesiąc temu +84

      @Daniel Drago yeah but it's just good that she makes the distinction so she doesn't have to get comments like 'wELL aCtUaLly iT's nOt aLL mEn" lol
      edit: if this comment makes you mad, you are exactly who i’m talking about

    • Daniel Drago
      Daniel Drago Miesiąc temu +75

      It would be fine either way bc of societal context

  • Jenna Embers
    Jenna Embers Miesiąc temu +4881

    misogynist: likes tattoos on girls
    me: oh no… my tattoos are meant to DETER people like you

    • Vulnresati
      Vulnresati 13 dni temu

      Men who think they are manly like tattoos on women. As a more feminine man, I don't find tattoos very attractive.

    • Lenzo Productions
      Lenzo Productions Miesiąc temu


    • Lamou Lamou
      Lamou Lamou Miesiąc temu

      Yeah same with dying hair

    • Troy509
      Troy509 Miesiąc temu +6

      Just tattoo D E B T on yourself

    • Jenna Embers
      Jenna Embers Miesiąc temu +4

      @Kizface 3 omg i wish i could. i grew out my leg hair and i love it, but i have this ocd thing about feeling myself sweat and if my hair is grown out i only feel it more lmao.

  • frootloopdude
    frootloopdude Miesiąc temu +296

    As a dude attracted to other dudes, emotions and vulnerability is so much better than bottling it up and saying " oh I'm fine dw" like that worries ppl wayy more and is not going to help in a relationship. Communication is key.

  • Sophie Conrad
    Sophie Conrad Miesiąc temu +198

    I wish someone would’ve pointed out that in the first clip, he says that if girls are born with “blonde hair and blue eyes” they didn’t “work hard for those things”…… as if I, a brown girl with dark hair, worked hard enough, I could someday also attain blue eyes and blonde hair

  • Sexy Bexy
    Sexy Bexy 19 dni temu +19

    I don’t think these bros realize just how unattractive their insecurity comes across to women. They are SO obsessed with appearing manly, adhering to strict gender roles, checking all the “right” boxes, and basically being fake as hell, that it’s just … off-putting. Believe it or not, women are individuals and we like different things.

  • Alex Stillwell
    Alex Stillwell 26 dni temu +36

    as a genderfluid person it is so hard to have to constantly switch from floating to hitting the ground due to this issue with gravity :((

    • Rabbit Hill
      Rabbit Hill 18 dni temu +2

      I use one of those big clear inflatable spheres, like a human bouncy ball

  • BlueJay
    BlueJay Miesiąc temu +22226

    Referring to having sex as "getting kills" is one of the cringiest most insecure things you can do

    • Lewis
      Lewis 17 dni temu

      @Bigboi lol those who do are just gross people.

    • Wang Xian
      Wang Xian 28 dni temu +1

      @Bigboi tell me you're an incel without telling me you're an incel

  • Jake Michael
    Jake Michael Miesiąc temu +78

    My favourite galaxy-brained take from these two is the whole notion of, "men are to the point... women are far more detailed."-Like... mate... you've literally got a multiple hour-long podcasts with your bros where you talk in-length about pointless/non-existent problems and issues you've pulled out of your arse...
    Tell me again how men are "to the point."

  • Dr Bitchcraft
    Dr Bitchcraft 28 dni temu +34

    If they took a moment to look at fictional male characters that women simp for, they would notice that these are all emotional characters.

  • chaoticoverdrive27
    chaoticoverdrive27 17 dni temu +15

    When anyone says “men are logical and women are emotional” it just makes me think of my mentally abusive ex that wanted to control every aspect of my life because he was so insecure with himself. Like me going to see my family was a problem because I wasn’t spending time with him. Yea. So logical. Not emotional at all. 😐

  • Eleftheria K.
    Eleftheria K. Miesiąc temu +93

    Usually you'll hear "there's no way a woman can be physically stronger than a man" , didn't know we've gone to the other side of that where "men actually work harder to be as strong as women are" 😄

  • Indie-Rose
    Indie-Rose Miesiąc temu +14066

    It’s so strange to see them acknowledge asexuals but completely forget that lesbian, gay or bi people exist.

    • Erienne Nottle
      Erienne Nottle 14 dni temu

      These kinds of things that they teach YOUNG BOYS and men are highly damaging.
      Isolating yourself within your emotions and being taught that anything different means you're weak and a failure, will ultimately result in unhealthy habits, and possible suicide.

    • NarcyH
      NarcyH Miesiąc temu

      As an asexual I was very triggered by this, like I’ve you’re gonna talk about the LGBT community then actually talk about the LGBT community without being misogynistic

    • raindownchoas
      raindownchoas Miesiąc temu


    • anahí
      anahí Miesiąc temu +1

      @kirakira damn... ive met people who were the exact opposite lol. its so weird how some people will cherrypick supporting minorities :/

    • kirakira
      kirakira Miesiąc temu +1

      @anahí i've unfortunately encountered a fair share of people who will support asexuals but not gay/trans people

  • Marissa King
    Marissa King Miesiąc temu +25

    My jaw dropped when he said “mental health awareness is unattractive “

    • Frogchamp
      Frogchamp Dzień temu

      ""pffft! you worry about keeping yourself in a good mental state and make sure to not overwork yourself! LMAO! look at these losers! now im gonna go cut lumber while firing ak 47s and riding an sick motobike"
      -these guys, probably

  • MadiTheTroll1337
    MadiTheTroll1337 Miesiąc temu +52

    ANY woman can shatter these guys egos by lifting 10 pounds more than they do.
    Watch them squirm

  • parker shaw
    parker shaw 22 dni temu +18

    I love how his example of a “perfect woman” was blonde with blue eyes and born thin…okay aryan race lover….

  • crabless in baltimore
    crabless in baltimore Miesiąc temu +50

    grateful drew & kurtis are providing a comedic filter for these brain-rotting takes to pass thru before they hit my cortex

  • Alice
    Alice Miesiąc temu +4090

    I’m literally a girl who basically only does arm day. How is that to attract guys? I want big sexy muscle mama arms so I can flex in the mirror and pretend I’m a war goddess

    • puffgirl6
      puffgirl6 3 dni temu

      Im not joking, arm day is the ONLY day I like at the gym 😅

    • Martina Ross
      Martina Ross Miesiąc temu +1

      @DenEbony I love the sentiment here lol but you should know that all the power from punches actually comes from the legs. The arms are just the delivery system

    • cozy
      cozy Miesiąc temu


    • TrainerblueTube
      TrainerblueTube Miesiąc temu

      You're attractive to some guys, trust me

  • Maria
    Maria Miesiąc temu +26

    this really makes me realize that this guy is just taking his limited personal experience and claiming that it's the rule with literally everyone

  • Cici Frocc
    Cici Frocc Miesiąc temu +42

    My favorite thing misogynists alway slip up and say is that “girls get all this surgery with bbl’s and boob jobs and nose jobs instead of going to the gym” and I’m always curious how you can change your nose from going to the gym. Similarly..he said some girls have natural hour glass figure and blue eyes so they don’t have to work out..so I’m curious what work out can one do to achieve blue eyes?

    • Anita Borozan
      Anita Borozan 17 dni temu +2

      Removing someone's blue eyes and putting them in your sockets can be considered a workout. We women just aren't trying hard enough to achieve our goals.

  • Rockin
    Rockin Miesiąc temu +41

    them not recognizing gay men made me cease to exist, i literally poofed out of thin air
    eta writing paragraphs is simping stop being literate, fellow kings.

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi Miesiąc temu +21

    the fact they were talking about how it's "feminine behaviour" for men to write paragraphs yet they literally have a podcast where they just... talk

    • 5ashll
      5ashll 19 dni temu

      @the green one I’m joking.

    • the green one
      the green one  19 dni temu +2

      @5ashll fellas is it sus to write things out with pen and paper?

    • 5ashll
      5ashll 19 dni temu

      But see, putting pen to paper/ typing it up Is the actually feminine part.

    • the green one
      the green one  Miesiąc temu +4

      Idk if they realize they’re just speaking paragraphs lmao

  • Kheila Gomes
    Kheila Gomes Miesiąc temu +26603

    kurtis and drew are literally the perfect duo to make fun of weird men

    • KSangel180
      KSangel180 29 dni temu

      Hope she and Curtis make more vids together. Cause they make a great team. ♥️♥️

    • splitty22
      splitty22 Miesiąc temu

      @AE1_ Bro chill

    • Cata Aninat
      Cata Aninat Miesiąc temu

      we need MORE

    • Better Sleep
      Better Sleep Miesiąc temu

      Everyone reading this i hope you have a wonderful day! A blessed life! Hope you become successful and wealthy!💸💸💸💸 Hope you are healthy!! I love you!! You are wonderful and beautiful and unique and perfect!!🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🍉🧂☁🙏🏼

  • Emilia G
    Emilia G Miesiąc temu +10

    I am eternally grateful for Drew Afualo. I'm sure she's not the first, but legitimately one of the first women I've seen on social media with unapologetic confidence making fun of misogynists and gaining such traction as well. Love you Drew!

  • stan weki meki
    stan weki meki Miesiąc temu +29

    you guys have such great chemistry I can see the similarity in humor. I need more of you and drew together

  • Michelle Delkel
    Michelle Delkel 17 dni temu +3

    My first time seeing Drew and you guys bounced jokes off each other so well. I was cracking up with the troll D E B T

  • tristonanan
    tristonanan Miesiąc temu +13

    That one guy does realize that almost every doctor is in debt, right? So even his own example is wrong.

    • Madison Cheney
      Madison Cheney 20 dni temu +1

      SO TRUE!! like…do these men know how much med school costs?! clearly not lol

  • TPAT wasTaken
    TPAT wasTaken Miesiąc temu +3328

    yeah..gotta say, as a trans man, getting used to having to fight gravity has been the hardest part of my transition.
    as soon as i got that first T shot my previously angelic weightless floating body hit the ground like a rock. it sure is hard for men with all this gravity.... :/

    • spencer
      spencer 29 dni temu

      yea same :/ its so annoying honestly.

    • no, thnx
      no, thnx Miesiąc temu +2

      @NaomiLii backpack with rocks helps a little 😔🤙
      Somebody needs to make the LoZ iron boots real ASAP

    • PS1 Hagrid ouf of character
      PS1 Hagrid ouf of character Miesiąc temu +3

      god i'm so scared to start my medical transition... i like floating and shit, might be the only part of 'being a woman' i enjoy (aside from being outwardly unassuming and not making women uncomfortable)

    • Nightlife _Artz
      Nightlife _Artz Miesiąc temu +3

      @NaomiLii there should be a switch on the back of your calf that should turn it off :)

    • aah whatever
      aah whatever Miesiąc temu +6

      i'm so scared of having to learn to walk again once i start t

  • Jadesmorot
    Jadesmorot Miesiąc temu +19

    Drew and Kurtis just perfectly bounce jokes off each other, home runs only!!

  • consent club
    consent club Miesiąc temu +9

    The part about name tattoos is incredibly funny because I'm friends with tattoo artists and they've definitely done more coverups of women's names on cishet men than anyone else

  • Ray the bun 無ゞ謁

    Its so funny to me how all of these men give the same advice
    “No feelings!! Workout!! You’re better than your girl!!”
    It feels like they’re all the same person giving the same horrible advice

  • Andre_The_Tiny
    Andre_The_Tiny 21 dzień temu +10

    Not only am I offended there's people like this, but also why do they ignore the absolute dumptrucks men strive to have. Bro, leg day and getting a dumpy is like the best part of working out

  • Kelley Reeves
    Kelley Reeves Miesiąc temu +11233

    Can't make fun of Tik Tok alpha males without Drew involved lmao

  • Lawrence Foster Jenkins
    Lawrence Foster Jenkins Miesiąc temu +10

    the "DEBT" saga is the reason i've gone back to this video multiple times. these two have a great comedic dynamic

  • Tea Peroska
    Tea Peroska Miesiąc temu +10

    can we talk abt how these men the ones complaining abt how much girls spend to look nice are the same men that want a girl to physically looks nice, when 9/10 they are the same girl.

  • brittney scott
    brittney scott Miesiąc temu +12

    As a comp professor I've got to say, It's absolutely standard academic practice to assign essays to women b/c we all know men should never write paragraphs. Men only take lab classes where they fight gravity.

  • Sara Oliveira
    Sara Oliveira Miesiąc temu +43

    The thing about other girl's comments holding more weight than men's comments is sooooo true

  • ash fallen
    ash fallen Miesiąc temu +3190

    im literally so glad drew brought up that they never consider lesbians. i’m lesbian and every time i see these “takes” im always just like bruh, literally what 😭

    • ana k/
      ana k/ Miesiąc temu +4

      every podcast ran by men like this completely ignore sapphics

    • notobsidian
      notobsidian Miesiąc temu +13

      These dupes will be like “women” this that and the third and it never fails to mildly annoy me every time bc like… have u ever considered that a good portion of the “women” in question are not a part of ur cisheteronormative, nonsensical generalizations?

    • pansy
      pansy Miesiąc temu +3

      I swear and when they DO talk about us it’s in a way that sounds really degrading

    • MysteriousGal7
      MysteriousGal7 Miesiąc temu +39

      but they included ace people to fit their argument lmao

  • Sicile N-G
    Sicile N-G Miesiąc temu +5

    Drew is HILARIOUS!!!!! Loved seeing a collab with a woman on the channel, especially since you guys are talking about a subject which so heavily involves women :)

  • knifeboots
    knifeboots 28 dni temu +9

    the thought of someone believing that it's easy for girls (well afabs) to slim down and get an hourglass regardless of genetics is just so. ah. what? i will never have an hourglass, and i will never be thin. there's nothing wrong with that. i can't change my bone structure or where my body fat deposits sit. i could have the same amount of fat and muscle as someone else and we'd still look totally different

  • Jan Ciemięga
    Jan Ciemięga 10 dni temu +1

    I love the energy between you, constant back and forth, callbacks to running jokes - perfect ridicule of the bullshit these guys represent

  • jennifer lawrence
    jennifer lawrence 27 dni temu +8

    I think those two guys have never actually met a human female in real life.

  • Bad Vibes Only
    Bad Vibes Only Miesiąc temu +3237

    I love how she kept laughing at his troll voice so he kept doing it. Weirdly wholesome.

    • Pastel Laura
      Pastel Laura Miesiąc temu

      You mean he kept laughing

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi Miesiąc temu +1

      @Jesus Christ: The Way, The Truth, The Life eh I don’t really feel like it

    • syd
      syd Miesiąc temu +25

      @Jesus Christ: The Way, The Truth, The Life omg guys jesus watches kurtis conner

    • twitter exposed
      twitter exposed Miesiąc temu +1

      Finally its here .

    • Richie
      Richie Miesiąc temu +10

      @Jesus Christ: The Way, The Truth, The Life noob

  • Cheyenne Brown
    Cheyenne Brown Miesiąc temu +4

    Halfway into watching this I thought "these guys must've gone on dating websites only made for a specific kind of woman like a Christian dating website" because there really is no way they think all women are like this without a reason, y'know since they're logical men

  • JulesOnly
    JulesOnly 28 dni temu +2

    Kurtis and Drew are already a comedic duo and I'm all in. Need more video of them together!

  • Beatrice Hibari
    Beatrice Hibari 16 dni temu +1

    Drew was so tame in this HAHA she reigned in her iconic chaotic tiktok energy and didn't ABSOLUTELY RIP into these men like she usually does

  • Rachel McCormick
    Rachel McCormick Miesiąc temu +4

    As an asexual, I feel seen by the bad bro and the worse bro… never thought I wouldn’t want to be seen…

    DVDRWDISC Miesiąc temu +5073

    The “Leave Out Lesbians” graphic into “LOL” when Kurtis laughed. 💀

    • R G
      R G 28 dni temu +4

      @Fern the Green Fairy leave out lesbians-ing

    • TheToobNube
      TheToobNube Miesiąc temu +36

      This is cinema storytelling at its piece. Nolan will never do better than this

    • Eli Dab
      Eli Dab Miesiąc temu +108

      I know he was SO proud when he edited that.

    • Fern the Green Fairy
      Fern the Green Fairy Miesiąc temu +180

      I’m gonna start calling lesbian erasure LOL’ing leaving out lesbians

  • Alyssa Sandoval
    Alyssa Sandoval Miesiąc temu +3

    They should have a series together. My fiance and I were laughing so hard.

  • SweetYoko22
    SweetYoko22 4 dni temu

    Drew being a fangirl of kurtis is the cutest thing
    She’s so tough but her giggling along to kurtis jokes gives me life

  • PurpleKittyKelly
    PurpleKittyKelly 7 dni temu +1

    i’ve seen so many bad representations of men on social media lately! It’s really nice to see a cis man who is self-aware, open minded, obviously a feminist and doesn’t mind ripping on the gym bro tape, you know? Quite refreshing. Somebody write him on the list of men that are on Our Team. 😝

  • Ashe Grey
    Ashe Grey Miesiąc temu +8

    i think it’s so cool/funny that kurtis mentioned chad chad too bc i’ve seen so many comments on her vids where people call her a female version of him

  • Simon Singh
    Simon Singh Miesiąc temu +8

    Buying a £400 microphone and plugging it into a potato, such a bro move.

  • Stacey Staser
    Stacey Staser Miesiąc temu +2

    Really didn’t expect to enjoy this so much!! These two actually just bounce off each other so well and their humour is so funny, I hope they make a part 2😂🤌

  • *giuseppepsi*
    *giuseppepsi* 13 dni temu +2

    What I really like about these types of guys is that they dedicate an entire podcast, ideology, mindset, lifestyle, EVERYTHING to be able to attract "high value women", when literally no woman thinks about or cares about any of this.Like bruh. youre out here dedicating your life to meeting women and getting laid. that's actually pathetic

  • heartabduction -
    heartabduction - 2 dni temu

    "Don't cry in front of your girl"
    I'd dump a guy specifically for refusing to cry in front of me, like "this guy is a fucking robot alien fuck that"

  • Olliesaurus Rex
    Olliesaurus Rex Miesiąc temu +3

    Thank God I found this video, I'm learning that everything I knew about being a girl that I learned through my 28 years of life was a lie. I'm not actually working out for myself, I can float, I don't want men to share emotions. It's so good to learn the truth about myself

  • Ethan Fisher-Perez
    Ethan Fisher-Perez Miesiąc temu +3

    I think it's wild that these guys say they value logic so much and think emotion is stupid. Emotion is a constant of humankind, and learning to navigate it is literally invaluable, whereas logic is a lens for knowledge invented by humans.

  • PurpleKittyKelly
    PurpleKittyKelly 7 dni temu +1

    this is crazy! I’ve never seen Drew talk to a guy in any of her videos that she wasn’t telling where to shove it! It’s interesting to see her converse with a man, I don’t know much about this guy but he seems like he’s OK. They definitely don’t have the dynamic that I’ve seen Drew have with like Sara or Brittany or Dove. This was interesting! I love that Drews getting more and more popular, she absolutely deserve it and I want to see more of her!

  • goblinmommy
    goblinmommy Miesiąc temu +12

    Y'all are hilarious!
    But in all seriousness though, I really wish men would stop making podcasts, tiktoks, posts in general telling the world "how women are". These bros don't 👏 know 👏, yet they talk with such confidence. 🤮 It's the cringiest of cringe.

  • Olivia Louden
    Olivia Louden Miesiąc temu +5712

    The whole "when you make a woman uncomfortable you're not just ruining it for yourself, you're ruining it for everyone else because then THEN OTHER MEN CAN'T HIT ON HER" thing is one of the most obvious "I don't consider women to be people" statements I've ever heard

    • Better Sleep
      Better Sleep Miesiąc temu

      Everyone reading this i hope you have a wonderful day! A blessed life! Hope you become successful and wealthy!💸💸💸💸 Hope you are healthy!! I love you!! You are wonderful and beautiful and unique and perfect!!🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🍉🧂☁🙏🏼

    • Better Sleep
      Better Sleep Miesiąc temu

      Everyone reading this i hope you have a wonderful day! A blessed life! Hope you become successful and wealthy!💸💸💸💸 Hope you are healthy!! I love you!! You are wonderful and beautiful and unique and perfect!!🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🧿💙🍉🧂☁🙏🏼

    • S Regan
      S Regan Miesiąc temu +3

      @Ness Marie So true. If there was an equivalent phrase for people of color, which implied you could treat them however, but not if it could bring hardship to the white people around them, nobody would call them "sensitive" for taking issue with that. Just shows how much further women still have to go.

    • Ness Marie
      Ness Marie Miesiąc temu +6

      @S Regan oh god I've ALWAYS hated that phrase im so glad other people feel the same. its such an ick thts so normalized on the internet. but then suddenly when u bring it up you're being "too sensitive" and "reaching"

  • ashton gorman
    ashton gorman Miesiąc temu +5

    Drew is literally one of my most favorite people ever. I absolutely love her and her laugh.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 6 dni temu +2

    I'm sorry. I just could not finish this video. Podcast incels were giving me a headache w their stupidity. 😂 Tapped out at 14.08
    Kurtis & the tictok guest are troopers for this. Watching the podcast then spending hours editing it. & all to entertain us. 😭❤️ we apreciate you!

  • leen
    leen Miesiąc temu +10

    i love the “fat women have to be the man” like whaaaaat was that logic

  • Lucid Thomas
    Lucid Thomas Miesiąc temu +9

    21:30 imagine disrespecting women so much, the only way you can justify respecting them is how it will affect men

  • llllll
    llllll Miesiąc temu +4015

    "women don't like men to show emotions" dude- i am pretty sure most women's favorite male fictional characters have emotional baggage('boys who cry' from spongebob)

    • Andrea Alvarez
      Andrea Alvarez 21 dzień temu +1

      I love reading stories we’re the main couple are so comfortable to show their vulnerability! Like yes! Give me more of that!!
      About the whole “Guy’s shouldn’t be emotional” thing, my dad is literally like this. I asked my dad one time why I never see Him get emotional or cry. He said it’s because he’s a “man” so men don’t cry. I’m sad that he feels this way.

    • ForeverConfused AndKindaCute
      ForeverConfused AndKindaCute 27 dni temu

      Dude fr THIS is also a common stereotype (the soft artsy dude) how did he miss that

    • Whyjustwhy
      Whyjustwhy 29 dni temu

      Literally every fictional boy I like, I like because they’re emotional and usually end up talking about their emotions

    • Iman Elshazly
      Iman Elshazly Miesiąc temu

      nah bc ur so right

  • Christopher Spotts
    Christopher Spotts 3 dni temu

    13:20 Just wanted to say that as a straight cis man whose friends are primarily also straight cis men, real ones do not make fun of you for crying. If you're friends with these "alpha" types that have caveman levels of emotional intelligence it's probably true that they'd make fun of you for being vulnerable, but I think a lot of men don't get credit for the stuff that happens behind closed doors (understandably so, because you can't give credit for something you don't see).
    There's definitely an element of toxic masculinity that keeps that vulnerability very private (whereas I think people other than cishet men are generally more comfortable opening up outside of those very close circles), but close friends are empathetic and understanding because they are also complex humans with emotions and a need to feel supported and cared about.

  • Samantha Holz
    Samantha Holz Miesiąc temu +6

    These are the kinds of guys who are really quiet at the bar until they've had a few and they start spewing out rum-fuelled hot takes and you have to cut them off before they set themselves on fire.

  • Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay 11 dni temu +1

    Wow, I hope these guys can also tell me about how women turn into angry, chocolate-obsessed psychos every month when we have PMS, and how men are allowed to invalidate our emotions for an entire week 👍

  • Larbot
    Larbot 24 dni temu

    You guys were great to watch you cracked me up and just seem really at ease with each other, hope to see another collaboration in the future.

  • MandVersusNature
    MandVersusNature Miesiąc temu +3811

    Sometimes Drew and Kurtis have a similar expression when telling jokes or like a similar delivery. It’s really great.

    • axolotl beats
      axolotl beats Miesiąc temu +1

      @Sir Bob Ik I did it wrong lol I didn’t catch it till someone liked

    • Sir Bob
      Sir Bob Miesiąc temu +3

      @axolotl beats or it’s very really good

    • faminaexmachina
      faminaexmachina Miesiąc temu +9

      Agreed! They have great synergy and I hope they do this again soon.

    • BadWolf 1237
      BadWolf 1237 Miesiąc temu +4

      yo that's so true, it is pretty funny

    • axolotl beats
      axolotl beats Miesiąc temu +42

      Or it’s really very good

  • SpaceTaco 27
    SpaceTaco 27 Miesiąc temu +11

    8:08 Kurtis has one of the most contagious laughs I’ve heard from anyone

    • Serena Wilson
      Serena Wilson Miesiąc temu

      The fucking Leave Out Lesbians turning into LOL took me out 😭😭

  • Maria Ewton
    Maria Ewton 11 dni temu +2

    I feel like you and ChadChad would get along with funny content

  • Ria Rio
    Ria Rio Miesiąc temu +18

    Unfortunately No. These aren't the worst guys on Tiktok. In fact, they're pretty mild compared to others who make similar contents.