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Stockholm Syndrome: The Movie

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  • Opublikowany 30 gru 2021
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    This week: we watch the Christmas movie "Holiday in Handcuffs". It's a pretty problematic film that came out 14 years ago so let's get mad about it today please! Enjoy :)
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    comment "you better shoot that thang" if ur reading this
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Komentarze • 6 673

  • LVBBoi
    LVBBoi 2 miesięcy temu +3217

    "I will NOT twerk for genuine stockholm syndrome"
    Truly a hero.

  • Grey Riviere
    Grey Riviere 4 miesięcy temu +2619

    Not gonna lie; if I said I had been kidnapped and everyone laughed then I would assume they were in on it. A whole kidnapping family.

    • b
      b 2 dni temu

      Like house of 1000 corpses!

    • sourpatchstarkids
      sourpatchstarkids 6 dni temu +3

      @Emily kennedy I was thinking of two episodes: s4e13 and s7e16. They’re not exactly like this movie but it was close enough to remind me

    • Emily kennedy
      Emily kennedy 7 dni temu

      @sourpatchstarkids Wait which one?? I've finished the show but I don't remember the name of the episode and I've been trying to find it

    • TooCuteNoir B.
      TooCuteNoir B. 3 miesięcy temu +90

      Right I would be scared 😳😳😳 like oh nah they do this as a past time 🤣🤣🤣

    • sourpatchstarkids
      sourpatchstarkids 4 miesięcy temu +146

      there’s legit criminal minds episodes like that

  • Salima Nabi
    Salima Nabi 4 miesięcy temu +3928

    are we all gonna ignore how obsessed Kurtis is with smearing poop on the walls ???

  • teardrop
    teardrop 4 miesięcy temu +3390

    being not only kidnapped, and not only forced into the role of being a part of a family I don't know, but having that family of strangers gaslight me and convince me into thinking I'm supposed to be there is probably my worst nightmare now cheers

    • Olivia Buis
      Olivia Buis 3 dni temu

      U pi ii

    • Credits unknown
      Credits unknown Miesiąc temu +4

      Aint this the plot of Resident Evil 7?

    • Pun detective
      Pun detective Miesiąc temu +1

      @DJEJ Shyaven Really good movie, couldn't sleep for a while after watching it.

    • Pun detective
      Pun detective Miesiąc temu +1

      @mikoy huio bots ruin youtube.

    • DJEJ Shyaven
      DJEJ Shyaven Miesiąc temu +12

      This almost sounds like the plot of “Get Out,” the horror movie.

  • One Topic At A Time
    One Topic At A Time 4 miesięcy temu +5204

    i want to be invited to the *KurtisConnerIsOverTheMoonBecauseHe’sSoHappyThatHeMadeAGoodPoint* party

    • spaced_out
      spaced_out  14 dni temu

      OT my idol

    • Miss Chanandler Bong
      Miss Chanandler Bong 18 dni temu


    • honey tea
      honey tea 19 dni temu +1

      @HackanHackerGames dude wtf why r u so pressed over a youtubers name lmao some people call them one topic at a time and others call them one topic ( OT ) because its shorter

    • Monaca Towa
      Monaca Towa 28 dni temu

      @SquallyCoin 5664 #kurtisconnerisoverthemoonbecausehessohappythathemadeagoodpoint

    • Lee Yubin's property
      Lee Yubin's property Miesiąc temu +1

      OT HI

  • Low-key Drama
    Low-key Drama 4 miesięcy temu +1975

    You know what would’ve been a better movie? If the man and the woman are both complete strangers taking separate road trips to see their family/job event for Christmas. They meet at this tourist-trap town while taking the night off and go to a magic show hosted by a hotel there where a crappy magician uses these old handcuffs that won’t come off. So in order to get to their respective events on time they take a detour together on the road to find this one locksmith or key in order to get the handcuffs off and they end up bonding and falling in love during the process. Yeah Ik this sounds bad but hey; at least it’s better than one of the main characters kidnapping and holding the other main character (THE LOVE INTEREST NONETHELESS) hostage.

    • Abri_Saber
      Abri_Saber 6 dni temu

      It's still bad and I'd probably hate it more

    • pepper
      pepper 6 dni temu

      This would be a hit on Ao3

    • I am a PANDACORN
      I am a PANDACORN 8 dni temu

      @ShadowSorel I can’t believe I forgot that huh

    • Crethan21
      Crethan21 10 dni temu

      that actually sounds like a good movie, pitch it to netflix!

    • ShadowSorel
      ShadowSorel 18 dni temu +4

      isn't that the plot of Rio?

  • stevie vaughan
    stevie vaughan 4 miesięcy temu +695

    “mario lopez’s characters name is david. i’m telling you that so i don’t have to keep using his full name.” …. “so mario lopez stands up” i love it here

  • The Exploraholic
    The Exploraholic 4 miesięcy temu +960

    About the pressing charges thing: my family was just hit by a drunk driver on New Years (im watching this video from the hospital hi) and the STATE is pressing charges because it is a CRIME. If we chose to not prosecute for damages, we could, but the crime of drunk driving is still a crime that they will follow up on….. we don’t even have a say in that.

    • akaku
      akaku 4 dni temu +1

      @The Exploraholic oh wow, I hope everything goes smoothly!!

    • The Exploraholic
      The Exploraholic 4 dni temu +3

      @akaku funny you replied today. Right this minute they are finally having the preliminary hearing for the criminal case. It’s been 4 months since the accident occurred.

    • akaku
      akaku 4 dni temu +1

      i hope you're doing okay now :))

    • russiabutfish
      russiabutfish Miesiąc temu +6

      @The Exploraholic that mustve sucked, but i'm glad you guys are alright now !!!!!

    • Felix felib 🏳️‍⚧️
      Felix felib 🏳️‍⚧️ 2 miesięcy temu +3

      Hope your good now ❤️

  • honeydew
    honeydew 2 miesięcy temu +138

    I'm really sick of curly hair being seen as messy and unkempt

  • symonew33
    symonew33 4 miesięcy temu +18021

    Not only did she kidnap him but she kidnapped him at gun point. That’s literally an additional charge lol.

    • Larko
      Larko Dzień temu

      And she shot him 💀

    • Shelby McKinney
      Shelby McKinney 4 miesięcy temu

      @Do you hear that? I mean as a goofy comedy.

    • Do you hear that?
      Do you hear that? 4 miesięcy temu +4

      @Shelby McKinney It’d be an art house film and she’d be 21 and he’d be 31. Try again.

    • derek diana johnson
      derek diana johnson 4 miesięcy temu +3


  • Erik Åstedt
    Erik Åstedt 2 miesięcy temu +50

    As someone who's acually been a victim of kidnapping a dealing with severe ptsd, this movie is fucking disgusting to me. It's not something goofy it's horrifying and traumatic.
    A little critic to you though.
    I also didn't scream for help or do anything but the bare minimum, because when someone holds you at gun point you don't think logicly. All you can think about is that your life could be seconds away from ending at any point of time.
    It has nothing to do with wanting to be kidnapped. I was even having soft spoken conversations with my kidnappers and acted pretty chill about it, because I was so afraid of pissing them of.
    That kind of logic is the reason people are getting away with sexual assault, because the victim was to frightened to struggle they are judged to "wanting it" .
    Liked the rest of the video though.

    • Jaxon the Okay
      Jaxon the Okay 11 dni temu +12

      i can completely understand where you're coming from and i'm so so sorry you had to go through something like that, but i'd like to say was that kurtis's point was that most of the time he wasn't at gunpoint and even had a couple moments where she wasn't even in the room nor did she even have any way of knowing about it. and again it's horrible that you had to go through that, i'd just like to point that out

  • Devon S.
    Devon S. 4 miesięcy temu +413

    "squeet" made me chuckle bc in high school i did tech for the addams family musical and one of the characters accidentally said "squeet" instead of square feet on stage in front of an auditorium full of people. he was 16 and he had to just keep going and say the next line while all of us nerds on headsets had to be scolded by the stage manager for laughing too much and risking fucking up the audio/light cues
    so thank you for that delightful memory kurtis

    • CyAn!de.In.The.LasAgna
      CyAn!de.In.The.LasAgna 2 miesięcy temu +1

      I remember going to a school play my friend was in, and at one point one kid was in a gorilla costume during a huge pool noodle fight. My friend told me that was improvised. The play was like a modern version of Romeo and Juliet where the mc and love interest star in the play, but it ends up going horribly wrong. Idk if I explained it properly.

    • Drew C
      Drew C 4 miesięcy temu +11

      And I’ve def missed cues bc of line flubs. I do not miss having the director’s eyes sear into my window

    • Drew C
      Drew C 4 miesięcy temu +15

      G o d I miss having shit like that happen in theater. I was in the booth doing sound and since I knew the script so well, I got to laugh HARD when something like that happened

  • Cats-Pajamasss
    Cats-Pajamasss 4 miesięcy temu +413

    We have almost an entire year to make “Holiday Ham Hole (Hahahahhahaahaha)” for Kurtis to review it in time for next Christmas.

  • Elliot
    Elliot 4 miesięcy temu +410

    I feel like saying “she stole a Man” is more wild than just saying “she committed a kidnapping.” Because even though all kidnappings are bad, we have a preconceived notion of what kidnapping is “supposed” to look like.
    The kidnappers lure a child or young woman away from safety and then physically overpower them.
    But in this movie, chickadee, just saw Mario Lopez in a restaurant and stole him like she was shoplifting a candy bar.
    I mean, usually you don’t abduct candy at gunpoint, but the whole movie treats what she’s doing as being as causal as pocketing a snickers bar.

    • ShadowSorel
      ShadowSorel 18 dni temu

      @Tiny Blue Unicorn city girls make do

    • Elliot
      Elliot 23 dni temu +2


    • Tiny Blue Unicorn
      Tiny Blue Unicorn Miesiąc temu +4

      Okay sorry but why would anyone want to steal a snickers bar? 🤢

    • the eccentric
      the eccentric Miesiąc temu +11

      Also I'd argue "steal" implies you stole something from someone. It implies that the person stolen belonged to someone else. Which is weird. You cant steal something that nobody owns.

    • The Sleepy Dot
      The Sleepy Dot 2 miesięcy temu +5

      i love this comment. your humor is **chef's kiss**

  • LJ Smith
    LJ Smith 3 miesięcy temu +120

    With the perm, she literally could have wet her hair down and it would have gone away. We've all seen Legally Blonde right!?

  • farlon muentes
    farlon muentes 3 miesięcy temu +117

    "so how do we portray a poor person?"
    "i don't know, steve. maybe they eat leftovers?"
    "that's right. I've never eaten a food from yesterday because i have personal chef so it must be a poor thing"

    • The Sleepy Dot
      The Sleepy Dot 2 miesięcy temu +7

      you most likely unknowingly just wrote a transcript for an exiting conversation

  • patrilineal globalist
    patrilineal globalist 4 miesięcy temu +152

    "Romeo and Juliet: Just talk to each other"
    The one reason "Romeo and Juliet" as a story gets a pass on this is just the sheer amount of time it took to A. get from one place to another back then, and B. deliver letters from one place to another/communicate over long distances back then. Miscommunications/letters arriving too late can happen.
    But I guess that excuse wouldn't (or shouldn't logically) apply to a modern-day adaptation, like in the Baz Luhrmann movie, so yeah

    • Tiny Blue Unicorn
      Tiny Blue Unicorn Miesiąc temu +1

      That movie was so stupid like they changed it so she wakes up before he kills himself and she literally sees him doing it and just stares at him like 👁️👄👁️ ??

    • rambbler
      rambbler 3 miesięcy temu +7

      It's also a literal comedy. It's so exaggeratedly stupid for even Shakespearen Era that it just feels like it's Shakespeare's attempt at satirize other tragedies of the time.

  • shytoad
    shytoad 4 miesięcy temu +81

    okay but sooo many serial killers use the "they're just rly into bdsm" line to fool cops and other ppl who could rescue their victims.....

    • Monaca Towa
      Monaca Towa 28 dni temu +9

      Yeah with like one change of personality and this would be a horror film instead lol

  • Taylor Notsch
    Taylor Notsch 4 miesięcy temu +8799

    saying "stole a person" instead of kidnapping is my new favorite thing

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty 4 miesięcy temu +85

    The “IM GONNA SQUEET” made me scream laugh lmao I was so not ready.

  • connor gameboy
    connor gameboy 4 miesięcy temu +127

    8:30 weirdly, a good example of a movie that doesn't do that is sharpay's fabulous adventure. she moves to nyc on short notice and, despite being loaded, ends up in a maybe 200 sqft studio apartment in the bronx. it's clean, but the furniture is clearly cheap, there's no decorations, and she doesn't have any appliances. they portray shitty as meaning something other than unclean. the boyfriend's apartment in jessie is also a decent example of this, but it has take-out boxes too.

    • Joebricks
      Joebricks 2 miesięcy temu +4

      Yeah also tony lives in the historical murdertown district

  • Television Mindset
    Television Mindset 3 miesięcy temu +43

    Kurtis accidentally making Beef Wellington is honestly the most underrated part of this video.

  • Mandi Marr
    Mandi Marr 4 miesięcy temu +91

    The “back that ass up” soundbite while kurtis was twerking made me blow Taco Bell out of my mouth

  • Mox The Cat
    Mox The Cat 4 miesięcy temu +4038

    kidnapping, adultery, deceit, divorce, and guns. the true meaning of christmas

    • On The Shelf
      On The Shelf 25 dni temu

      @Oregano As a fellow Texan, I can't even be offended 😂 It's sad actually 🫤

    • The true and superior LEGO Grievous
      The true and superior LEGO Grievous 28 dni temu

      Guns are in Die Hard soooooooo

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @Oregano I’m now afraid of Texas

    • 2 year old Easter candy
      2 year old Easter candy 4 miesięcy temu +8

      Christmas activities for the whole family 😍😍😍

    • Mi
      Mi 4 miesięcy temu +5

      Actually Christmas is about two weeks ago.

  • Patrick D.
    Patrick D. 2 miesięcy temu +23

    Friendly reminder that if a scenario suddenly turns creepy af when the gender roles are reversed, it was already creepy af to begin with and shouldn’t have been done
    You know, like this entire movie

  • Amiyah Keveana
    Amiyah Keveana 4 miesięcy temu +86

    The fact that he keeps saying she stole him instead of saying she kidnapped him is so funny to me.

  • Robin Soto
    Robin Soto 3 miesięcy temu +47

    "Master gaslighter: you're acting crazy right now". Top tier joke😂😂😂😂

  • MuchWhittering
    MuchWhittering 4 miesięcy temu +47

    Eating leftover Chinese food is great. I'm tempted to say it tastes nicer reheated the next day than it does fresh. I intentionally order more than I can eat specifically so I can have leftovers

    • The Sleepy Dot
      The Sleepy Dot 2 miesięcy temu +5

      my favorite chinese restaurant's food is like some of the best food I've ever eaten. It's so good that even two days later, eaten completely cold, it still tastes fucking fantastic. So I completely agree
      ps. i'll have to try your "order more than you need" strat in the future

    • Ka-Kai
      Ka-Kai 4 miesięcy temu +2

      You get me

  • Willow Marie
    Willow Marie 4 miesięcy temu +2762

    Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to be in that situation, desperately trying to tell this family that you've been kidnapped and they're just laughing like you're telling a knock knock joke

    • Minnow
      Minnow Miesiąc temu

      @Hero of the winds no

    • Corn
      Corn 4 miesięcy temu +12

      @Hero of the winds literally who you absolute brussel sprout

    • Hero of the winds
      Hero of the winds 4 miesięcy temu +1

      The experience of many real life men unfortunately

    • derek diana johnson
      derek diana johnson 4 miesięcy temu +71

      "we know..........EVERYONE HERE'S KIDNAPPED :D"
      "i'm gonna d13 here aren't i.........."
      "not as long as you go with the flow and let the stockholm syndrome do it's thing"

  • LVBBoi
    LVBBoi 2 miesięcy temu +31

    "You kidnapped a *M A N* " is probably my new favorite Kurtis clip.

  • mmrp
    mmrp 28 dni temu +9

    I love how kurtis is always emphasising on the "smear poop on the walls" solution 😭

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo 4 miesięcy temu +33

    The “IM GONNA SQUEET” made me scream laugh lmao I was so not ready.

  • Jesus’ Disciple, Don
    Jesus’ Disciple, Don 4 miesięcy temu +64

    Really looking forward to a full length version of, “You Betta Shoot that thang!” Now, please. Pretty please. I could make it but it would suck.

  • hippopajamas
    hippopajamas 4 miesięcy temu +15225

    giving herself an at-home perm right before a job interview tells me everything I need to know about how unhinged this woman is

    • I like Cheese
      I like Cheese 2 miesięcy temu

      Sounds like me

    • S M
      S M 4 miesięcy temu +3

      @Tiffany Kim
      you’re the main actress in the movie aren’t you

    • Kaitlin Smallman
      Kaitlin Smallman 4 miesięcy temu +8

      I hadn’t watched the video yet and thought you were talking about kurtis.. and I didn’t even blink an eye

    • Noodles
      Noodles 4 miesięcy temu +4

      i love how legally blonde is still getting attention. it's one of my favourites :)))

    • starmanda88
      starmanda88 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @Tiffany Kim you can’t possibly be defending this movie 😂

  • liza makhatadze
    liza makhatadze 3 miesięcy temu +9

    I feel like Kurtis just really wants to rub poop on someones walls

  • Mimyakko
    Mimyakko 4 miesięcy temu +37

    12:05 are we just not gonna acknowledge that they put all their cellphones IN THE FREEZER????????

  • Kaitlyn Chiostri
    Kaitlyn Chiostri 4 miesięcy temu +25

    That Chekhov joke was top tier. Truly great work Kurtis.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 3 miesięcy temu +18

    Guys I would love to talk about how Kurtis calls her “Judy” for 75% of the video

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor 4 miesięcy temu +9962

    The old guy saying “back that ass up” while pointing a gun at Mario Lopez is equally unsettling and hilarious.

    • PrincessOfHell
      PrincessOfHell Miesiąc temu

      What when

    • Fundamentally Unorothdox
      Fundamentally Unorothdox  3 miesięcy temu

      Those are just lyrics he was singin. And she was straight up threatening to shoot that guy. This place is kinda lit.

    • On The Shelf
      On The Shelf 3 miesięcy temu +14

      I’ve seen this video many times and that line gets me every time 😂😂 Why did he say it in an almost seductive way

    • Jeremy Lamarre
      Jeremy Lamarre 3 miesięcy temu +3

      Pulp fiction

    • Worst Username In the World
      Worst Username In the World 4 miesięcy temu +10

      @Fax!! bot begone

  • S B
    S B 3 miesięcy temu +19

    You should review “Flowers In The Attic” (2014) A movie about a Brother and Sister that are hiding in their grandmothers attic, and they fall in LOVE. It stars the girl from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s an interesting movie.

  • Etheldreis
    Etheldreis 25 dni temu +8

    “I hate movies where the whole problem could be solved by just TALKING to each other. Like COMMUNICATE.” Bro you would HATE webtoons LMAO

  • Jasmine Lynne
    Jasmine Lynne 4 miesięcy temu +15

    Okay listen. You HAVE to review this one. “Honeymoon with Mom” with Shelley Long. Oh my god, was I absolutely not prepared for the series of ‘oh no’s that this movie is.

  • JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207

    I remember the ending to the Romeo and Juliet movie. Right before Romeo takes the poison, Juliet could have spoke and showed that she was alive instead of admiring the sight of whatever. Then, they wouldn’t have died and the plan could have succeeded.

    • JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207
      JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207 4 miesięcy temu +4

      @LittleMau 1 that’s what I meant, I’m the specific movie he was talking about, the one he had a picture of in the video, in that movie she wakes up a few seconds before he takes the poison and all she does is stare at him and move her hand extremely slowly to him and not say a thing

    • LittleMau 1
      LittleMau 1 4 miesięcy temu +5

      @JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207 maybe in a specific movie? But generally she wasn't awake when Romeo took the poison. Even if she was awake or her eyes were open, she might not have had control of her body yet

    • JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207
      JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207 4 miesięcy temu +3

      @LittleMau 1 she woke up a few seconds before he took the poison, if she couldn’t speak, then she could have at least touched his face

    • LittleMau 1
      LittleMau 1 4 miesięcy temu

      The poison knocked her out so she couldn't have answered

  • angry Rini
    angry Rini 23 dni temu +5

    Looks like David's gonna be stockHOME for the holidays.🎤⬇️
    ...I'll see myself out.

  • foolsington 🇺🇦
    foolsington 🇺🇦 3 miesięcy temu +16

    Sweet! I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait for the “Holiday Ham Hole” video.

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy 4 miesięcy temu +53

    "I don't know who brought home the bacon, but I'm gonna fry it up in a pan" is far too good of a line for this movie.

    • eesr
      eesr 4 miesięcy temu +7

      bro u legit copy and pasted this from someone who made the comment 2 days before u

  • Energetically Charged✨
    Energetically Charged✨ 3 miesięcy temu +12

    The store owner saying “ back that ass up” was so freaking funny 😂

  • Brynna Means
    Brynna Means 4 miesięcy temu +15

    Your prosecution comment made me remember that I just listened to a true crime case in North Dakota where they couldn't charge a man for smexual assault because the statute of limitations passed before it was reported. She was dead.... she couldn't report it. There used to legit be laws like this.

  • Jenni Seven
    Jenni Seven 3 miesięcy temu +3

    So… the moral was “kidnapping is a good way to live happily ever after”?

  • totempolejoe
    totempolejoe 4 miesięcy temu +12

    There's a name for that type of "none of this would happen if the characters would just talk like normal people" plot. It's called the Idiot Plot... yes, that is its name. James Blish came up with the term, but I heard it because of Roger Ebert.

  • Johanna Janiszewski
    Johanna Janiszewski 3 miesięcy temu +7

    When Sabrina looks like Aunt Hilda, we know we've become full circle.

    • SketchSlayer
      SketchSlayer 3 miesięcy temu

      I mean now we have a new younger Sabrina with a better plot,
      New Salem is also much better than the one we grew up with.

  • Cyber Noop
    Cyber Noop 4 miesięcy temu +12737

    holiday in handcuffs sounds like a movie about the sad inside life of a prisoner during Christmas

    • The Sleepy Dot
      The Sleepy Dot 2 miesięcy temu

      aww nooo :((

    • Skullz.mp4
      Skullz.mp4 4 miesięcy temu

      Ayo im subscribed to u love ur content

    • TinyMango
      TinyMango 4 miesięcy temu

      omg hey

    • honey
      honey 4 miesięcy temu

      me when i heard about that one person who had to spend the holidays in the psych ward
      I felt so bad for them tbh

    • Eliana Zuniga
      Eliana Zuniga 4 miesięcy temu

      @Ashley Bee thank you 💕💕💕

  • Nyanna Ross
    Nyanna Ross 4 miesięcy temu +8

    14:56 This 100% annoyed me. Your boyfriend (who you've been with long enough that he wants to marry you) hasn't spoken to you in a while and the first thing you think about is yourself as if the world revolves around you?

  • Carla Jones
    Carla Jones 29 dni temu +1

    "I'm gonna squeet!" really caught me off-guard and laughed really loudly at 11pm in a quiet house

  • Chris Keaton
    Chris Keaton 3 miesięcy temu +13

    “Mario Lopez’ character’s name is David, by the way. I’ll just say that so I don’t have to keep using his full name. Ha………………………………………So, Mario Lopez…”
    Comedy gold.

  • Mordrëin
    Mordrëin 3 dni temu +2

    The thing is, the gun looks like a flintlock so the person using the gun would probably die first.

  • m00se j00se
    m00se j00se 4 miesięcy temu +7492

    She literally committed aggravated kidnapping, and did it at gun point, and managed to discharge the gun during the kidnapping. That's like 20 years in prison minimum lmao

    • Cassandra Suzanne
      Cassandra Suzanne 3 miesięcy temu +3

      The funny part is that they said he didn't want to press charges, not that he said he wasn't kidnapped. You don't get a choice, it's a crime and law enforcement is responsible for prosecuting. You can't just say you fell in love and don't mind being kidnapped at gunpoint once the police are involved 😆

    • Dr Strange
      Dr Strange 3 miesięcy temu

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    • BeakerInShortShorts
      BeakerInShortShorts 3 miesięcy temu

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    MightyManotaur22 4 miesięcy temu +8

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    hannah decowski Miesiąc temu +2

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  • Kelsey Renee
    Kelsey Renee 4 miesięcy temu +16

    I remember the first time I saw Fargo, and I looked at my boyfriend at the time and said "So, what does this movie teach you? What is the point of this movie??" and he stammered out "I.. don't know...?" and I said "ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR WIFE!" that entire fucking movie would not have happened if he had just gone home and was like "Ah shit honey, I lost my job.." 😐

  • mikoy huio
    mikoy huio 4 miesięcy temu +5

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    • Markus Varusk
      Markus Varusk 13 dni temu +1

      I remember doing that on roblox rp games when I was 9 😂 I used to tell people I was the demon of the east and unkillable and I randomly got new powers

    • zomzomino
      zomzomino 23 dni temu +3

      @sofia **i have the indestructable plot armor, meaning it doesnt work**

    • Daily dose of dopamine
      Daily dose of dopamine 23 dni temu +1

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    HEAVENLY 4 miesięcy temu +3

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    Today I learned....

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    • derek diana johnson
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  • Sir JamMan
    Sir JamMan 2 miesięcy temu +3

    Okay. So, the movie is called "Holiday in handcuffs" but...they didnt spend the holiday in handcuffs. The only time handcuffs where shown was when the old man gave them some. Yknow that 30 second scene.
    Think about that.

  • Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson Miesiąc temu +3

    Kurtis: I'm gonna squeet-
    Me: Your speaking privileges have now been revoked.

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    krisurmn 4 miesięcy temu +2

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  • Alykat
    Alykat 4 miesięcy temu +2488

    Bro, as someone who developed PTSD and actual Stockholm Syndrome from being trapped in an abuse situation, your analysis of this movie is super valid. An abusive person/captor will do Anything to keep you there and you start to realize that the best thing you can do is just try to cooperate so they don't hurt you and keep your head down. Then over time, you really start to sympathize with them and make excuses for them ("they've just been through a lot", "I stress them out", etc). I rebelled as much as I could but eventually, I had to choose between that and surviving. I kind of can't believe this movie was actually made and no one saw a problem with it like,, Wtf 😬

    • The Sleepy Dot
      The Sleepy Dot 2 miesięcy temu +2

      honestly i feel like stockholm syndrome being normalized is such a big issue in media??? especially in romanticized toxic/abusive relationships... and also manga with dub-con and non-con scenes (dont ask for the love of god). like some people really get a kick out of writing some fucked up bullshit cause they have some racy toxic desires/fantasies, then instead of just ending the story on a realistic, dark/sad note they start romanticizing it so they can keep the story going
      like honey if the two main characters met cause one of em is a kidnapping stalker, how the hell can you justify a fluffy cute happily ever after ending???? honey noooooooo

    • S M
      S M 4 miesięcy temu

      and?? what’s your point?

    • N30ND3M0N5
      N30ND3M0N5 4 miesięcy temu +15

      @sara saeed "Stockholm syndrome is not an official mental health diagnosis. Instead, it is thought to be a coping mechanism. Individuals who are abused or trafficked or who are the victims of incest or terror may develop it. Proper treatment can go a long way to helping with recovery" as I said, its a coping mechanism (I stated it was a psychological instinct in order to survive- a coping mechanism)

  • Joanna
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    This movie is kinda disturbing btw

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    Omg i absolutely LOVE that movie! One day while I was at my family’s house for Christmas we just decided to watch some random Christmas movies and then this monstrosity came up and we were SO DOWN to watch it 😂 In my opinion, it’s so stupid yet so funny at the same time because while you’re watching you’re constantly wondering what is even happening 🤣

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